A History of Notorious Monsters

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A History of Notorious Monsters

Postby zoogelio on Fri Nov 26, 2010 12:39 am

FFXI 1.0
Rise of the Zilart
Chains of Promathia
Treasures of Aht Urhgan
Wings of the Goddess


Notorious Monsters... they got memorable names (usually) and drop unique things no other enemy in the game drops (usually). People camp them and for the really tough ones, high-level players banded together to form Linkshells to prepare for, camp, fight, and fight again. They're memorable, they're iconic, for their names and their rarity. There's just 1 of them in the whole game (or thereabout).

Ever wonder what the oldest NM is in a given zone?
Ever wonder who the first NM is for a given monster family?
Ever wonder what was the 1st NM to get a new alternate color palette?
Ever wonder who's the very first NM period for that matter?
Ever wonder when some activity that has NMs was added?
Ever wonder anything about NMs beyond their drops, stats, a battle report on their behavior/how fights go against them, or even the historic background of their name?

Want to look up the history of major volcanic eruptions around the world? You can look up the info in an encyclopedia or its 21st century equivalent, Wikipedia. Want to read up on the War of 1812? You can look it up in a history book or online. Want to find out who that was in that old movie or the name of that episode of a decades old show you just saw? There's IMDB, tv.com, epguides.com, and any number of resources. But what if you want to know the history of Notorious Monsters? Where do you go? The answer is there is no compilation of the history of Notorious Monsters yet. Bits of info, clues are scattered all across the internet, left across time since 2002. This here should provide such a compilation.

I cover all NMs in this, I literally mean *ALL* NMs: regular NMs, quest NMs, mission NMs, BCNMs, ENMs, and all subsequent battlefield-type NMs, Campaign NMs, Dynamis NMs, Salvage NMs, and every other special activity NM, even obscure activities like Garrison, and even Event NMs, including some event NMs not seen in more than 7 years. And there are a fair number of surprises in this list and some interesting occurrences. I've provided notes with each update pointing out interesting facts or oddities. In some cases, some historic context is necessary or helpful, so I've provided such info, and a few other random facts or things along the way.

A little backstory. I begun this project on and off around 2005-2007 before doing a final push now. Having a bit of a historical interest, I was curious to know when some NMs, particuarly after the big July 2005 update added a horde of new NMs to older zones, were added. I wanted to pin each NM down to a specific update. Just like with real history, we reconstruct the most likely possibility based on all the available evidence we can gather, so too with virtual history, we reconstruct what happened through the available evidence, which we dig up from sifting through the virtual earth, combing through contemporary media sources (not newspapers in FFXI's case but forum posts, blogs, and websites). My internet searches took me not only around North America and Europe but across the Pacific to Japan, and even to Taiwan for an interesting story, not that I ever had to go anywhere physically. That's the beauty of the internet, we can be armchair historians or virtual archeologists, using words & search engines as our tools, clicks as our digs.

With this, we can get answers to who was the 1st NM in any given zone and we can see how the game evolved in its use of NMs. The quick answer is most zones outside Beastmen strongholds had just 1 NM for several years and people are spoiled if they thought most zones always had half a dozen or so NMs. It gives a little bit of perspective or understanding of FFXI's history when one realizes they are fighting one of the 1st NMs in the game, the oldest NM in the zone, or that Bedrock Barry is rather new but Bigmouth Billy is extremely old. The Nov 2009 update added many NMs all over the game, some impersonating older NMs in similar areas (like Numbing Norman, Slumbering Samwell, Trembler Tabitha, Sappy Sycamore, Prankster Maverix) or that seem like they could be old with their quirky names (Rambukk, Duke Decapod), though there are some earlier NMs that may deceivingly seem older (like while Jaggedy-Eared Jack is from 2002, Sharp-Eared Ropipi is only from 2005).

* What I'd like to see from FFXIclopedia from this project:
I'd like to see NM pages here have some kind of tag which noted when they were added to the game. Not a little line of text saying Added: Oct 2003, but like a little graphic tag maybe in the upper right corner maybe, or somewhere else, a small pic like a box with the month and year of the update in it and maybe color coded to pin it down to the expansion (I like red for ToAU, green for WotG, blue for 1.0 since it would match Sanction, Sigil, Signet status. That leaves RotZ & CoP. Whenever I think of CoP, I think orange, like the 5th Mothercrystal in Empyreal Paradox, the setting sun in Tavnazia, and CoP's whole theme has a kind of sunset/autumnal feel. Not sure what color comes to mind with CoP for other people when blue/red/green are eliminated). The historical background to their name is their historic background in the real world, their name origin. This would be their historical background in the game. With just a small little box, people browsing FFXIclopedia can with a simple glance learn when a NM was created, even if they didn't click the page to look for that. That's the thing about learning, half the time (maybe more), you learn something along the way without setting out to learn about it.

And if anyone might know otherwise, by all means go and provide corrections. While I am confident I have identified the right update with virtually all NMs, there are some (which I have notations on) that I am not confident in their placement. If any readers have any contacts with Japanese players who got started back in spring/summer 2002 (Elmer perhaps?) who might have saved pics of these NMs back far enough that the timestamp could help or saved/archived webpages or forum topics from 2002 that would likewise contain a timestamp to help prove which update some of these definitively belong to, that would be incredibly helpful, though I know the odds of anyone reading this having those connections or archived material is astronomically small. Some NA players going back to 2003 can help with the Gigas coloration issue though.

[This is somewhat long, but you don't need to read it unless you're interested in checking how I arrived at linking X NM with Y month/year. All anyone reading this needs to know is that I don't list a NM with a certain update unless I confirmed it to that update. I note any doubt or uncertainty where it exists.]

How does one trace down what update NMs came from? Since the release of Chains of Promathia, it has been very easy. FFXI Somepage provided the first extensive update details (.dat collecting) for new gear, items, NMs, quests, titles for all CoP updates and most ToAU updates in an organized form (Somepage was basically abandoned in 2007). By 2006, FFXIclopedia & Blue Gartr's forum had .dat miners of their own posting their findings for every new update and those sites had grown from fledgling databases and forums into major hubs (Allakhazam was the only remaining major site from the NA launch in 2003 to not wither away like all the other ones; Killing Ifrit had active forums then, but their incredibly slow servers [up to 1 minute+ to load a page] drove away many people once faster-access informative sites got going like BG & FFXIclopedia. By the time they eventually upgraded to stop moving at the speed of a snail imitating a sloth, it was too late for them to get back the traffic). So, any NMs from Sept 2004 onward are easy to pin down. Before then though, requires some internet investigative work. The key is *triangulating* a NM by using references to its name and post dates to narrow it down to a specific update. This comprises references on blogs, in forums, or entries on various FFXI websites (and looking for a last updated tag on the page or the entire site), as well as pics (especially those with the copyright-year tags at the bottom).

As FFXI was only released in NA in Oct 2003 and in Beta since June 2003, most English-language sources only start around then and many lagged behind the content as they were trying to figure out the game themselves (it's hard to categorize things when you haven't figured out how it all exactly works). There were some English-language websites & forums devoted to FFXI earlier though, like FFXI Online- Dreams in Vana'diel, a website established around New Years 2003 for importers. They had some information, but nothing systematic. Most of them got their start after Nov 2002 when the PC version was released in Japan, so any NMs encountered simply pinned down NMs to 1.0 broadly, not to any specific update. This website did provide the 1st English reporting of RotZ's new zones as importers went in to explore the new zones in April 2003 and brought reports of battles with the Avatars before the beta testers even started.
[For sake of thoroughness, there was some green & brown website, I think it had Shadow Dragon in its name, which was around since 2002 and provided early pictures of NMs and English-language information on the game, the enemies, the zones. There was also someone named Skylark who had a website which had a list of every enemy and all their stats, drops, EXP, Gil, etc from FF1 to FFXI. Most games, including FFXI had the monster model's image (the specific subtype, even for Beastmen & the Eldieme Sin Skulls) too. This list was thorough, including not just every regular enemy & every regular NM but also quest NMs, mission NMs, event NMs, even some monster event NPCs, BCNM NMs, Dynamis NMs, Garrison NMs, and even enemies from Beta that were renamed or removed from the game before FFXI's release. It even displayed the unused monster models in the game's files- that brown & yellow Spider, white Skeletons wielding several models of weapons they are never seen wielding in the game, and some green Gigases with different weapon models. Unfortunately, in Aug/Sept 2005, his website was hacked and all information was lost, and the website he had a backup of his information at (RPG Classics? Some other site was storing but not using his info) had lost his information either in a data shuffle or when their website/databases were hacked and while they had their site's information backed up elsewhere, they were Skylark's backup, so his backup was destroyed. Sometime back then I transcribed a list of all beta enemies that were deleted (and the 2 other enemies deleted since FFXI was released), though I never saved copies of some of his pages]

To get RotZ NMs on back, one must turn to Japanese websites and forums and look for the NM's names (rather convenient because even in the Japanese language FFXI, the names use the Western alphabet). From digging, the Japanese had the same lag North Americans had in organizing the content into an informative format. The first extensive NM libraries only appeared in mid 2003 (incomplete, sloppy listings existed since late 2002 though). It took JP players with 1 year of game experience under their belt to put together these websites. (I think Speakeasy, Mysterytour are examples. One of them was still around and being updated throughout ToAU but in the last 2 years or so has become inaccessible). This made it rather easy to pin down Zilart NMs to a specific update. Having the July 2003 zone .dats for all 1.0 zones also helps, something I stumbled across (7/03 falling between 2 big NM updates in 4/03 & 10/03) along with a JP NM website that was last updated on 9/1/03. Very few NMs from RotZ zones were difficult to pin down (Manes was actually really hard. It was overlooked frequently). Additionally, with many more JP players, there was more volume of FFXI chatter online, making it easier to match up NM names and post dates.

With FFXI 1.0 (FFXI pre-Zilart), this gets much more difficult for a few reasons.
1.) There are fewer people playing FFXI. This means a smaller volume of material for NM names to appear in.
2.) Those players are all new and thus inexperienced. They don't understand the game yet and were mostly low level, meaning if any higher level content was in the game early, it wasn't visible because no one could do it yet.
3.) Monthly updates. From 2003-2006, FFXI got 5 updates a year (Feb, April, July, Sept/Oct, Dec). Since then, it's been 4 (except for a pathetic 3 updates in 2009). In 2002 though, there were updates every month from May thru December. This means the window for triangulation is much smaller. Instead of 2-3 month windows, there are now only 1 month windows.

With all but a handful of NMs, it is easy to pin them down to FFXI 1.0 broadly, but it takes extensive digging to pin them down to anything more specific than May~Oct 2002 (the stream of NM references really picks up in volume from 9/02- 11/02 as early players have now been in the game for 3 months or more and have gotten the hang of the game and have started to branch out into doing things like looking for NMs to fight, quested RSE to get, etc). Sometimes the information is there, sometimes it's not and the earlier you go back, the less talk/understanding of the game there is. Sometimes you get lucky though, like finding a pic from 5/31/02 of Crossbones attacking the Selbina/Mhaura Ferry (which confirms pirate attacks were active since launch) or NM references dating to before the July 2002 update (the 2nd update since release), sometimes you can dig through dozens of pages and have difficulty pinning down when the NMs appeared, like the Gigases of Delkfutt or the Demons of Zvahl Keep. The internet can sometimes lose pages, like some websites I remembered visiting in 2006 or 2007 that no manner of searching even with a set of specific terms you know should bring up that page will return. Then as the game ages and blogs took off in popularity, new players come in and create blogs, multiplying the numbers of references, even to FFXI 1.0 NMs, cluttering up the search with many 2006-2010 references to them (excluding those numbers from the search helps).

One important fact is the June 2002 update notes state that NMs were added to the game then for the first time (and Elmer the Pointy's blog with the update history of early FFXI confirms that 6/02 added the NMs). That gives us some ease of being able to rule out May 2002 as being a NM's source and the difficulty of trying to confirm it with a 3 week window right after launch. That doesn't mean NMs didn't exist in May 2002 though (as some quest NMs did and as many mission NMs did). Update notes can provide some clues, though they almost never mention NMs by name.

And I should clarify that I cannot read Japanese past literally just a couple of characters. I've relied on Google Translate and Bing Translate, though when you see a NM's name and a year/month/day or day/month/year date format, it's easy to decipher (along with recognising kanji that mark day, month, year).

- SPOILERS! As this contains the names of all the mission NMs, there's obviously going to be spoilers. I'm not going to put spoiler tags everywhere. If you see the "Mission NMs" entry, you know what might potentially be there. Reader's discretion is advised.

- I left off NM, BCNM assistants and abbreviated the BCNM Beastmens' names to keep it from getting too long/unfocused. Except in the cases where I have noted, the assistants were always added with the master NM.

- One thing to remember is in all cases, I'm listing the earliest date, which in most cases is followed by many more later dates within the months after it where it's referred to. All 2002 NMs have a growing number of references in 2003, all 2003 NMs have a growing number of references in 2004, and over 2004, the number of mentions almost all NMs get soars. I'm providing the earliest references to that NM as key proof.

- The actual dates of updates:
The dates here use the date of the update in Japan (the date usually found on their Version Update notes). One thing to keep in mind is the time zone differences between Japan and North America. This often produces updates on a certain date but NA postings about that update from the day before that date.

In instances where & is listed are follow-up updates that were substantial in some way, adding something significant (usually delayed), like Assault Missions & Wing III of Einherjar, Moblin Maze Mongers, Synergy & Hunt Registries, the CoP Wyrms & more missions, Chocobo Raising, etc, not just fixing problems or uploading 1-3 BCNM battles that were glitched and needed more testing (as happened with the 7/03, 12/04 updates).

* FFXI 1.0: 5/16/02, 6/11/02, 7/2/02 & 7/9/02, 8/8/02, 9/12/02, 10/2/02, 11/26/02, 12/16/02, 2/5/03
(There were like 5 or 6 updates in 3/03, made in advance of RotZ, adding structural stuff to the game code, or something like that. They were preparation updates, producing no visible changes in the game)
* Rise of the Zilart: 4/15/03, 7/17/03, 10/21/03, 12/16/03, 2/26/04, 4/22/04, 6/29/04 & 7/19/04
* Chains of Promathia: 9/14/04 & 10/7/04, 12/9/04, 2/24/05, 4/21/05, 7/19/05 & 8/1/05, 10/11/05, 12/13/05, 2/21/06
* Treasures of Aht Urhgan: 4/18/06, 7/25/06 & 8/2/06 & 8/22/06, 10/19/06, 12/19/06, 3/8/07 & 3/28/07, 6/6/07 & 6/12/07, 8/28/07 & 9/10/07
* Wings of the Goddess: 11/19/07, 3/10/08, 6/9/08, 9/9/08, 12/9/08 & 12/18/08, 4/8/09, 7/21/09, 11/10/09 & 12/8/09, 3/22/10, 6/21/10, 9/8/10

- Something I haven't been able to confirm is what DRG, SAM, NIN, SMN NMs and Beastmen were like before RotZ's release. I can confirm they existed before RotZ's release, but lack Japanese fluency/a good translation program to be able to pick up if these NMs "changed jobs" or "had mysterious/unassignable jobs". For reference, the 1.0 NMs with RotZ Jobs: Steelbiter Gudrud, Eyy Mon the Ironbreaker, Juu Duzu the Whirlwind, Moo Ouzi the Swiftblade, Quu Domi the Gallant, Yagudo Avatar, Yagudo Templar, Zhuu Buxu the Silent, Grand Duke Batym.
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Re: A History of Notorious Monsters

Postby zoogelio on Fri Nov 26, 2010 12:51 am


FFXI went live on May 16th, 2002 (a Thursday). There was quite a bit of connection difficulty for the next 2 weeks, though one can find forum or blog posts of people who signed up on May 16th and managed to start playing. Evidently Square was not ready for the surge in registrations that would come with release and their network setup and online inexperience weren't prepared for it (but unlike FFXIV's launch, FFXI's launch quickly got the problem under control such that by June 1st, connecting through the high traffic wasn't a problem).

- One thing to remember is the initial Level Cap was LV50. It was raised to LV55 in Sept 2002, to LV60 in Nov 2002, to LV65 in April 2003 (Rise of the Zilart release), to LV70 in July 2003, and to LV75 in Dec 2003, where it was held at for 6.5 years.

- Some Japanese sources note Rank 5 was the maximum rank available at release (which would run to Mission 4-1 or Mission 10). I've found sources noting M10 being accessible on 8/2/02 (putting it to 7/02 or earlier). M11 or 5-1 (Archlich Taber'quoan) and M12 or 5-2 (Shadow Lord) thus were added sometime later. One website has 10/15/02 next to Shadow Lord's data, indicating when the information was added. A post in Japanese noting what FFXI was like in its 1st 2 years said supposedly, the 1st time Shadow Lord was defeated (not necessarily fought) was the day after the 10/02 patch, thus 10/3/02. It's apocryphal, though I do remember reports of Shadow Lord being encountered and defeated being from around Sept/Oct 2002 (before November). I think the first image of Shadow Lord appeared in Sept 2002. Here's where I personally come in. Way back then, I actually saved some pics of Shadow Lord (as back then I had found and saved pics of FF final bosses from FF1-10). Unfortunately, I don't know where I got the pictures from, but the "date modified" info on the sidebar for the images says 9/9/02 and 10/23/02. I also have a pic of the Throne Room door from 9/9/02 noting "door to the final boss". That all means those images came from on or *before* 9/9/02. This would put Shadow Lord to the 8/02 patch or earlier. Pics of Archlich Taber'quoan from 2002 are hard to come by, but I found one from 10/28/02. Finally, Elmer the Pointy's blog (JP Button) has a history of the updates of FFXI early on and it directly states the Rank 5 missions were added with the 8/02 patch, which gives confirmation of what the evidence pointed to.

- During the PS2 Beta in Japan (12/01- 4/02), later in it (March/April), some NMs were added (they were called NMs at the time too). These were very tough given the LV30 cap and required a large group of players to beat. They each had about 6 drops. Notice some were brought back (in different zones or the same zone), some were brought back as regular enemies, some were never seen again.
- Slobbering Sue (Batallia) [Morbol]- Drops: same 5 items as Asphodel- probably the most well-known one. Pics of her exist. Never returned again.
- Asphodel (Rolanberry) [Morbol]- Drops: Brigandine (LV30 WAR), Black Belt (LV30 MNK), Elemental Charm (LV30 BLM), Aramis's Rapier (LV30 RDM), Chicken Knife (LV30 THF)- never returned again.
- Skewer Sam (Sauromugue) [Cockatrice]- Drops: Ogre Killer (LV30 WAR), Power Wrist (LV30 MNK), Mace (LV30 wHM), Lilith Rod (LV30 BLM), Mythril Mail (LV30 RDM), Thief's Kote (LV30 THF)- returns as a NM but in Garlaige.
- Tremor Ram (either Tahrongi or Meriphataud) [Ram]- Drops: Tiger Hachimaki (LV10 MNK), Power Gi (LV30 MNK), Moon Amulet (LV30 WHM), White Tunic (LV30 WHM), Black Tunic (LV30 BLM), Purple Cape (LV30 RDM), Black Hood (LV30 THF), Protect Ring (LV30 All)- back as a regular enemy, but not in Tahrongi
- Rampaging Ram (Pashhow) [Ram]- Drops: same set as Tremor Ram- back as a NM in Konschtat.
[correct, Jugner apparently didn't have a NM]
- Seeker, Spotter, Watcher (Ranguemont) [Ahriman]- Drops: None- they were WAR, RDM, BLM and fought as a trio. They returned as the Ahriman accompanying the Dragons in the 3 Mission 2-3 battles.
[I've found references on 4/13/02, 4/20/02 to Skewer Sam, 3/29/02, 4/13/02 to Asphodel, 3/29/02, 4/11/02 to Slobbering Sue, and 3/31/02 to Seeker]

Catoblepas (Dhalmel) was a regular enemy in Beta (in Sauromugue). It wasn't seen for 2 years, returning in 2004 with CoP (in Bibiki Bay). Every other Beta enemy that didn't appear at the official launch (besides those NMs) wasn't ever seen again.

- All zones outside of the Northlands, including every zone in Qufim, the Selbina/Mhaura Ferry routes, the Airship routes (and the often forgotten about Mordion Gaol) existed from launch. The Northlands zones are tricky, see below. Throne Room & Qu'Bia Arena from 8/02 though.

- The original era of FFXI (called "1.0" here) lasted 11 months (5/16/02- 4/15/03). From beginning to end, it was around for 333 days. This was the shortest era in FFXI history. It marked the Year of the Sheep (2003) (2002 was the Year of the Horse, BTW). The Japanese PC launch of FFXI came on 11/7/02, 6 months into FFXI.
(Note: Count runs from the Japanese date of the 1st version update thru the day before the next expansion's 1st version update, not the expansion disk release date when the content is unlocked. The first date is counted in full, even though the version update wasn't at midnight JST).

* The Problem of the Northlands
Deciphering when the Northlands, Ranguemont Pass (past the entrance), Beaucedine Glacier, Fei'Yin, Xarcabard, Castle Zvahl Baileys, Castle Zvahl Keep, were added is a bit of a problem. Back at launch, the level cap was LV50, so these zones all had extremely high-level enemies. By the time more than the extreme outliers were LV50, several updates had already passed. Before the level cap was raised to LV55, it would be extremely hard for a player to get very far through multiple zones like this. And we know the Rank 5 missions were added in Aug 2002, but the question is, did the Northlands zones exist from launch and were too dangerous (too many high-level enemies) for players nowhere near the level cap to get far in or were they inaccessible until Aug 2002? That is the problem of the Northlands.

The quest "Fistful of Fury" involves drops from 3 NMs, Morbolger, Deadly Dodo, and one in Beaucedine, Nue. The 1st 2 were seen as early as June 2002. The inference is all 3 should have existed by then, just with Beaucedine being too dangerous for lower levelled players to enter. It is possible Morbolger & Deadly Dodo could have been sitting around useless until Nue via the Northlands was added, though that seems rather peculiar.

At ffo.jp, a lot of regular Beaucedine mobs are dated 8/25/02. Pics of Beaucedine monsters exist from 9/8/02. A lot of Fei’Yin monsters, including Utukku, are dated 9/7/02 & 9/17/02 on ffo.jp. From that we can deduce that Beaucedine & Fei'Yin are from the 8/02 update or earlier. Images of Xarcabard, Zvahl Baileys exist from 10/21/02, but since we can pin down the Shadow Lord, by extension we can pin down CZK, CZB, and Xarcabard, to 8/02 (or earlier if they predate the Shadow Lord).

A break is a 7/21/02 post referencing Cave Scorpion and Ranguemont. This means Ranguemont was open before the 8/02 update, and since no zones were unlocked in the 6/02 or 7/02 updates, therefore it must be from 5/02. There's evidence that every 1.0 map quest was in the game before July 2002, so did people have maps to inaccessible zones or were they accessible but the people just weren't prepared yet?

We are still left with the problem of when their NMs were added though. Since few could venture up there, let alone hang around there long enough to scout for NMs, we cannot know if these NMs were around since 6/02 but no one was there to discover them or if they were added later, like 8/02 (with the Northlands missions) or 9/02 (with the big 2nd set of NMs). 3/4 Shadows drop items over LV50, 2 Demons drop items over LV50 (2 drop items at/under LV50), Bat Eye drops a LV43 item, Gargantua a LV50 item, Goliath drops nothing special, Shadow Eye drops a LV50 item. Many at LV50 would suggest before the Level Cap was raised to LV55, though the horde of Beastmen NMs added in 9/02 have items from LV1-43, so that may not necessarily mean anything. There's enough proof to delineate some of these to 9/02, and some to seemingly 8/02, but for the 8/02 batch, we cannot prove (with the available evidence) if they are truly 8/02 or a lost bloc of 6/02 NMs effectively unreachable for 2 months.

MAY 2002
I'll provide a general sense of what was in these updates from FFXI 1.0 because back this far, pre-NA release, and with so many updates, they can seem archaic and telling one from the other might be hazy.

Though Notorious Monsters were formally added in the June 2002 update, there were some mission & quest NMs that preceeded the regular NMs. The answer to the question, what are the first non-mission (or quests that directly tie into missions) NMs in FFXI since its launch?, would be: Bubbly Bernie and Ichorous Ire. Based on levels, the earliest NMs fought would be Fodderchief Vokdek, Warchief Vatgit, and Bubbly Bernie, who get referenced within days of FFXI's launch.

* NMs: None

* Mission NMs: Fodderchief Vokdek et al (Save the Children), Warchief Vatgit, Eyy Mon the Ironbreaker*, Zhuu Puxu the Silent* [#1] (The Emissary/Journey Abroad/The Three Kingdoms), Spotter & Dread Dragon (The Emissary/The Three Kingdoms), Seeker & Dark Dragon (Journey Abroad/The Three Kingdoms), Searcher & Black Dragon (The Emissary/Journey Abroad), Blind Moby (To the Forsaken Mines), Porphyrion (Appointment to Jeuno/Jeuno/A New Journey)

* Quest NMs: Old Sabertooth* (The Fanged One), De'Vyu Headtaker (Mysteries of Beadeaux I), Go'Bhu Gascon (Mysteries of Beadeaux II), Bubbly Bernie (The Cold Light of Day), Ichorous Ire (Blast from the Past)

*: These weren't originally NMs. Old Sabertooth used to spawn on its own but was made a NM & forced pop in 12/04. Eyy Mon & Zhuu Puxu were also just regular enemies (despite their names), but were redesignated NMs in 2005, when the "Impossible to Gauge" label appeared on them. They did not check as such before Feb 2005, but did by Nov 2005 (meaning the change was 4/05, 7/05, or 10/05).

- Warchief Vatgit, Eyy Mon the Ironbreaker, Zhuu Puxu the Silent, Porphyrion spawn on their own. Concepts like regular NMs vs. mission or quest NMs weren't fully differentiated back in 2002, thus producing some mission NMs that spawn independently, not being forced pops like virtually all other mission NMs.

- Fun Fact: Warchief Vatgit's assistants (Bloody Vrukwuk, Fogweaver Mossfuzz) are some of the most forgotten NMs in the game because they spawn away from where he does and they alternate spawns. Some posters thought they had been deleted from the game until a 2006 check of the .dats confirmed they were still in there. At the time, there had been no reports of anyone seeing them since 2004.

- De'Vyu Headtaker & Go'Bhu Gascon are quest NMs for 2 quests required to advance in the nation missions. They drop items traded to get the key items to advance in that mission. Their quests are only available if Mission 4-1 is flagged and they are required to complete Mission 4-1.

- All the mission NMs listed here (and the quest tie-ins) we know go here based on the reports that Missions 1-10 were available initially. I've found other early references, though as May/June 2002 is so early in FFXI's history, it would be difficult to try and find any earlier references than these. These are the earliest references I've found to the mission NMs: 5/23/02 (Eyy Mon the Ironbreaker, Zhuu Buxu the Silent, also both on 6/22/02, also Astral Knife & Parana Shield on 5/22/02), 6/23/02 (Porphyrion, Spotter & Dread Dragon, Warchief Vatgit + Fogweaver Mossfuzz, Bloody Vrukwuk), 7/11/02 (Go'Bhu Gascon), 8/12/02 (Searcher & Black Dragon). There was an additional reference to Dread Dragon on 7/11/02.

- As for Bubbly Bernie, the earliest references to this NM by name are 6/19/02, 6/20/02, 7/10/02, 7/15/02, 8/8/02, but then I found a reference to Steam Clock and "Bubble crab" (bubble capitalized) "near the lighthouse" from 5/25/02. That seals it as May 2002.

- As for Ichorous Ire and "Blast from the Past", it is the 2nd quest in a 3-quest line. The 3rd was added with RotZ in 4/03, the 1st quest I found references to from 5/21/02, 6/20/02. The earliest references to Ichorous Ire are 7/9/02, 7/11/02, 9/6/02. The 7/11/02 gave a detailed walkthrough of the quest. The cluster of July references on the day of and shortly after the update makes me think the quest & Ichorous Ire may have been added in 7/02, but when I found a reference to the quest name from 5/22/02 and indications they needed to find some kind of shell, that proved it was from 5/02 and not 6/02 or 7/02 (the reason for no references to Ichorous Ire, slime, Shakhrami was likely they were too low-level to go there, the game being 4 days old, just having finished "Star Struck" which deals with very low-level enemies in a zone right outside the city).

- The changes to Old Sabertooth were made because of RMT monopolization. These were among the first measures put in place by the dev team to combat RMT. They acted swiftly because Old Sabertooth was used for the Ranger flag quest and they didn't want access to one job to become locked because of RMT.

- In 4/09, there came to be 2 different Delkfutt Keys. The Delkfutt Key item (Drop: Porphyrion) could be used to get the Delkfutt Key key item at any place the key would be used. The purpose of this was to make it a key item so it didn't take up any inventory space and the original key could be dropped without consequence.

JUNE 2002
Update notes state this update added Notorious Monsters to FFXI. These are the 1st conventional NMs, but not the 1st NMs ever to grace Vana'diel. Some mission & quest NMs were around since May 2002 and FFXI Beta dabbled with a few NMs (like Slobbering Sue). So, except for a few precursors, June 2002 is the official beginning for Notorious Monster-dom. This update also added the Auction House and did some fine-tuning to various elements in the game, as well as add some quests.

* NMs: Jaggedy-Eared Jack, Bigmouth Billy*, Stinging Sophie, Leaping Lizzy, Tom Tit Tat, Spiny Spipi, Stray Mary, Rampaging Ram, Lumbering Lambert*, Tumbling Truffle*, Serpopard Ishtar, Valkurm Emperor, Golden Bat**, Helldiver**, Buburimboo**, Burned Bergmann, Pulverized Pfeffer, Asphyxiated Amsel, Crushed Krause, Wounded Wurfel, Smothered Schmidt, Argus, Leech King, Trickster Kinetix**, Geyser Lizard*, Bomb King, Doppelganger Dio, Doppelganger Gog, Panzer Percival, Jolly Green**, Bloodpool Vorax**, Tottering Toby**, Black Triple Stars**, Drooling Daisy, Daggerclaw Dracos**, (Guardian Crawler, Drone Crawler, Matron Crawler, Queen Crawler, Awd Goggie)*, Skewer Sam, Old Two-Wings*
[Beastmen separate]
No'Mho Crimsonarmor, Mimas, Orcish Warlord, Yagudo High Priest, Diamond Quadav [#1]@, Orcish Overlord@, Yagudo Avatar@

* Quest NMs: Stray Mary (Sleepless Nights), Ahtu (The Setting Sun), Rampaging Ram, Lumbering Lambert (Silence of the Rams^^), Deadly Dodo, Nue [???], Morbolger (A Fistful of Fury^^), Guardian Crawler, Drone Crawler, Matron Crawler, Queen Crawler, Awd Goggie (Hoist the Jelly Roger*, Cid's Secret*, Cargo*), Silk Caterpillar* (Fear of Flying), Lich C Magnus* (Blue Ribbon Blues)

*: cannot narrow down to 6/02 from 6/02 vs. 7/02 updates (or even the 8/02 update for Lich C Magnus and the 5/02 update for Silk Caterpillar).
**: cannot narrow down Golden Bat, Helldiver, Buburimboo, Trickster Kinetix, Jolly Green, Bloodpool Vorax, Tottering Toby except to 8/02 or earlier. All are referenced between 8/9/02- 8/10/02, Black Triple Stars (8/14/02), Daggerclaw Dracos (8/21/02), Foul Meat (8/29/02). All of these would seem fairly likely to have existed before the Aug 2002 patch, belonging to June 2002. The only ones I'm not fairly confident in that grouping are Tottering Toby and Black Triple Stars as one is put in as sort of an anime nod and the other drops a unique item (to skill up Guard, Parry Skills because Evasion can get in the way) which seems like potential retconning in fodder.
^^: The NMs used in these quests except for Nue can be confirmed to 6/02 but the quest cannot be formally identified to 6/02. All 3 & the quest definately existed by 8/02 though.
@ There is extensive confusion and clutter surrounding these 3 NMs. While it seems like they belong with the 9/02 update, and Yagudo Avatar's early references can be written off as being from the mission NPC not the NM, but we are left with an 8/02 reference to Diamond Quadav, who isn't in any missions, indicating maybe they existed since 6/02.

- Since Stray Mary has a non-quest drop (Mary's Horn), I'm inclined to consider her a regular NM also appropriated for a quest by having a quest drop (Mary's Milk), or even a dual regular/quest NM at release. Look at the early quest NMs. All of them drop items useless except for their quest item (besides generic crafting items). Some could be dropless NMs (a la Black Triple Stars) masquerading as quest NMs, but determining that would be damn near impossible, ergo, they are "quest NMs". BTW, she's a lottery pop (which gives no indication either way since early quest NMs were "different"). I did find a reference to Mary's Milk as early as 7/10/02 & 7/14/02, which means "Sleepless Nights" is 6/02, possibly 7/02. Stray Mary herself gives the title Mary's Guide while the quest gives the title Sheep's Milk Deliverer.

- These early quest NMs are very different from the traditional forced pop quest NM design many are used to. Deadly Dodo, Nue, Rampaging Ram, Lumbering Lambert are lottery pops, Morbolger spawns on a ~1 day spawn timer, Ahtu on a few hour spawn timer, Silk Caterpillar on a short timer (minutes). The only 1.0 quest NMs that are forced pops (except for AF NMs) are Bubbly Bernie, Ichorous Ire, Lich C Magnus. I feel it necessary to give a little profile of these NMs to drive home how much these early quest NMs resembled regular NMs.

- Ahtu is fought for the San d'Oria-based quest, "The Setting Sun", the 2nd quest in a 2-quest line (1st quest is "Blackmail"). It was the original use for that remote island in Batallia Downs (along with the Stone Monument), requiring traversing thru Eldieme to reach. Ahtu spawns on a timer. It drops Engraved Key (Rare/Ex, 100% drop). The quest reward is 10,000 Gil (non-repeatable). If the reward wasn't altered (there are no specific references to "The Setting Sun" having its reward altered, though it could have been changed under a generic "some quests had their reward altered" banner), it was the largest sum rewarded by a 1.0 quest.

- "Silence of the Rams" is the 1st Monk belt quest. It gives Purple Belt (LV18 MNK). It requires Tenshodo Reputation. The quest (based out of Bastok, unlike the next 2) requires Lumbering Horn & Rampaging Horn, NM drops, both Rare/Ex at 100% drop rate from Lumbering Lambert & Rampaging Ram. They have no unique drops otherwise. Lumbering Lambert is a lottery pop of Rams in La Theine Plateau and Rampaging Ram is a lottery pop of Rams in Konschtat Highlands.

- "Fistful of Fury" is the 2nd Monk belt quest. It gives Brown Belt (LV40 MNK). It also requires Tenshodo Reputation, though is based out of Jeuno now. Need to get 3 items: Get Dodo Skin (22% drop) from Deadly Dodo in Sauromugue (lottery pop), Nue Fang (18% drop) from Nue in Beaucedine (also a lottery pop), Morbolger Vine (100% drop) from Morbolger in Ordelle's (timed spawn every 21~24 hours). Those NMs are all in the LV40-44 range. All 3 items are Rare/Ex. Before RotZ added the 3rd Monk belt quest, this was the best karate belt a MNK could get.

- Bubbly Bernie is the lowest-level quest NM in the game. Anyone LV10+ can solo it. Bubbly Bernie is fought for the quest "The Cold Light of Day". Bubbly Bernie is a forced pop (trade a Quus to a "???"). It drops Steam Clock (100%), used for the quest. The quest reward is 500 Gil & the title Crab Crusher. It is repeatable. The 8/8/02 update notes indicate the quest had its reward changed (unknown what those changes were).

- "Fear of Flying", despite involving airships and fighting the NM Silk Caterpillar in Rolanberry, is based out of Bastok. Silk Caterpillar has to be fought for a Silkworm Egg (100% drop, Ex, also a food), which is traded to the quest-giver. It spawns on its own. The quest reward is a Black Silk Neckerchief (LV20, quested-only item) & the title Airship Denouncer. The quest is a standalone.
[Anyone know if the title, Airship Denouncer, has any cultural reference in Japan? From the '60s or '70s on, was there a niche of train otaku, as there are in Japan (they love their trains), who denounced airplanes and air travel because it takes away from everything a train has: landscape scenery, bentos, etc? Or maybe it's simply based on how people who live near airports routinely complain about the noise and the frequent disturbances they cause. Any of the quest designers live near an airport? I ask because the quest's story and the title seem to have some kind of reference. The English title is a pun off a famous 1970s book though is a bit misleading as it's not about a fear of flying, it's about a fear of airships/flying objects]

- Ichorous Ire is fought for the Windurst-based quest, "Blast from the Past", the 2nd quest in a 3-quest line. Ichorous Ire is a forced pop. During the quest you get a Burnite Shell Stone (LV19 Dagger) and trade it in for a reward. The quest rewards are Great Club (LV39 Club, also synthed) and the title Fossilized Sea Farer. The 3rd quest was added with RotZ (in 4/03, "Nothing Matters"), which gives 10,000 Gil & a Vile Elixir (need Warm Egg, Cold Bone). For reference, the 1st quest is "Star Struck" (get a Meteorite from Crawlers Nest in West Sarutabaruta).

- Lich C Magnus is fought for the Windurst-based quest, "Blue Ribbon Blues", the 4th quest in a 5-quest line. From the quest, you get a Purple Ribbon (LV36, quest-only item) and trade it to a "???" to spawn the NM. The quest reward is Blue Ribbon (LV50, only obtainable through the quest) & the title Ghostie Buster. The NM itself gives a title, Lich Banisher and drops Lilith's Rod (LV50). The 5th quest in the line was added with RotZ, which gives the Rhinostery Certificate key item for easy & direct access to Toraimarai Canal (need 3 Starmite Shells).

Look to the Nov 2002 update for the next step in the evolution of quest NMs.

- I found some very early references to some quest NMs- Bubbly Bernie- 6/19/02, Rampaging Ram, Stray Mary- 6/20/02, Ahtu- 6/23/02, Morbolger- 6/29/02. I also have references to Lumbering Lambert & Rampaging Ram from 7/14/02 (and to "Fistful of Fury" on 9/5/02). This easily confirms them to 5/02 or 6/02. This doesn't confirm if Sleepless Nights, Silence of the Rams, or A Fistful of Fury existed by 6/02, but it determines their freely-spawning NMs did. Since Morbolger spawns on its own, I'm inclined to believe it wasn't the only freely existing NM out there besides mission NMs in May 2002, so it is highly probable it first appeared in June along with all other freely-spawning quest NMs listed here.

- Pinning down when FFXI's inaugural year NMs were added is hard and I like being accurate, so I wouldn't paint them all besides the HNM & Northlands NMs with the "probably June 2002" brush, so I looked for evidence. As noted earlier, evidence can be hard to come by, but I found some good pieces to make a case with. Also remember how few early players would be at levels and familiar enough with the game to challenge NMs in zones away from the cities. Looking at the lists below, one can see references to higher level NMs coming later from the many NMs in zones around the starting cities.

The gold mine was a June 2002 JP thread discussing many NMs. As early as 6/12/02, Tom Tit Tat, Spiny Spipi, Doppelganger Dio, Leaping Lizzy, "Crimsonarmor" (No'Mho Crimsonarmor; this one's a surprise. The full name was referenced on 6/27/02), Eyy Mon the Ironbreaker were mentioned. Others followed, 6/19 (Bubbly Bernie, "SSam") [Skewer Sam. Seems that SSam or S Sam was the popular abbreviation for the NM back in Beta], 6/20 (Rampaging Ram, Stray Mary), 6/21 (Smothered Schmidt, Serpopard Ishtar) [I'm assuming if 1 Gusgen ghost existed by this point, so did the other 5], 6/22 (Stinging Sophie, Zhuu Buxu the Silent, Eyy Mon the Ironbreaker, Porphyrion, Mimas) [Mimas was a surprise this early], 6/23 (Warchief Vatgit, Fogweaver Mossfuzz, Bloody Vrukwuk, Drooling Daisy, Valkurm Emperor, Ahtu), 6/25 (Panzer Percival), 6/28 (Doppelganger Gog, Bomb King, Jaggedy-Eared Jack), 6/29 (Morbolger), 7/5 (Argus), 7/6 (Leech King... and Stroper Chyme [not a NM though]), 7/8 (Crypt Ghost). 6/12/02 is the day after the June 2002 update. You can't do much better than that. ffo.jp has entry completion notes next to Serpopard Ishtar dated 6/21/02, Bomb King dated 6/27/02, and Tom Tit Tat (7/9/02), Lumbering Lambert (8/23/02).
[The thread was: http://yasai.2ch.net/ogame/kako/1023/10 ... 90606.html]

I've found several NMs referenced in 7/14/02, 7/15/02 posts: Argus, Leech King, Tumbling Truffle (also on 7/9/02), Geyser Lizard (also on 7/9/02), Goblin Gruel [not a NM], Pulverized Pfeffer, Burned Bergmann, Yagudo Avatar, Yagudo High Priest, Yagudo Prelate) [the 3 Yagudos were a surprise because there's retro-compilations referring to the 9/02 update adding many Beastmen NMs, including ones on 16 min timers, like some of these. These 3 got multiple references in the next few days (and Yagudo Avatar alone on 7/26/02) and were said to have been encountered while doing M10 and they were "very strong"], and from other threads' posts, Lumbering Lambert (7/11/02), Skewer Sam (7/12/02, 8/4/02) [full name], Old-Two Wings (8/4/02). This is after the July 2002 patch, which at least narrows them down to 2 patches. ffo.jp has entry completion notes next to Argus dated to 7/1/02. Ahtu is also referenced on 7/31/02.
[and Tom Tit Tat, Leaping Lizzy, Stinging Sophie, Spiny Spipi, Serpopard Ishtar, Rampaging Ram, Lumbering Lambert, Stray Mary, Doppelganger Dio, Doppelganger Gog, Bomb King, Porphyrion, Go'Bhu Gascon, De'Vyu Headhunter again]

A series of posts from 8/8/02- 8/10/02 reference many more NMs: Tottering Toby, Trickster Kinetix, Jolly Green, Bloodpool Vorax, Golden Bat, Buburimboo, Jaggedy-Eared Jack, and Bigmouth Billy, Goliath. The update was 8/8/02, so this leaves 3 potential updates for these NMs. ffo.jp has entry completion notes next to Bloodpool Vorax dated 8/27/02 Jolly Green (8/27/02), Trickster Kinetix (8/28/02), and Bat Eye [NM] (8/25/02). Stumbling Sandals is mentioned, and was called a "pseudo-product" (so even back then, they were just as perplexed by it).

There are 8/20/02 references to these NMs and several others who are mentioned with earlier dates: Stinging Sophie, Bigmouth Billy, Geyser Lizard, Golden Bat, Buburimboo, Helldiver, Trickster Kinetix, Jolly Green, Bloodpool Vorax, Black Triple Stars, Tottering Toby, Leech King, Daggerclaw Dracos, Old Two-Wings, Skewer Sam, Goliath + Lumbering Lambert, Rampaging Ram, Deadly Dodo, Morbolger, Lich C Magnus. Other references: Crypt Ghost (8/13/02), Mimas (8/19/02), Diamond Quadav (8/19/02), Yagudo Avatar again (8/19/02), all 6 Gusgen Ghost NMs by name (9/4/02). Deadly Dodo and a direct reference to the Brown Belt quest were made on 8/16/02. Nue doesn't get referenced til late Aug 2002.
[It seems over summer 2002, the Japanese thought Steel Beak was a NM]

- For why Mimas is here and the other Gigases are not, see April 2003 notes.

- Some Japanese pages detailing what things were like early in FFXI noted the 9/02 patch added HNMs and added more NMs to Davoi, Beadeaux, Oztroja. It cound mean inner sanctum ones (e.g. Qulun) or it could mean additional NMs were added to just Davoi, Beadeaux, Oztroja. I've got references to Ruby Quadav, Adaman Quadav, and Diamond Quadav as early as 10/3/02. Orcish Overlord, Orcish Warlord are also mentioned on 11/17/02. I managed to find a very early reference for some of these NMs, 7/15/02 to Yagudo Avatar & Yagudo High Priest (but not Yagudo Templar). We know Diamond Quadav, Orcish Warlord, Yagudo Avatar are all the more advanced 3rd NMs in those inner sanctums while the other 6 are the lesser NMs, spawning on much quicker timers. What the 7/15/02 post means is the 9/02 patch did not add these advanced 3rd NMs. Then I managed to find an 8/19/02 reference to Diamond Quadav & Yagudo Avatar. Since Yagudo Avatar can be traced back to at least 7/02 and Diamond Quadav back to 8/02 and they're all supposed to be the same tier/class of NM (the stand-in leaders), they should all belong with the same update. There's a possibility the lower-tier NMs in the inner sanctums can be split between 6/02 & 9/03, but these 3 are extremely unlikely. It'd be like having Za'Dha & Bakgodek be added in one update and Tzee Xicu in another.
Complicating the matter is Yagudo Avatar appears in the "Magicite" mission as a NPC, as does Yagudo Templar. No other inner sanctum NMs appear in the cutscenes, and this mission was available since 5/02. The 8/02 reference to Diamond Quadav makes me suspect they were in there before 9/02. Searching for their unique drops doesn't give any insight other. But, they drop LV53,49,50 weapons/gear. It's confusing enough that I feel I can't formally identify them with either 6/02 or 9/02 due to the confusion. Then there's the matter that Yagudo Templar also appears in the mission cutscene, yet he isn't referred to before 9/02, only the Yagudo High Priest, who's not in the cutscene (which would support Yagudo Avatar being a NM since 6/02).

There is a 9/1/02 post mentioning Orcish "Warload", Orcish "Overload", among other Orcish enemies & Darksteel Quadav. With Yagudo High Priest, that might suggest before 9/02 every inner sanctum had the leader stand-in & 1 NM, with the 3rd NM being added in 9/02. The problem is neither of the other 2 Quadavs get referenced before 9/02.

We must remember these were all high level areas at the time, these NMs (minus the stand-in leader) didn't drop anything then, the Beastmen Kings weren't there. They were only used in Mission 4-1 and were not ideal levelling areas like Crawlers Nest or Garlaige.

- As for Silk Caterpillar and "Fear of Flying", the earliest reference to Silk Caterpillar is 7/11/02 (then there's a void and more references appear from Sept onward), but there is a 7/2/02 reference to the Black Silk Neckerchief, though complicating the investigation is the Black Silk Neckerchief was a NM drop back during Beta, though in its favor was the section of the thread with it didn't translate into a look back at beta but into discussing NMs, quests, gear. It was said in a straightforward manner. The item got mentioned on 7/29/02, 8/5/02. That supports the quest going back to at least 6/02. It might also be 5/02, but the quest name and reward don't seem to get referenced any earlier (and unlike the 2 proven 5/02 quest NMs, Silk Caterpillar spawns on its own whenever an airship goes over, though the 2 mission tie-in quest NMs spawn on their own, so maybe its spawn conditions don't mean anything).

- As for "Silence of the Rams" specifically, the earliest reference I could find to the Purple Belt was 8/16/02, to the horns was 9/02 onward. As for "Fistful of Fury", the earliest reference I could find to the Brown Belt was 8/16/02. With the Brown Belt, we have to factor in the Northlands Problem. Whereas Morbolger & Deadly Dodo are in mid-level zones for the time, Nue was in Beaucedine, which was a part of the distant Northlands, filled with very strong enemies. The Northlands was functionally off-limits to most players until after the 8/02 update, thus the lack of earlier references. That said, there should be references to the Purple Belt from before the 8/02 update (it seems too cumbersome to check for 2002 FFXI references to belt by kanji & hiragana). And a story from the early era of FFXI, there was a Japanese Monk who started in 5/02 and had a blog (Stonecold). He mentioned Rampaging Ram, Tremor Ram, Lumbering Lambert several times in late 2002- early 2003. As Silence of the Rams is a MNK quest, it is apparent he was going after the belt. Once the facts and data about the game became more organized, many Monks likely learned of these quests that rewarded them with very desirable belts.

Evidence for Deadly Dodo & Morbolger is noted above, but Nue is worth profiling here. Nue is a hard one to pin down (there's a lot of clutter). The earliest reference I could find to Nue itself is 8/28/02 and to the Nue Fang, references on 8/26/02, 9/5/02. There is a 8/16/02 reference to the Brown Belt (and 8/26/02 as well). That means "A Fistful of Fury" is at least Aug 2002, though that leaves us with 2 awkward scenarios:
1) All 3 NMs were in the game in 6/02 with the quest. It was just one NM (Nue) was virtually unreachable.
2) The quest & Nue were added in 8/02. This would mean Deadly Dodo & Morbolger were useless for 2 months.

- The earliest references to Lich C Magnus are 8/14/02, 8/20/02, 9/21/02, 10/19/02, 11/2/02, and there's a pic from 11/3/02. Also, there is a 7/29/02 post mentioning Lilith Rod in "DATA FILES", but not knowing where it goes. The difficulty in pinning down Lich C Magnus is Eldieme was a hard dungeon under the LV50 cap, had no NMs at the time, and had no real reason to go there (no AF quests yet), so not that many people were levelled enough to take on the quest. The Blue Ribbon & Lilith's Rod are LV50, the highest level attainable until Sept 2002. It's similar to the Northlands Problem. References to the quest name, Purple Ribbon, Blue Ribbon abound from 9/02 onward, and some even in 8/02, but nothing earlier. Lich C Magnus could have been added in 8/02 and Lilith Rod was just sitting in the .dats or Lich C Magnus was sitting in the game since 6/02 or even 5/02 and was too high level and had too restrictive access (need to have completed the 3 previous quests in the quest-line in Windurst [though from browsing May-July 2002 discussions of FFXI, many early Japanese players seemed to have been based out of Windurst as its quests get far more early references than Bastok's & San d'Oria's]). So, Lich C Magnus is a fairly rare NM to reach for so early on, thus giving us this problem of pinning him down in a time when the Level Cap is LV50 and a tiny number of players (less than 1:25) are even at LV50. He's high-level (for under-50s) and casts Ancient Magic.
[And some background, the previous quests, like "Food for Thought", "Overnight Delivery", & "Water Way to Go" existed by mid-July 2002 (there are June references to the quest details of "Overnight Delivery"). The 5th quest is tagged to the April 2003 update.]

- Crypt Ghost, Spook, Stroper Chyme, Foul Meat, Bat Eye, Giant Scorpion aren't NMs, but their low numbers (1-2), unique drops made them thought of as NMs for a long time. Bat Eye isn't a NM but it appears in Nyzul Isle with the same drop (Storm Axe) and there it's a NM. Maybe the lack of a NM tag was an oversight? Who knows. The line between NMs and regular enemies isn't a discrete line but a muddy gradation (some NMs lack drops, some enemies have 1-2 spawn points and drop unique items, have long respawn timers, etc). It's worth noting Crypt Ghost, Spook, Stroper Chyme come out to pre-July 2002. Foul Meat, Bat Eye, Giant Scorpion are pre-Sept 2002. Not sure where Goblin Gruel (6.5 hour respawn) goes back to in 2002.

Awd Goggie and the Crawler NMs of Crawlers Nest are very interesting, and a bit complicated, so much that they merit a whole section devoted to them.

As for Awd Goggie and all the Crawler NMs, there is an 8/31 reference without a year, noting the long difficult quest to get Royal Jelly, and notes it's too hard at LV50 and they may need to wait to "once the cap is Lv 55", meaning it's 8/31/02. There is also a 9/9/02 post looking for Royal Jelly and a 9/9/02 post that mentions Awd Goggie. I lucked out and found one thread listing all enemies in Crawlers Nest from 7/20/02, which included Awd Goggie and the other 4 Crawler NMs, and some enemies used in quests (Killer Mushroom, Doom Scorpion). That pins them down to 6/02 or 7/02. As for the quests, there was a reference to the NPC from "Cargo" (who is only used for that quest) on 9/23/02 and the quest name + Rolanberry 874 from 6/28/02, and "Cid's Secret" is mentioned in the 8/8/02 update notes as having had its reward changed (meaning the quest existed earlier, so 7/02 or 6/02). References to "Hoist the Jelly, Roger", the need for a soup pot that is given in exchange for Royal Jelly go back to mid July 2002, there's a direct reference to the quest's reward being a Mythril Ring on 8/26/02 and the Japanese name of the quest on 9/10/02. That means the 2nd & 3rd quests are either 6/02 or 7/02 while "Cargo" is 6/02.

There was a 7/6/02 post which said the means of getting the Crawlers Nest Map was still unknown, along with Ranguemont & Toraimarai Canal maps (I'll describe how hard this map was to get back then). There was a 7/17/02 post in a different topic saying the map came from the Stone Monument quest and references to that map quest by name go back to June 2002. As for the others, the Ranguemont Pass Map came from "The Rescue", a Selbina quest which needs a key item from Beadeaux (need Quadav Charm from the quest with a mission tie-in NM De'Vyu Headhunter to reach the "???" the item is at). The Toraimarai Canal Map came from "His Name is Valgeir", the 4th quest in a 7-quest line in Mhaura. It just involves taking a key item to Selbina. Previous quests involved bringing family drops from nearby enemies, though the 3rd quest required Puffballs (Walking Trees in Jugner were the only source then).

* THE CRAWLER NMs: Guardian Crawler, Drone Crawler, Matron Crawler, Queen Crawler, Awd Goggie
The Crawler NMs in Crawlers Nest are rather interesting and quite confounding actually. First off is that it is the first multi-tier NM system in FFXI, having 4 tiers. Second, none of them except for the top NM drop anything besides the next pop item (more on that in a moment). Third, they plug into not just 1 quest but multiple quests. Fourth, they are the first forced pop NMs that aren't apparently for a quest (as Ichorous Ire, Lich C Magnus obviously are), instead being in a gray zone between regular NM and quest NM (indeed, many players seem to forget that Awd Goggie & co. may not be regular NMs at all).

* The system:
- Trade Rolanberry (sold in Windurst/Jeuno for 120 Gil) to pop Guardian Crawler (38% spawn rate). It drops Rolanberry 881 (100%).
- Trade Rolanberry 881 (Drop: Guardian Crawler) to pop Drone Crawler (50% spawn rate). It drops Rolanberry 874 (100%).
- Trade Rolanberry 874 (Drop: Drone Crawler) to pop Matron Crawler (34% spawn rate) or Queen Crawler (50% spawn rate). Each drops Rolanberry 864 (100%).
- Trade Rolanberry 864 (Drop: Matron Crawler, Queen Crawler) to pop Awd Goggie (73% spawn rate). It drops Royal Jelly (100%).

[yes, I'm not quite clear on why Matron Crawler exists. Both drop Rolanberry 864 at a 100% rate, but each has a widely different spawn rate, 1:3 vs. 1:2. And why provide multiple NMs at the 3rd tier? Usually, as it is a pyramid, logically, if there are multiples, it would be at lower tiers]

Ok, the entry item is cheap and easy, and assuming victory in each battle, and using these as odds (38, 50, 34 or 50, 75)... The odds of getting Royal Jelly on each try are, the Matron Crawler route= 4.845% (1:21), the Queen Crawler route= 7.125% (1:14) (The odds of getting Drone Crawler spawned from any 1 Rolanberry are 19% [1:5]. From that point, it diverges depending on the tier 3 NM).

Awd Goggie was the tier 4 NM in this system. When it was first available, the cap was LV50. It was hard. Even at LV55 it wasn't an easy fight. This NM dropped Royal Jelly (100% odds), an Ex item that was a crafting ingredient and a food in its own right. As a food, it gives hMP +3 for a 3 hour duration. So, we look to see what it mainly crafts: Elixir & Cursed Soup. Cursed Soup appeared with the Abjurations in RotZ, so it's out. We might think it made Elixirs (restores 25% max HP & MP), made from: Royal Jelly, Mistletoe (Drop: Treants), Revival Tree Root (Drop: various Undead), Dragon Blood (craft from Dragon Heart), Distilled Water, but a look at the recipe reveals 1 ingredient that wasn't available until Ash Dragon appeared, a NM in Ifrit's Cauldron, a RotZ zone (Dragon Heart, it also drops from Wyrms, which didn't appear til 7/03 and from Seiryu), meaning Elixirs could not be crafted until at least 4/03. That means Royal Jelly was *not* a crafting ingredient in FFXI 1.0, not to mention Alchemy LV90 was not possible in 1.0. Considering the quest drops (see below), everything points to it only being fought for the title and for Royal Jelly, which was used for the quest. And it wasn't fought to get a rare chance at fighting a unique alternate color Crawler because Awd Goggie wasn't green til 2005.

[There are some Japanese posts from the last few days of Aug 2002 noting how hard Awd Goggie is and how frustrating the entire route to get Royal Jelly was. It even drove some of them to talk about quitting! One mentioned they may need to wait until the level cap was raised (to LV55) to defeat it. For reference, they said 9 LV50 players had trouble beating him and nearby monsters linking during the fight was a problem then]

Awd Goggie gives one thing besides Royal Jelly though, a title: Bogeydowner (pun off of boogie down). Some other quest NMs from 1.0 gave titles directly, not from their quests (like Lich C Magnus).

Because of outcry over how hard it was to get Royal Jelly, Royal Jelly was expanded to be dropped by other enemies, including regular ones. Royal Jelly was added as a drop (7.7% rate) on the Death Jackets in Crawlers Nest (12 there total). So, by 12/03, the time Cursed Soup was available, farming Royal Jellies to produce Cursed Soups and Elixirs, there were 2 routes for Royal Jelly, the Awd Goggie route and the Death Jacket route. With ToAU and its Pephredos dropping Royal Jelly, an additional route opened up. It's not clear when this change was made as no update notes make any reference to Royal Jelly, even the Japanese pre-NA release ones. If I had to guess, probably 4/03 with RotZ's release as it updated/modified some existing quests, so seems more plausible that this quest was modified too among all the other revisions. I did find a reference from 11/03 of Death Jacket dropping Royal Jelly, so that means the possible updates for the change are 4/03, 7/03, 10/03 (and it means it wasn't modified in the 12/03 update, when Abjurations became available, to make Cursed Soup easier to make).

* Now for the quests:
"Hoist the Jelly, Roger", a Windurst quest which is actually a sub-quest for the Jeuno quest "Cook's Pride". The Jeuno quest-giver wants a Super Soup Pot, which the NPC in Windurst has. That NPC wants Royal Jelly (see above) in exchange for the soup pot. The only original source of Royal Jelly was Awd Goggie. "Cook's Pride" is quest #2 in a 4-quest series. The 1st quest gives Mythril Earring (LV24, also crafted) as a reward. "Cook's Pride" gives Mythril Ring (LV24, also crafted) + 3000 Gil as a reward. The 3rd & 4th quests involve Cardians. The 4th quest's reward, the end of the questline, is the Green Cape (LV45, quested-only). For all that effort, that's quite a mediocre reward, even by 2002 standards. Its stats are unremarkable, even ignoring all that effort.

"Cid's Secret" is a Bastok quest, the 1st in a 2-quest set. This quest requires a Rolanberry 874 (drop from Drone Crawler), which is exchanged for an Unfinished Letter to take to Cid. The quest reward is a Ram Mantle (LV36, which can also be crafted). The next quest is "The Usual", which requires getting a King Truffle, an item that back then only dropped from Killer Mushroom (Crawlers Nest) with a 7% drop rate. The reward was Speed Bow (LV38 Archery, can also be crafted). The odds of getting a Rolanberry 874 from any 1 Rolanberry in that Crawler NM system is 19%.

"Cargo" is a Selbina quest. It is a quest that trades Rolanberries for Gil (repeatable, but only allows 1 trade every Earth day). The trade values are: Rolanberry 881 (800 Gil), Rolanberry 874 (2000 Gil), Rolanberry 864 (3000 Gil). This seems to be the only real reliable use for them. Of course, if you trade in the Rolanberry 864 for Gil, you're not fighting Awd Goggie, just up to Matron/Queen Crawler. In 1.0, Ahtu's quest gives 10,000 Gil, but it's not repeatable. There are several RotZ-era quests that give 10,000 Gil though (most not repeatable), so 3000 Gil back then was very good from a quest, especially a repeatable one. "Cargo", in other words, was an "endgame" quest to farm for Gil (compared to all the low-sum Gil-rewarding repeatable quests).
[Note that this quest was modified in 3/07, putting the one trade a day limit on it as a means to curtail RMT]

So, the whole point of the long, arduous NM hunt to get Royal Jelly is to be rewarded with a Mythril Ring (LV24)? It can be crafted from 2 Mythril Ingot, and Mythril Ore was sold, dropped by Bigmouth Billy and Golems in 1.0 (e.g. easily available). The questline ends with the Green Cape (LV45 mages- DEF:4 Ice/Wind/Earth/Water +3). It can be AHed, but a mere DEF+4 and 4 elemental resistances, while better than a singular elemental resistance, is still rather mediocre. Other rare capes (e.g. NM drops, quest rewards), like Mist Silk Cape, Night Cape, Bat Cape, all did provide + element resist in 1 element, so maybe players were supposed to be impressed by Ice +3 Wind +3 Earth +3 Water +3 back then.

[Brief background: While every quest reward from CoP onward is only available through that quest, likewise with RotZ (except for 1 reward which is also sold), a full 59% of the ~80 rewards from 1.0 quests (count doesn't include AF, quested RSE, furniture) are crafted and/or sold! That means they aren't unique and are available without needing to do the quest. Awd Goggie & Drone Crawler as quest NMs are in the same company as Ichorous Ire. Silk Caterpillar, Lich C Magnus, the 2 Rams and 3 Brown Belt NMs all have unique quest rewards. Awd Goggie (and Ichorous Ire) get the short end of the stick, but at least Ichorous Ire has the defense of being an intermediate quest in a quest-line; Awd Goggie... not really]

The conclusion from all this is the Crawler NM system is quite rigorous and indeed a bit sadistic, providing such little return, a very high failure rate (odds of 1:14 or 1:21 on every Rolanberry). And, on top of this, the quest to get the Crawlers Nest Map ("An Explorer's Footsteps") was considered extremely arduous. It originally involved visiting the Stone Monuments in 17 zones. Because that caused an outcry, the 11/02 update changed it to just 15 monuments. Remember, this is before warp items and warp services were prevalent. Outpost warps didn't even exist. The only means of warping back in FFXI 1.0 were Warp, Escape, Teleport-Dem/Mea/Holla (later Vahzl), and homepoint-ing. Consider how long it would take to get around like that. It was easily the hardest map to get from FFXI 1.0.

* Some context:
Forced pop NMs where the trade wasn't 100% (and the item was lost on unsuccessful trades) were exceptionally uncommon. Out of the many forced pops, virtually all were 100%. Of course, those 100% pops could sometimes require some work (e.g. 7 Deadly Skulls of Eldieme, Hakutaku). RotZ added a few such NMs. Habetrot (also a crawler, later made green) is the most notorious, having a chance of spawning when 12 La Theine Cabbages are traded to a "???" in the Temple of Uggalepih. 93% of the time, a regular Rumble Crawler spawned. Cancer the crab had a similar pattern, only it required trading just 1 Quus and most of the time a Robber Crab spawned. There was also Goblin Archaeologist, found in 3 zones, who was deep underground and with each trade of a NPCable item, would come closer to the surface, it taking a random number of trades to get him to the surface. He was an unusual NM though (huge level range, dropping a wide assortment of crafting items or Beastcoins, nothing really specific or unique). Awd Goggie and the other Crawler NMs are the only ones that are part of a multi-tier NM pop system though.

CoP added a few more, like Hercules Beetle (trade Honey to "???" at night) & Ziphius (trade Slices of Carp to "???" at night), and check back at 4:00 to see if they spawn (a fairly low rate). These were very cheap, easy items to get. Likewise, they were tierless and not used in any quests.

For reference, Yara Ma Yha Who (trading Distilled Waters every 50 min) & Edacious Opo-opo (trading Pamamas) required a varying number of trades to spawn, but their spawn was guaranteed within a certain range of trades (and trading 1-2 Wild Pamamas would guarantee the latter to spawn). ToAU's Crystal Eater also had a similar spawn pattern to Yara Ma Yha Who (different time schedule & item though).

Habetrot is also rather perplexing. With a 7% spawn rate, it's signature drop is Twincoon, a crafting item. It is crafted into Twinthread, which is used to make gear. Now, Twinthread is famous for making the Wedding set, but that gear was added in Feb 2004 and Habetrot dates to Oct 2003. The original use of Twinthread was to make the Twinthread Obi (LV52- mages & assorted melees- raises MND, enhances Resist Poison), which isn't exactly a remarkable item. Strangely, from the Goblin merchants that sell items for Dynamis currency, the only non-Dynamis item is... Twincoon. So, the developers thought if spawning Habetrot to try and get Twincoon to make Twinthread Obi and the Wedding gear pieces was too arduous, people could opt to spend Dynamis currency on Twincoons instead of items needed for upgrading Relics. Green Crawler NMs... they are a perplexing bunch (the other two Green Crawler NMs are Bitoso and Pascerpot).

Fun Fact: The Rolanberries here have vintages, like wine. Higher tier NMs require older vintages. The undated Rolanberry is from the present (883/884), Rolanberry 881 is 2~3 years old, Rolanberry 874 is a decade old, and Awd Goggie's pop item, Rolanberry 864 is 20 years old, dating all the way back to the immediate aftermath of the Crystal War (about a year after the time period visited in WotG). Most people fighting the Crawlers may overlook this detail. The other wine-themed NM in the game is Noble Mold (but in name only).

JULY 2002
This update primarily did extensive fine-tuning of all 11 Jobs and added some more quests, among general fine-tuning to the game itself. It looks to have been one of the more minor updates.

* NMs: None

* Quest NMs: None


Found out there's a 60,000 character limit, so I'll have to break up each era into multiple posts.
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Re: A History of Notorious Monsters

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AUG 2002
This update added the final missions, some new quests, Mining, Treasure Chests, several new spells & songs, as well as more general fine-tuning. This one seems kind of inbetween a major & minor update.

* NMs: Gargantua, Goliath, Shadow Eye
[These NMs are *all* subject to the Problem of the Northlands and could very well have been added in 6/02]

* Mission NMs: Archlich Taber'quoan (The Ruins of Fei'Yin/Darkness Rising/The Final Seal), Shadow Lord (The Shadow Lord/Xarcabard, Land of Truths/The Shadow Awaits)

* Quest NMs: None?

- Shadow Eye, found 9/8/02, 10/2/02, 10/7/02 posts mentioning it.
- Gargantua, found 8/25/02, 8/28/02, 10/8/02 posts mentioning it.
- Goliath, found 8/10/02, 8/28/02, 9/12/02 posts mentioning it.

- Goliath drops Granite (100% drop), which was originally used for Millionaire Bed (only early source for Granite was BCNM99 Orbs from Qu'Bia), but that craft requires Goldsmithing LV96, not available back in 2002, thus Goliath had no drops originally (or Granite did exist back then but had no use).

SEPT 2002
The most important update item to this list was the addition of many new NMs, including HNMs and Beastmen stronghold NMs. As for background on this update, it raised the level cap from 50 to 55 (and raised the level cap on crafting), added many new weapons/gear to fill that expanded range, added XP Chains, Magic Burst, made changes to Conquest as well as Signet duration, reduced XP loss slightly for those over LV25, added a few new quests (including the then-popular LV30 RSE quest), and made adjustments to BST, RNG, BRD. Harvesting, Logging, Gardening were added (it sounded like Excavation existed prior). There was also a reference to extending a macro function "to all 8 sets". For reference, macros were very restrictive, with many players filling all available slots until the Nov 2007 update gave them a huge amount of macros to work with. And interestingly, there's a reference to swapping the order Gust Slash & Viper Bite are learned in. So, this was one of the big version updates in 2002.

* NMs: Roc, Simurgh, Behemoth, King Arthro, Weeping Willow, Lumber Jack, Juggler Hecatomb, Northern Shadow, Southern Shadow, Eastern Shadow, Western Shadow
[Beastmen separate]
Thousandarm Deshglesh, Orcish Barricader, Orcish Wallbreacher, Hundredscar Hajwaj, Ashmaker Gotblut [#1], Bu'Ghi Howlblade, Zi'Ghi Boneeater, Blubbery Bulge*, Hawkeyed Dnatbat [#1], Poisonhand Gnadgad, Steelbiter Gudrud, Tigerbane Bakdak, Bi'Gho Headtaker, Da'Dha Hundredmask [#1], Zo'Khu Blackcloud, Ga'Bhu Unvanquished, Ge'Dha Evileye, Hoo Mjuu the Torrent, Juu Duzu the Whirlwind, Vuu Puqu the Beguiler, Mee Deggi the Punisher, Moo Ouzi the Swiftblade [#1]*, Quu Domi the Gallant, Yaa Haqa the Profane*, Duke Haborym, Grand Duke Batym, Marquis Allocen, Marquis Amon [#1]
Orcish Hexspinner, Adaman Quadav, Ruby Quadav, Yagudo Templar@

*: cannot be proven to 9/02 (from 9/02 + 10/02).
@: These NMs all have references going no earlier than the 9/02 update, though unless there was asymmetry or the data indicating some of these inner sanctum NMs existed before the 9/02 update, at least 1 of these Quadavs should be from the 6/02 update.

* Quest NMs: None

- Orcish Barricader & Orcish Wallbreachers lack the NM label, but their unique drops, singularity (1 spawn), high respawn timer (which made them be thought of as NMs for so long)... and the fact SE has put them in the Hunt Registry with several hundred NMs makes them functionally NMs, thus worthwhile to mention here (which is when they were added).

- We do know the 9/02 update notes directly say new, high-level NMs were added to FFXI. A 11/03 JP NM list notes HNMs associated with the 1st Genkai (Limit Break) quest (i.e. raising the LV cap to 55): Roc, Simurgh, King Arthro, Lumber Jack, Behemoth. That strongly indicates the 9/02 update (which Behemoth was formally mentioned in the 9/02 update notes). Roc, Simurgh are referenced in 10/02 (after the update) as are King Arthro, Lumber Jack (before the update), though some of the earliest references I can find are Simurgh on 9/12/02 & Roc on 10/1/02. Behemoth is also referenced and in pics from later in Sept 2002, and I found a reference to Lumber Jack on 9/16/02 (and Weeping Willow) on 9/26/02, King Arthro on 9/19/02 (the report of the battle made it sound new). A 9/27/02 post referred to Behemoth, Roc, Simurgh, King Arthro, Lumber Jack together (and Weeping Willow with Lumber Jack a few days earlier), likewise with a 9/28/02 post. No others were mentioned, which should be a clue they were added in later (all these NMs get more mentions over 10/02 onward). This same site notes NMs associated with the 2nd Genkai (LV cap to 60) as being Serket, Capricious Cassie. That would point to them towards the 11/02 update, though a Japanese "what FFXI was like" post detailing the many changes over 2002-2004 stated Serket & Cassie were added in the 12/02 update. Pics with Copyright: 2002 on them exist for all these NMs. These 5 (6) NMs are all easily confirmable to the 9/02 update (especially since they exist in lower-level zones, making them easier to encounter and thus be referenced online).

- There is a 7/15/02 post referencing Behemoth, but it's only speculation, nothing concrete. Remember, the name of the zone was Behemoth's Dominion and it was open since May 2002. Being a classic FF monster, it was obvious a Behemoth would go in this rather empty spur off Qufim at some point in the future.

- Notice many of these, not considered HNMs for years when the Level Cap was 75, like Lumber Jack, drop items shared with classic HNMs like Behemoth, like Vile Elixir, Reraiser. Also notice they drop high-level weapons & gear something they don't share with any regular 1.0 NMs except for the Fei'Yin Shadows & Eldieme Sin Skulls. Cassie & Serket drop Hi-Reraiser, Vile Elixir +1, a clue they were added *after* the original batch. Thes 5 NMs from this update + Cassie & Serket were the original HNMs from FFXI 1.0.

- Thus, the Sept 2002 update is where HNMs first appeared in FFXI and it corresponded with the first rise of the Level Cap. The term used in the update notes was "high-level Notorious Monsters" and shortly after the update, the Japanese started to use the term HNM to describe these HNMs. Eventually, when Americans & Canadians started playing the game, including the importers (most of whom started after the JP PC release in 11/02), they came about the term HNM without knowledge of what the H meant, only what NMs it then applied to. For the first few years after the NA launch of FFXI, English-speakers thought the H stood for hyper. All that was known for sure is while SE used the term Notorious Monster and the abbreviation NM, SE never used HNM (and high-level Notorious Monster was not used often in their notes). What the definition of HNM was debated then (e.g. what defines them? Titles? etc), but that's a different story.

- I looked over all the Beastmen NMs and outside of the mission/quest ones, I can't find any references to any of them before the 9/02 update (except No'Mho and some of the Yagudo ___s). Elmer the Pointy's blog JP Button's compilation of early updates notes the 9/02 update added "20 kinds of Beastmen leaders" to strongholds, some on 16 min timers. I didn't realize until then that maybe all the Beastmen NMs were added later. Like many others, I think I was fooled by the existing mission NMs (Eyy Mon the Ironbreaker, Zhuu Puxu the Silent... and Porphyrion) and quest NMs (De'Vyu Headtaker, Go'Bhu Gascon), who we are fooled into thinking are regular NMs because they spawn on their own and some even drop equippable items (just ones used for missions). We don't realize they're parallel to Warchief Vatgit, Fodderchief Vokdek essentially. There is a glut of references in Oct, Nov 2002 and a few in Sept 2002. I could narrow virtually all down to before the 11/02 update, but still felt I had to try and remove 10/02 from the list of possible updates; not an easy task with 3 weeks between the 9/02 & 10/02 updates and more FFXI players starting to reach the content only after the next update or start compiling the info (Fall 2002 saw NM locations, spawn conditions, drops take shape in the form of lists).

In trying to sort thru all the Beastmen NMs to look for patterns, to potentially tease out any ones that might've been added later, like 11/02, I grouped them by how they spawn and where they spawn. I know with the 3 week window, it just might not be possible to get all pinned down to 9/02, so I would try to get as many as I can and make sure every category of spawn conditions/locations had members of hopefully 2 Beastmen races pinned down to 9/02.

A treasure trove was a huge amount of NMs being referenced on 9/12/02 & 9/13/02. Being the days of and after the patch, that makes it appear like they were checking the strongholds and finding the multitude of new NMs. Given that plus a few checks of the Japanese names of the weapons/gear some of these NM drops, none in this set turn up before the 9/02 update, I'm going to group them all in this update based on the best available evidence (Blubbery Bulge too because if it was the only NM in Davoi, one would think it would have been encountered and mentioned. People wouldn't have known it didn't have any drops back then). No'Mho Crimsonarmor solely existing is quite perplexing when the counterpart zones' NMs (Hajwaj) didn't exist until Sept 2002 (maybe the 2 Yagudo mission "NM"s counted as did the Ghelsba mission NMs?).

Here's a list of the earliest references to Beastmen NMs (note: Oct 2002 update was 10/2/02)
* Timed spawn:
- 20 min- Orcish Hexspinner (9/16/02), Orcish Warlord (9/16/02), Adaman Quadav (11/15/02), Ruby Quadav (10/21/02), Yagudo High Priest (7/02), Yagudo Templar (???)
- 1 hour- Orcish Barricader (10/7/02), Orcish Wallbreacher (9/27/02)
- 21-24 hours- Orcish Overlord (9/13/02), Diamond Quadav (8/02), Yagudo Avatar (7/02)

* Lottery pop:
- Lower base- Thousandarm Deshglesh (9/13/02), Hundredarm Hajwaj (10/2/02), Ashmaker Gotblut (9/12/02), Bu'Ghi Howlblade (9/12/02), No'Mho Crimsonarmor (6/02, then a gap to 10/12/02), Zi'Ghi Boneeater (9/12/02), Hoo Mjuu the Torrent (9/13/02), Juu Duzu the Whirlwind (9/13/02), Vuu Puqu the Beguiler (9/13/02)
- Stronghold- Hawkeyed Dnatbat (9/13/02), Poisonhand Gnadgad (9/12/02), Steelbiter Gudrud (9/13/02), Tigerbane Bakdak (9/27/02), Blubbery Bulge (10/12/02), Bi'Gho Headtaker (9/13/02), Da'Dha Hundredmask (9/13/02), Zo'Khu Blackcloud (9/13/02), Ga'Bhu Unvanquished (9/13/02), Ge'Dha Evileye (9/13/02), Mee Deggi the Punisher (9/13/02), Moo Ouzi the Swiftblade (11/15/02), Quu Domi the Gallant (9/13/02), Yaa Haqa the Profane (10/27/02)

- Thousandarm Deshglesh is referred to multiple times as "Thousandarm Deshuglesh" in 2002 Japanese forum posts (and even FFXI Somepage misspells his name, which got organized in 2003-4). In fact, this early, the u-spellings are the dominant mode of spelling (few non-u-spellings). Was this NM's name changed or was it just it just a common misspelling (early FFXI players mangled many NM names back in 2002)?

- Juggler Hecatomb is an outlier. Despite the 6 Ghosts of Gusgen going back to 6/02 and Foul Meat (not quite a NM but spawns on a 1 day timer) having 2 references in Aug 2002, the earliest Juggler Hecatomb reference I can find is 9/12/02. References to this NM increase over Sept 2002 (sometimes spelled as Juggeler Hecatomb). I've tried various misspellings of both words and searching for just Juggler or Hecatomb (spelling variants too), and can't come up with anything earlier. I have to group it with Sept 2002 based on the evidence, even though I'm not entirely confident in its position (or else it is just an oddity).

- The 4 directional Shadows are also subject to the Northlands problem. They drop LV50, 52, 54, 55 weapons. I've found references to the Northern & Southern Shadows from 9/28/02, 10/1/02. The 10/02 update says it changed the stats of Cross-Counters, so it, and Western Shadow must have existed before then. The earliest references to Cross-Counters are 9/20/02, 9/24/02. While it may seem natural to group them with whatever update contains the other Northlands NMs, unlike those NMs, these have items over LV50 (Level 55 cap coming in Sept 2002) and all of those have at least 1 mention pre-Sept 2002 update, but these don't. The evidence points towards a Sept 2002 update (and Cross-Counters getting its stats fixed the next update seems logical).

- Haborym, Allocen, Amon, Batym are a bit hard to find info on. All 4 get mentioned in a 1/4/03 and 2/03 post and pics of them with Copyright: 2002 on them show they existed in 2002. Digging deeper, I did manage to find a 11/3/02 post mentioning Batym & Amon, which pushes it back to 10/02 or earlier, then a 9/29/02 reference to Grand Duke Batym. They are subject to the Northlands problem. Haborym drops a LV49 weapon, Allocen a LV50 weapon, but Amon drops a LV54 weapon and Batym drops a LV55 weapon. LV49-50 is on the high end under the original Level Cap and indeed, 1 June 2002 NM drops a LV49 weapon (Skewer Sam). Otherwise, everyone from LV50-55 are the new HNMs (Roc, Simurgh, Behemoth, Lumber Jack), directional Shadows, Demons, the lower Beastmen leaders, or the low end of Skulls of Sin. Based on the company they keep and the fact that until RotZ, no equips over the Level Cap were added, I would have to say the Zvahl Bailey NMs would most likely be from the 9/02 update.

OCT 2002
This update made several small fixes and adjustments to the game. The only things actually added were Teleport-Vahzl, Escape spells, Crystal Clusters (the drop from Elementals), and Gil to Treasure Chests. Definately a minor update.

* NMs: None

* Quest NMs: None

NOV 2002
This update raised the level cap to 60 (and to crafting as well), added many new weapons/gear, and spells, songs (BRD didn't get LV51-55 songs til this update), including a few pre-50 spells. There were also changes made to the levels some magic spells were available to RDM and DRK (as well as giving RDM Raise) and additional Job adjustments (including a fair number of new Job Abilities), and to monsters and their targeting logic (e.g. Enmity/hate list), TP gain rates for players/monsters. Treasure Coffers were added, higher-level monsters were moved around in Eldieme, Crawlers, Garlaige, Zvahl Baileys (adding XP camps for the new levels) and repositioned in Fei'Yin, Xarcabard, Zvahl Keep. Expeditionary Force and the AF quests for the 6 standard Jobs were added, among several other changes, so this was one of the big, classic version updates.

* NMs: Skull of Envy, Skull of Gluttony, Skull of Greed, Skull of Lust, Skull of Pride, Skull of Sloth, Skull of Wrath

* Quest NMs:
- Limit Breaks- Boreal Tiger, Boreal Coeurl, Boreal Hound (Atop the Highest Mountains)
- WAR AF- Gavotvut & Barakbok (The Doorman), Ni'Ghu Nestfender (The Talekeeper's Truth), Moxnix Nightgoggle, Doglix Muttsnout, Picklix Longindex (The Talekeeper's Gift), Dark Spark [#1] (Borghertz's Warring Hands)
- MNK AF- Wandering Ghost (Ghosts of the Past), Bilopdop & Deloknok (The First Meeting), Huu Xalmo the Savage (True Strength), Dark Spark [#2] (Borghertz's Striking Hands)
- WHM AF- Marchelute (Messenger from Beyond), Altedour I Tavnazia (Pieueje's Decision), Dark Spark [#3] (Borghertz's Healing Hands)
- BLM AF- Chaos Elemental (The Three Magi), Magic Sludge (The Root of the Problem), Dark Spark [#4] (Borghertz's Sorcerous Hands)
- RDM AF- Purpleflash Brukdok (The Crimson Trial), Guardian Statue (Peace for the Spirit), Miser Murphy (Peace for the Spirit), Dark Spark [#5] (Borghertz's Vermilion Hands)
- THF AF- Gambilox Wanderling, Climbpix Highrise (As Thick as Thieves), Chandelier (Hitting the Marquisate), Dark Spark [#6] (Borghertz's Sneaky Hands)

- One can really see the transition to the traditional quest NM. Previous quest NMs blurred extensively with regular NMs. Some spawned on their own (likewise with mission NMs), but they all commonly shared a lack of unique drops except for the quest-specific item (except for Stray Mary). Indeed, many were thought of as worthless NMs til websites built up extensive quest databases and begun to realize what defines NMs. Complicating it was the fact some regular NMs lacked unique drops (Black Triple Stars, Goliath, Blubbery Bulge). Forced pop quest NMs were uncommon. Here, the Limit Break NMs spawn on their own, but the AF NMs systematically add a huge number of quest NMs to FFXI and all of them are forced pops. The 11/02 AF quests added 22 NMs (counting Dark Spark just once), easily more than all then-existing quest NMs put together. The 12/02 AF quests added 20 more NMs (not counting any Dark Sparks). By the end of 1.0, 42 quest NMs was the vast majority of quest NMs.

One thing to remember is early quests did not resemble the format used by later quests. First, when weapons or gear were rewarded, all but a few were quest-exclusives. Most were crafted (with period items) and even sold. The pattern tended to be usually if it was crafted or sold, it was sold in one of the other cities (travel to the other cities wasn't expected until Mission 2-3). And besides AF pieces, none had Rare/Ex tags, even the MNK belts. Indeed, virtually nothing from FFXI 1.0 was Rare/Ex or Rare, just AF, pop/trade items used in AF quests, items involved with some quests, and very little else.

The reasoning behind this design shift seems to be when confronted with implementing the AF quests and their multitude of NMs, they likely wanted to avoid potential claim wars or competition from people who thought these were just regular NMs that might have good drops, or they didn't want to clutter up these zones with many NMs that spawn and wait around for someone on their AF quest to fight them. Also remember, at the time (LV55/60 caps) that these were extremely tough NMs usually. Spawning on their own, they would be a considerable nuisance. They likely realized making quest NMs all forced pops would keep the game from getting very cluttered as more and more quests get added, thus leading to forced pop quest NM model remaining in place for years without any change. In one of the Fall 2002 updates, they did move around enemies in zones where drops were needed for Limit Break quests to make it easier (less aggro), so that shows they were getting conscientious about the difficulty of doing things in the original endgame dungeons.

By RotZ's release, virtually all quest & mission NMs from then on would be forced pops (Jammer Leeches, Bonze Marberry, Dirtyhanded Gochakzuk being the regressions). CoP & ToAU would continue that trend, though WotG would have a habit of reappropriating some existing NMs for quests (e.g. The Miraculous Dale, Mythic Weapons questline, Trial of the Magians), but still keep to forced pops for all quests except for those specific ones.

- The 7 Skulls of Sin, widely overlooked NMs drop LV51, 52, 53, 56, 57, 59, 60 weapons with the names of the Seven Deadly Sins. Finding references to them is hard, though I found a 12/26/02 post, then 12/18, 12/19, 12/21 posts referencing the JP name for Greed Scimitar. A 12/19/02 post mentions all 7 weapons and their stats. The update was 12/16/02. But then I found a reference to these NMs on 12/15/02, the day before the patch. The 11/02 & 12/02 updates were 3 weeks apart (a narrow window). The 11/02 cap brought the level cap to 60. It seems unlikely half would be useable, half not, so it must be 11/02 or 12/02. Since it was referred to the day before the patch, it must've been from 11/02. Why might these not be encountered earlier? My best guess is the need for 7 players to trade Flint Stones simultaneously to the Tallow Candles, then regroup at the skeleton of their choice took time to figure out or people were so consumed with getting their AF, which was just introduced and no doubt made Eldieme, Crawlers', Garlaige packed (AF was a huge deal back then), especially with there being more of the standard Jobs than extra Jobs back then (meaning after the 11/02 update would be more hectic than after the 12/02 update). And remember forced pops are easier to overlook than timed spawns or lottery pops. I still wish there was more of a buffer between the 1st reference and the 12/02 update than a single day though.

DEC 2002
This update contained several Job adjustments, changes to Treasure Coffers, and AF quests for the 5 1.0 extra Jobs. This was a minor update, seeming like just the spillover from the Nov 2002 update.

* NMs: Serket, Capricious Cassie

* Quest NMs:
- PLD AF- Dreadbug, Odontotyrannus (A Boy's Dream), One-Eyed Gwajboj [#1] & Three-Eyed Prozpuz [#1] (Under Oath), Polevik (Sharpening the Sword), Dark Spark [#7] (Borghertz's Stalwart Hands)
- DRK AF- Vaa Huja the Erudite (Dark Legacy), Gerwitz's Axe, Gerwitz's Sword, Gerwitz's Soul (Dark Puppet), Gerwitz's Scythe (Blade of Evil), Dark Spark [#8] (Borghertz's Shadowy Hands)
- BST AF- Sturm, Taifun, Trombe (A New Dawn), Dabotz's Ghost (Scattered into Shadow), Dark Spark [#9] (Borghertz's Wild Hands)
- BRD AF- Tros (Painful Memory), Yum Kimil, Dog/Owl Guardian (The Requiem), Bugaboo (The Circle of Time), Dark Spark [#10] (Borghertz's Harmonious Hands)
- RNG AF- Koenigstiger (Unbridled Passion), Dark Spark [#11] (Borghertz's Chasing Hands)

- Serket and Capricious Cassie are separate from the original batch of HNMs. We know the originals were around for at least 2 months, getting referred to, but these two were not. It's unlikely they would have been missed as Garlaige was a high-end XP zone and site of some Limit Break items. Fei'Yin was also high-level and was involved with the path to the Shadow Lord on the missions. We can rule out the 9/02, 10/02 updates. Pics of copyright 2002 exist of them, so they must be from 11/02 or 12/02 then. While the 9/02 NMs drop gear over a range of levels, mostly over the level cap, these 2 are very consistent, Serket drops 3 LV51 equips, Cassie drops 2 LV51 equips + a LV1 equip. I've found a 12/22/02 pic of Serket, and a reference on 12/19/02. The earliest reference to Cassie that can be found is 1/12/03. And Serket was the only source of Venomous Claw (used to craft the famous Scorpion Harness) until 10/03. The earliest references to Scorpion Harness are from early Jan 2003.

What are the odds of these 2 HNMs being overlooked for 3 weeks? It's possible with the focus on AF after the 11/02 update... except Serket spawns in Garlaige, one of the hubs of AF quests. Cassie spawns in Fei'Yin, home to some AF quests as well (esp. WHM, RDM). While one Japanese pages links these 2 to the LV60 cap and it does match up all the other HNMs thru 12/03 with the proper level cap, it seems improbable for freely spawning HNMs to go unnoticed for 3 weeks in highly trafficked zones, though the statement may have not meant they appeared with the LV60 cap update but when LV60 was the cap, which was a span of 3 updates (most other HNMs appeared under level caps spanning just a single update prior to 12/03 because the next update raised the level cap). I have to put these 2 under the Dec 2002 update. And the fact that there are incredibly few references to either in 2002 makes it seem likely they belong to 12/02 (2 weeks before 2003) rather than 11/02 (1 month before 2003).

FEB 2003
This update added a few BCNMs, modified Expeditionary Force, and gave boosts to RDM especially (Regen, Refresh added, Enfeebling Skill increased) and to BST somewhat (Axe Skill increased). It also made small adjustments to various features and elements in the game. This was a very small update.

* NMs: None

* Special NMs:
Mimic (NM appearing from a failed Treasure Coffer pick)
2/03: Monastic Cavern, Beadeaux, Oztroja, Eldieme, Crawlers Nest, Garlaige, Zvahl Baileys, Toraimarai
4/03 or 7/03: Kuftal, Boyahda, Sea Serpent Grotto, Uggalepih, Den of Rancor, Quicksand Caves, Ifrit's Cauldron
7/03 or 10/03: Ru'Aun Gardens, Ve'Lugannon Palace (Ve'Lugannon's Mimic & Coffer are in .dats from after the 10/03 update)
9/04: Newton Movalpolos

* Quest NMs: None

* BCNMs:
- BCNM40- Tails of Woe (Helltail Harry), The Worm's Turn (Flayer Franz), Steamed Sprouts (Dvorovoi)
- BCNM60- Dismemberment Brigade (6 Orcs), Grimshell Shocktroopers (6 Quadavs), Divine Punishers (6 Yagudos)

* Expeditionary Force: (Feb 2003, Dec 2003 updates)
- This one's a bit complex. It was added in Nov 2002 for all 1.0 zones it can occur in, but had no NMs. In all those zones, the Goblin NM set was added in the Feb 2003 (minus Valkurm & Buburimu, which apparently got them in a different update). In all other 1.0 zones, the other Beastmen NM sets were added in a later update. It isn't clear which one. Could be Oct or Dec 2003 (see below). The 5 Zilart zone Expeditionary Forces were added in Dec 2003 and had all NM sets they would have.

- Names are Hobgoblin [Job], Halforc [Job], Metaquadav [Job], Theoyagudo [Job], Giant [Job], Gigas [Job], Demisahagin [Job], Noctonberry [Job], Contantican [Job].

- Only 4 NMs from 1 set are fought. Possibilities:
Hobgoblin (WAR, WHM, RDM, THF, DRK, BST, BRD, RNG),
Halforc (WAR, MNK, BLM, PLD, DRK, RNG, DRG),
Metaquadav (WAR, WHM, RDM, BLM, THF, PLD, DRK),
Theoyagudo (MNK, WHM, BLM, BRD, SAM, NIN, SMN),
Giant/Gigas (WAR, MNK, BST, RNG*),
Demisahagin (MNK, WHM, BRD, DRG),
Noctonberry (BLM, THF, NIN, SMN),
Contantican (WAR, BLM, PLD, RNG).

LV30 Cap- Valkurm (Hobgoblin, Halforc, Metaquadav), Buburimu (Hobgoblin, Theoyagudo), Jugner (Hobgoblin, Halforc), Pashhow (Hobgoblin, Metaquadav), Meriphataud (Hobgoblin, Theoyagudo), Qufim (Hobgoblin, Giant)
LV40 Cap- Beaucedine (Hobgoblin, Gigas), Zi'Tah (Hobgoblin), Yuhtunga (Hobgoblin, Demisahagin)
LV50 Cap- Xarcabard (Hobgoblin, Gigas), Yhoator (Hobgoblin, Noctonberry), Eastern Altepa (Hobgoblin, Contantican)
Uncapped- Teriggan (Hobgoblin)

For fun, I tried to keep track of their pets since this is so damn obscure.
Goblin's Dragonfly (Valkurm, Meriphataud, Eastern Altepa),
Goblin's Rabbit (Buburimu),
Goblin's Beetle (Jugner, Teriggan?),
Goblin's Bee (Pashhow, Yuhtunga, Yhoator),
Goblin's Leech (Qufim, Zi'Tah),
Goblin's Tiger (Beaucedine, Xarcabard),
Orc's Wyvern (Valkurm, Jugner),
Yagudo's Elemental (Buburimu, Meriphataud), Yagudo's Avatar (Buburimu, Meriphataud),
Gigas's Leech (Qufim), Gigas's Tiger (Beaucedine, Xarcabard),
Sahagin's Wyvern (Yuhtunga),
Tonberry's Elemental (Yhoator), Tonberry's Avatar (Yhoator)

*: Giant High Ranger was named Giant Ranger until Feb 2004.

- The 7/03 .dats for 1.0 zones only list the Hobgoblins at all 1.0 zones involved in Expeditionary Force. No Giants in the 3 Northlands zones, no Halforcs, Metaquadavs, Theoyagudos in their respective zones. Buburimu, Valkurm oddly had nothing listed there. Placing the Halforcs, Metaquadav, Theoyagudo, and Gigas is hard because update notes don't directly mention additions to Expeditionary Force in these areas, however, the 12/03 notes mentions the expansion of Expeditionary Force, implying it is now everywhere but Ronfaure, Gustaberg, Sarutabaruta, Tu'Lia regions. It also mentions Beastmen being added, which I originally took just to mean the Outlands families, but it seems the most likely place the 1.0 Beastmen families were retconned in. I cannot confirm it to this though (but we know they are linked to the 10/03 or 12/03 patch). The 10/03 update notes make no mention of Expeditionary Force Beastmen changes. So, the most probable update they belong to is Dec 2003, but I cannot confirm that. Online there are very few references to Halforc, Metaquadav, or Theoyagudo. All Expeditionary Force NMs are very rare in terms of online pics and battle references.
[The 7/03 update notes also made some change to Expeditionary Force, but what isn't clear. As the 7/03 .dats are from after the update, whatever changes were made must not have added them]

Here's what the update notes actually list:
- 2/03: Expeditionary Force minimum level lowered. "New Beastman army troops dispatched".
- 4/03: "significant" changes to Expeditionary Force regions and rewards
- 7/03: Gate Glyphs added (instant-exit items), CP earned now varies based on Conquest rank, CP earned will be proportional to the # enemies defeated & treasure chests opened on the expedition and will only be given if player's nation gets control of region, then the CP received will vary with the current standing of the nation. No reference to new NMs.
- 12/03: several new regions added to Expeditionary Force, new monsters added to those regions. Minimum level requirement added to Expeditionary Force (did they repeat themselves?). Reference to it covering everywhere except Ronfaure, Gustaberg, Sarutabaruta, Tu'Lia regions. Can now trigger Expeditionary Force monsters an unlimited number of times (was just once a week). CP earned from an expedition changed.

- Treasure Chests date to the 8/02 update (unique weapons/gear in them added in 8/02, gained use for the quested RSE in 9/02), but Treasure Coffers date to the 11/02 update, appearing with the first AF quests. Mimics were added in 2/03 though (to counter THFs farming coffers more brutally than previous measures). Over these last several updates since Chests were added, both Chests & Coffers had additional changes made to counter the Thief Job having too much an advantage in farming them.

- The 2/03 update added what was called a "unique random delay" to NMs respawning for the first time after a server is restarted.

- This update added a Level Cap to the Ahriman/Dragon battle and the Archlich battle. This, along with the BCNMs, is also the first use of the Level Cap status ever in FFXI.

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Re: A History of Notorious Monsters

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Across March 2003, there were about 6 preparatory updates which made structural changes to FFXI in advance of RotZ's release. The version update which launched Rise of the Zilart was implemented on 4/15/03, but the expansion disk did not go on sale until 4/17/03. This means only the general upgrades and content, like SMN, the new Job Abilities and spells were available in those 2 days. This kind of delay was more widely recognized with ToAU (and WotG) but occurred in RotZ & CoP too though (but without the implementation of a special lock). CoP had just 1 preparatory update making structural changes before the big debut version update for CoP.

Rise of the Zilart came out after Square and Enix's merger took place (4/1/03), though clearly, all of the content on the expansion disk and most of the first update was made by Square and not Square-Enix. RotZ information had been previewed since Nov 2002.

- Zilart missions through ZM9 are confirmable to April 2003. Posts noting Kam'lanaut and his abilities can be found as early as 5/8/03 and pics of the battle as early as 5/10/03 and a description of the battle from 5/28/03 (it seems few people got to ZM8 before early-mid July though, when many more references start). The ZM6 Antica appear in a 5/16/03 image as well. ZM missions after Kam'lanaut to the Ark Angel battles were added in July 2003. Pics of the Ark Angels from 9/19/03 exist. It's hard to find references to them because many people, even Japanese, didn't get Sky access until after the Oct 2003 update, but the Ark Angels can be proven to predate the Oct 2003 update. The final mission battle was added in the Oct 2003 update though along with, evidently, the few missions before it.

- Missions 6-1, 6-2, 7-1, 7-2 are all easily confirmable to April 2003.

- It took a while to narrow down the Rank 8 missions. It was easy finding proof they were around before Oct 2003 (the update notes even said Rank 9 missions were introduced, no mention of 8, meaning they were already available), but determining it to April or July 2003 was harder. I found some Japanese threads which gave a transcript of San d'Oria 8-1 on 5/7/03 (the listed NPCs giving dialogue only appear together in that mission) and then Bastok 8-2 had its dialogue listed in 6/15/03, even referring to Rank 9 and 80,000 Gil, the reward. An 7/7/03 entry even mentioned Nio-A & Nio-Hum. A separate topic also listed a San d'Oria mission at the Fountain of Kings vs. 2 NMs on 7/7/03. That pins it down to April 2003. There was also a 5/30/03 reference to Dirtyhanded Gochakzuk and his drop, but as he spawns independently, that wouldn't necessarily have been proof the mission was around, just him.

- Missions 9-1, 9-2 were added in Oct 2003. Suparna (Batallia) is not in the 7/03 .dats, which included the July 2003 update. They exist after the Oct 2003 update, thus were added in 10/03. The final nation missions were added at the same time as the final Zilart missions.

- All regular Rise of the Zilart zones were accessible from April 2003 onward except for Tu'Lia region zones, which were only accessible from July 2003 onward (and one site indicates Ru'Avitau and Celestial Nexus were not accessible until Oct 2003). Full Moon Fountain didn't get any use until Oct 2003. Dynamis-San d'Oria, Bastok, Windurst, Jeuno were added in Feb 2004, Dynamis-Beaucedine, Xarcabard were added in April 2004. Stellar Fulcrum is a Zilart zone, as is the Cloister of Frost and the Labyrinth of Onzozo.

- The Rise of the Zilart era of FFXI lasted 17 months (4/15/03- 9/14/04). From beginning to end, it was around for 518 days. It marked the Year of the Monkey (2004) and the 1st, 2nd anniversaries of FFXI. The North American release came on 10/29/03 (for PC), 3/23/04 (for PS2). NA launch came about 1 1/2 years into FFXI and 6 1/2 months into RotZ.
(Note: Count runs from the Japanese date of the 1st version update thru the day before the next expansion's 1st version update, not the expansion disk release date when the content is unlocked. The first date is counted in full, even though the version update wasn't at midnight JST).

APRIL 2003
For as popular as Rise of the Zilart was, being the most popular expansion/phase of FFXI history before Treasures of Aht Urhgan eclipsed it, its 1st update was filled with some of the biggest surprises and conundrums of any update. A big list of NMs that drop gear above the level cap they were added under, some NMs being inserted into 1.0 zones at the same time (and being from 1.0 families, not a new Zilartian enemy family), and some of the hardest to pin down NMs ending up belonging to this update. There are several mysteries raised here (or which end up tracing to here) that require lengthy explanations, which are provided below.

This update added 61 NMs. 38 were in RotZ zones, 23 were in 1.0 zones. That amount is surprising. To be fair, 13/23 were added to Delkfutt, 3 zones which were very empty in FFXI 1.0, but the rest are a bit of a surprise.

* NMs:
Cactuar Cantautor, Dune Widow, Mischievous Micholas, Woodland Sage, Ash Dragon, Keeper of Halidom, Ancient Goobbue, Voluptuous Vivian, Lord of Onzozo, Frostmane, Bune, Antican Consul, Antican Legatus, Antican Magister*, Antican Praefectus, Antican Praetor, Antican Proconsul, Antican Tribunus*, Abyss Sahagin, Coral Sahagin, Ocean Sahagin, Denn the Orcavoiced, Mouu the Waverider, Novv the Whitehearted, Voll the Sharkfinned, Yarr the Pearleyed, Bonze Marberry, Tonberry Kinq, Sozu Rogberry, Sozu Sarberry, Sozu Terberry, Tonberry Pontifex, Tonberry Tracker, Tonberry Decapitator, Sozu Bliberry, Drexerion the Condemned, Phanduron the Condemned, Adamantoise
+ Steelfleece Baldarich, Bloodtear Baldurf, Cemetery Cherry, Oni Carcass, Waraxe Beak, Sea Horror, Epialtes, Eurymedon, Hippolytos, Eurytos [#1], Ogygos, Ophion, Polybotes, Rhoikos, Rhoitos, Alkyoneus, Enkelados, Pallas [#1], Ixtab, Baron Vapula, Baronet Romwe, Count Bifrons, Viscount Morax

* Mission NMs: 3 Tonberries (The Temple of Uggalepih), Doomed Pilgrims, Tipha & Carthi, Ancient/Legendary Weapon, Axesarion the Wanderer (Headstone Pilgrimage), 3 Anticans (Through the Quicksand Caves), Kam'lanaut [#1] (Return to Delkfutt's Tower); Sabotender Enamorado (Leaute's Last Wishes), Corrupted Soffeil/Ulbrig/Yorgos (Ranperre's Final Rest), Marauder Dvogzog (Prestige of the Papsque), 3 Orcs & 2 Warmachines (The Secret Weapon), Honor & Valor (Coming of Age), Nio-A & Nio-Hum (Lightbringer), Eastern/Western Sphinx (Return of the Talekeeper), Magma & Salamander (The Pirate's Cove), 2 Mokkurkalfi (The Final Image), 4 Quadavs (On My Way), 3 Anticans (The Chains That Bind Us), Gordov's, Gizerl's, Dervo's Ghost (Enter the Talekeeper), Jack of Batons/Coins/Cups/Swords (Full Moon Fountain), 4 Yagudo (Saintly Invitation), 4 Hinge Oil (The Sixth Ministry), Bonze Marberry (Awakening of the Gods), Dirtyhanded Gochakzuk** (Vain), Queen of Coins/Swords (The Jester Who'd be King)

* Quest NMs: Cyranuce M Cetauleon (The Holy Crest), Guardian Treant, Forger (Forge Your Destiny), 3 Korroloka Leech (Ayame and Kaede), 3 Jammer Leech (Personal Hygiene), Rancor Torch (Everyone's Grudging), Trompe L'Oeil (A Question of Taste), Cook Nalberry, Cook Minberry, Cook Solberry, Cook Fulberry (You Call That a Knife?)
- Avatar Quests: Ifrit Prime (Trial by Fire), Shiva Prime (Trial by Ice), Titan Prime (Trial by Earth), Garuda Prime (Trial by Wind), Ramuh Prime (Trial by Lightning), Leviathan Prime (Trial by Water) [all #1]
- Steelfleece Baldarich & Bloodtear Baldurf were retroactively added as additional NMs for "Silence of the Rams"

*: Antican Magister was named Antican Protector and Antican Tribunus was named Antican Imperator from 4/03 to 10/03.
**: spawns on his own independent of the mission

- The Jammer Leeches spawn on their own. This is a reversion back to the early quest NM format.
- The 4 Cook Tonberries are easily among the rarest NMs in the game. They only spawn if you trade the NPC Chef Nonberry any item besides Tonberry Board for the quest. Thus, they don't need to be fought and anyone with a quest guide wouldn't spawn them. They have entries at Allakhazam & the Japanese FFXI encyclopedia, but are footnotes in a few other places, and not known beyond. There aren't even pics of them, which is really saying something for 7 year old NMs. Spawning a strong team of 4 Tonberry NMs, under a LV65/70 cap, heck, at the levels players would be at Uggalepih usually, is something most players would want to avoid (who wants to wipe?).
- Bonze Marberry spawns on his own on a short timer but the item he drops (Cursed Key) is only used for a mission. The room it leads to has no other use. Like some other mission NMs, by spawning on his own, he masquerades as a regular NM.
- Tonberry Kinq has been named that since RotZ's release. Does anyone know the story behind it, if any?

And now for the many explanations:
- Adamanoise is confirmable to 4/03 thru various sources. Also, on that Nov 2003 NM list, it is pegged to the LV65 cap (4/03).

- Lord of Onzozo is referenced in early 10/03, is on the 9/1/03 NM list, and one site referenced Lord of Onzozo was strengthened in the 7/03 update, meaning it had to exist before 7/03 and the Labyrinth of Onzozo was added in 4/03, thus Lord of Onzozo= 4/03. So, the legendary Kraken Club was in the game since April 2003 (its unusually low level, LV63, for such a mighty weapon, should be a clue it arrived at a time when the level cap was under 75).

- Bune is found on NM lists from 9/1/03 and one image of it exists from 4/21/03. The Nov 2003 HNM list associates it with the LV65 cap (4/03) too. Ungur is not on the 9/1/03 list, but is at speakeasy.org's list, and is referenced on 10/25/03 with more references in Nov 2003. Guivre is not listed at speakeasy.org (current thru the 10/03 patch), nor the 9/1/03 NM list. It's 1st reference is 12/17/03 followed by a rising number of references over Dec & Jan. From this, we can confirm Bune to 4/03, Ungur to 10/03, and Guivre to 12/03.

- I could not confirm Cactuar Cantautor 100% to this update. The 9/1/03 NM list has Western Altepa grayed out (meaning no NMs). It is referenced at speakeasy.org, but we know it is before the 10/03 update since a 9/7/03 post mentions it. I place it here and not in 7/03 since 7/03 only added HNMs while 4/03 added a huge number of NMs, then in the 4/03 update, Yuhtunga, Yhoator, and Eastern Altepa all had 1 NM, so why would 3/4 starting Zilart field zones have a NM, but not Western Altepa? It just seems to be an overlooked NM.

- Likewise with Novv the Whitehearted. He isn't on the 9/1/03 NM list, but is mentioned in a 9/19/03 post, meaning he must be from the 4/03 or 7/03 update. Since everyone else is from the 4/03 update, I presume this is where he belongs. Same for Yarr the Pearleyed, who is mentioned in a 9/7/03 post in addition to that 9/19 post. Same for Tonberry Pontifex, who is in a 9/7/03 post.

- Antican Tribunus/Imperator is also a hard one to pin down. It's not on the 9/1/03 NM list (clearly it existed before 10/03 since it had to exist to get its name changed), not on a 9/7/03 list of all NMs in Quicksand. It is referenced in 10/25/03 though. What is interesting about this NM is the only references to Antican Imperator are all English or Japanese transcriptions or summaries of the Oct 2003 update notes. Based on all other Zilart Beastmen NMs from before 10/03 being added in 4/03 (minus the 1.0 Beastmen Kings) and the other Antican NM with a name change being from 4/03, there is sufficient evidence to point to this being April 2003 and not July 2003. Thus, I would surmise Antican Imperator was one of the overlooked NMs for whatever reason until the name change.

... And these require longer explanations for:

- This is correct, the 2 (then) HNM Rams were added with RotZ. JP posts after the 4/03 update noted "new Ram NMs" in Konschtat & La Theine and no references to them exist before 4/03. Same goes for Cemetery Cherry and its spawn source, Cherry Sapling (KRT was greatly expanded in RotZ), which had no previous references and started getted mentioned a lot in April after the update. While retconned HNMs may seem unusual (besides adding a higher tier as the level cap rises, like KB, Nidhogg, Aspid), remember that Vrtra was added into KRT in 2004.

- Sea Horror, the terror of travelers on the Selbina/Mhaura Ferry, which left an indelible (suction cup) mark on FFXI players' memories who started pre-ToAU was not actually around until Rise of the Zilart. I too assumed Sea Horror was a part of the zone in 1.0, the potential threat that could appear whenever a pirate attack wasn't possible, but I couldn't find *any* references to it from 2002 or early 2003. Sea Horror shows up in the 7/03 .dats, I found a pic of it from 7/3/03, but looking around, every pic says Copyright: 2002, 2003 or 2002-200x, none ever stating just 2002. I managed to find a JP blog mention Sea Horror and have a pic of it from 6/26/03 and found posts mentioning it from 6/14 & 6/29. A key piece of the puzzle is a 5/1/03 post on http://www.par.com.tw describing Sea Horror as a "new NM" and posted the first "horror story", describing the decimation that occurred when it boarded, telling people to go below deck and to stay away from the door because it can aggro those close to the door. It was the earliest description available of the "horror story".

- Yes, Waraxe Beak being from RotZ is a bit of a surprise. I found 2 references to Waraxe Beak in 5/03, none earlier. I should have noticed it wasn't on any 2002 NM list and the fact that it was one of the few seeming 1.0 NMs that could not be found with a "copyright 2002" pic, just "copyright 2002, 2003" pic (like all the Gigas NMs besides Mimas, like Sea Horror). The clue should have been the gear as well. Waraxe Beak drops Monsoon Tekko (effect in rainy weather). Sea Horror drops Monsoon Kyahan, Voll the Sharkfinned drops Monsoon Jinpachi, and Mouu the Waverider drops Monsoon Spear. All of them are from 4/03.

- The Gigases of Delkfutt are the biggest conundrum. All 3 Delkfutt zones existed since 1.0, the 10th floor even being used in a mission, though sources do state everything above the 10th floor was added with RotZ (along with Stellar Fulcrum). Porphyrion has existed since the beginning (airship zones were available since the beginning, thus mission progress to the Airship Pass must have existed since then, and some Japanese sources indicate the missions at release ran to Rank 4) and drops nothing besides the Delkfutt Key used in the missions. The others though, are a bit hard to pin down. Overall, it seems they were ignored in favor of traditional mainland NMs and in exploring the Outlands of Zilart, getting few references in 2003 outside of what was noted below, with more references from Jan 2004 onward. The lack of unique drops besides the top few and the wide number of them are likely reasons. Beyond Porphyrion, all Gigases but 1 group together in their appearances in posts and NM lists.

All Gigas NMs in Delkfutt's 3 zones were referenced by name in posts from 4/16/03- 4/24/03, but extensive digging doesn't turn up any of them being referred to in 2002 or having Copyright: 2002 images. All of them show up in the 7/03 .dats and on the NM list last updated 9/1/03. This narrows it down to April 2003 or earlier. This counterbalances speakeasy.org having garbled or incomplete info for Ogygos, Ophion (like his spawn conditions & drops), Polybotes, Rhoikos, Rhoitos, Pallas in contrast with the other Gigases (creating the impression they were added months after those Gigases, though that it seems the top and bottom got all the attention and the middle got ignored). Several (Alkyoneus, Epialtes, Hippolytos, Ophion, Ogygos, Pallas) are referenced in a 5/6/03 post (and Epialtes is referred to individually in a 4/22/03 post in a thread which was compiling NM information from across Zilart zones, new NMs in other words). Pallas, Alkyoneus are referenced in a 10/5/03 list. There is one line about Pallas or Alkyoneus that is interesting. A 4/16/03 post says a white Delkfutt NM with Kraken Club-like club was "just added". Based on all the evidence available, surprisingly, the Gigases of Delkfutt were all (minus Porphyrion & Mimas), added in the April 2003 update. We know the April 2003 update added the deeper levels in King Ranperre's Tomb (and Cemetery Cherry), greatly expanded Bostaunieux from an enemyless lobby into the full-fledged dungeon that it is, and developed Toraimarai further (seems just used for BLM AF quest prior to RotZ, got Oni Carcass in 4/03 and a Windurst mission NM too, later used for SMN AF coffer but not used in any 1.0 AF coffers), but evidently, it made changes to Delkfutt's Tower. A 4/27/03 post noted how much was changed with Delkfutt in the 4/03 patch and 5/16/03 posts mentioning Eurytos, Mimas, Epialtes reference people farming the drops from Delkfutt NMs, but questioning how good they are. All posts surrounding it were noting exploration of Zilart zones, which gives a strong inference that Delkfutt was almost functionally new after 4/03.

Mimas is the only Gigas that shows up before 2003. He is referenced in the 4/03 Gigas list, is in the 7/03 .dats and the 9/1/03 NM list, but is referenced in a 12/18/02 post, has a pic dated 11/16/02, and ffo.jp put 8/3/02 next to him (indicating when his entry was last modified). Even ignoring ffo.jp's date, the date of the pic would put Mimas to the Oct 2002 update or earlier.

- Ixtab shows up in the 7/03 .dats, on the 9/1/03 NM list and while it's rarely mentioned in posts before late 03/early 04, it did show up by name in a late April 2003 post. With the absence of references and images from 2002 and that post, we can pin Ixtab down to April 2003, just like every regular NM in Delkfutt minus Mimas.

- One would think all 8 Demon NMs in Zvahl would have been added at the same time, but that's not the case for Bifrons, Morax, Vapula, Romwe. Interestingly, no pics of them exist with Copyright: 2002. 3 of them drop items exceeding the LV60 cap in place in late 1.0, and one's even a LV70 item plus one drops Dark Spirit (SMNs weren't added til April 2003). They are in the .dats after the 7/03 patch. I found a 6/14/03 reference to Count Bifrons, a 5/29/03 reference to Goshisho's Scythe (which is a LV70 weapon by the way; the LV70 cap was only reached with the 7/03 update).

- We are presented with quite a conundrum. The April 2003 NMs can be confirmed by pics & being named in posts to April 2003 (e.g. images and references to Ash Dragon, Ancient Goobbue, Voluptuous Vivian, et al can be found from May 2003), a time when the level cap was LV65, but many drop items over LV65. The LV70 cap was reached in July 2003. The existence of these NMs prior to 7/03 is not in doubt, but the fact they drop weapons over the level cap means 1 of 2 things: 1.) these NMs dropped weapons that weren't useable for 3 months, 2.) these NMs had no drops for 3 months. Let's have a list of the offenders:

Phanduron (Ascalon- LV68), Drexerion (Flagellant's Crossbow- LV68)... though both drop Shadow Mask (LV62).
Voluptuous Vivian (Black Ribbon- LV70, though she drops Vivian Ring- LV61)
Ancient Goobbue (Sukesada- LV66, though it shares it with Oct 2003 NM Shii. It also drops a special item that crafts into a LV63 item)
Cemetary Cherry (Living Rod- LV67)- I found a 5/30/03 post referencing the Living Rod
Bune (Enhancing Sword- LV68)- I found a 5/30/03 post referencing the Enhancing Sword
Ixtab (special item, crafts into LV68 item) [shared with Oct 2003 NM Baobhan Sith]
Antican Consul (Berserker's Axe- LV69)
Antican Legatus (Company Sword- LV70)
Sozu Rogberry (Thief's Knife- LV70)
Tonberry Tracker (Thief's Kote- LV70)
Tonberry Decapitator (Fudo- LV70)
Ocean Sahagin (Colossal Lance- LV70)
Count Bifrons (Goshisho's Scythe- LV70)
Alkyoneus (LV70 item)
Ash Dragon (Murasame- LV70)
Adamantoise (2 LV70 items)- I found a 5/30/03 post referring to the Heavy Cuirass

Notably, none drop items LV71+, which would be tied to the LV75 cap (Dec 2003). All the July 2003 HNMs drop items at LV70. They're actually quite consistent. Same goes for Oct 2003 NMs (also under LV70 cap); none drop LV71-75 items.

So, did these NMs drop items over the level cap that were unuseable for 3 months or did many of these NMs lack unique drops for 3 months?

Right off to bat, I should say the 10/03 patch notes 4 items had their levels lowered: Murasame, Black Ribbon, Fudo, Company Sword, lowered to LV70 or under. That means those items were in the game but unuseable. That covers Ash Dragon, Voluptuous Vivian, Tonberry Decapitator, Antican Legatus. If there were more, one would think they would have been noted, so what about the others? I noted next to them if I managed to pin down references to their drops.

I found patchy information for new items added in the 10/03 update. Among them the famed 8 Elemental Staves (and their HQs), many obvious items (those dropped by Oct 2003 NMs, including the gear the special NM crafting drops make), but also some interesting ones.
Garden Bangles (LV63, made from an Ancient Goobbue crafting drop) and Vivian Ring (the LV61 drop from Voluptuous Vivian) were added in 10/03, also Cheviot Cape (made from Cheviot Cloth dropped by Ixtab). That means even some NMs that have questionable drops, even their LV65-under drops didn't exist back in 4/03. Additionally, one JP page recounting what the early years of FFXI were like update by update noted the 4/03 patch added new HNMs, but their drops were "so poorly implemented" and many didn't even give Gil or titles, that no one even fought them. Now, this was from someone's memory, so isn't as solid as a contemporary account, but it gives us something to work with by putting the idea out there.

Also, there is the reference in a 5/27/03 follow-up update summary provided from a Japanese site, saying the following monsters "is now down to Gil": Ancient Goobbue, Voluptuous Vivian, Cemetery Cherry, Adamantoise. That would mean they had their drops removed after being available for a month (until the 7/03 update).

This wouldn't be the last time this kind of thing occurred. The ToAU Beastmen NMs added in the 7/06 patch were without some drops until the 10/06 patch (anything with a Besieged: ___ label on it). The non-Beastmen NMs from that update had drops and Beastmen NMs with non-Besieged-linked drops had drops too.

JULY 2003
This update established the tradition of the 2nd update in an expansion containing new Jobs added the Artifact Armor quests. RotZ AF quests used the same template as 1.0 AF quests (3 quests, 2 Treasure Coffers, 1 Coffer + a Dark Spark fight), only most Coffers were located in Zilart zones and many, but not all, AFNMs were fought in Zilart zones. It quietly built on the 6 existing BCNMs with 6 more, added the 1st of what would be the Three Kings (King Behemoth didn't drop Abjurations yet though), and added the Beastmen leaders for parties to fight.

* NMs: Fafnir + King Behemoth, Overlord Bakgodek, Za'Dha Adamantking [#1], Tzee Xicu the Manifest [#1]

* Mission NMs: Ancient Vessel (The Mithra and the Crystal), 5 Ark Angels [fought individually] (Ark Angels)

* Quest NMs:
- SAM AF- Isonade (The Sacred Katana), Ubume, Doman & Onryo (Yomi Okuri), Gaki, Onki, Rasetsu (A Thief in Norg!?), Dark Spark [#12] (Borghertz's Loyal Hands)
- NIN AF- 2 Tsuchigumo (20 in Pirate Years), Enagakure (I'll Take the Big Box), Kappa Akuso/Biwa/Bonze (True Will), Dark Spark [#13] (Borghertz's Lurking Hands)
- DRG AF- Sturmtiger (Chasing Quotas), Decurio I-III (A Craftsman's Work), Cleuvarion M Resoaix & Rompaulion S Citalle (Knight Stalker), Dark Spark [#14] (Borghertz's Dragon Hands)
- SMN AF- Galgalim (The Puppet Master), 6 Dryad (Class Reunion), Lightning/Thunder Gremlin, Ogmios (Carbuncle Debacle), Dark Spark [#15] (Borghertz's Calling Hands)
[Fun Fact: Enagakure is the only quest NM fought in a transit zone. Crossbones are just regular enemies used for a quest]

* BCNMs:
- BCNM50- Hostile Herbivores (3 Fighting Sheep), 3, 2, 1... (Time Bomb), Treasure and Tribulations (Small/Medium/Large Box)
- BCNM (Clotho)- Come Into My Parlor* (Anansi)
- BCNM (Lachesis)- E-vase-ive Action (6 ___ Pot)
- BCNM (Atropos)- Infernal Swarm (Beelzebub)

*: This BCNM was delayed until a follow-up update on 7/22/03.

- The 3 Beastmen Kings are confirmable to the 7/03 patch. Though Bakgodek & Za'Dha aren't on a NM list last updated in 9/03 (but Tzee Xicu is; the difference was in when Monastic & Qulun's pages were last updated), they exist in the 7/03 .dats (after the update), and no references exist to them before 7/03. Likewise, no "copyright 2002" pics exist of them. I don't know if those decoy messages, the "I'm not the real leader" messages the lower-tier Beastmen leaders from 2002 say, have existed since they were added or if they were retconned in with the 7/03 update.

- King Behemoth is in the 7/03 .dats for Behemoth's Dominion, it is on a 9/1/03 NM list (the zone was last updated 8/5/03). Also, on that Nov 2003 NM list, it groups King Behemoth in with the HNMs associated with the LV70 cap (released in 7/03). One must be careful though, some Japanese chatter before 7/03 references King Behemoth, but it was speculation about a King Behemoth existing (since it appeared in numerous FF games and Behemoth is there), likewise with Behemoth in 7/02 (the zone was called Behemoth's Dominion, which implied Behemoth would be added there at some point).

- Yes, Fafnir first appeared in the July 2003 update. Astute observers of FFXI history will remember seeing the gray Wyrm model in FFXI alpha pics from way way back (the ones with the Goobbue eating the Mandragora). For whatever reason, they held off having HNM dragons til Zilart (the fact Dragon's Aery is only accessible thru RotZ zones should have been a clue).

OCT 2003
73 NMs total were added in this update, a large number that wouldn't be exceeded until the July 2005 update. This update made Sea Serpent Grotto, Temple of Uggalepih, Den of Rancor some of the most NM-packed zones before Abyssea (18, 12, 11 NMs after this update). They were added all to Zilart zones (+ Zilart-expanded Bostaunieux). After this update, all Zilart zones except for the Tu'Lia region had a (what was then) full complement of NMs. This update added 3 more BCNMs (the 13th- 15th), specifically the Zilart Beastmens BCNM60s, to match the existing 1.0 Beastmen BCNM60s.

This update seemed to encourage some more Japanese to set up NM databases, with drops, spawn conditions, maps, and battle notes. Just as a first wave of NM databases (albeit much cruder) came about 1 year earlier, here, this update spawned more NM databases. It was also more necessary as the number of the NMs in the game was getting quite volumnous. The game was growing too large for small standard FAQs, equipment lists, NM lists. The 1st 3 Zilart updates added 139 NMs. There was so much to keep track of, not just for knowledge-sake, but also to find the best weapons/gear from the batch and get that edge (especially before those NMs become so camped to make it hard to get the drop) and find good drops to AH for Gil. Indeed, some of these would become popular targets of overcamping and RMT (some of the Goblins, Amemet, the 2 Worm NMs primarily).

* NMs: Centurio X-I, Proconsul XII, Sagittarius X-XIII, Triarius X-XV, Tribunus VII-I, Diamond Daig, Sabotender Bailarin, Sabotender Bailarina, Nussknacker, Fyuu the Seabellow, Pahh the Gullcaller, Qull the Shellbuster, Worr the Clawfisted, Wuur the Sandcomber, Zuug the Shoreleaper, Masan, Sea Hog, Namtar, Charybdis, Foreseer Oramix, Lindwurm, Vouivre, Tyrannic Tunnok, Tarasque, Bomb Queen, Flauros, Beryl-footed Molberry, Crimson-toothed Pawberry, Death From Above, Manipulator, Sacrificial Goblet, Habetrot, Bistre-hearted Malberry, Carmine-tailed Janberry, Celeste-eyed Tozberry, Tawny-fingered Mugberry, Friar Rush, Ogama, Hakutaku, Aquarius, Unut, Leshonki, Ellyllon, Nightmare Vase, Ose, Peg Powler, Hellion, Narasimha, Mysticmaker Profblix, Soulstealer Skullnix, Ungur, Wyvernpoacher Drachlox, Goblinsavior Heronox, Amikiri, Baobhan Sith, Taxim, Cancer, Pelican, Yowie, Sabotender Mariachi, Phantom Worm, Arachne, Bloodthirster Madkix, Amemet, Cargo Crab Colin, Morion Worm, Falcatus Aranei, Dame Blanche
Sewer Syrup, Shii, Manes, Bloodsucker [NM], Arioch

* Mission NMs: Eald'narche [#1] (The Celestial Nexus); Suparna & Suparna Fledgling (Breaking Barriers), Warlord Rojgnoj (The Heir to the Light), Gigaplasm (The Salt of the Earth), Zeid (Where Two Paths Converge), Ace of Batons/Coins/Cups/Swords, Yali & Tatzlwurm (Moon Reading)

* Quest NMs: 2 Pudding (Eco-Warrior [Bastok]), Necroplasm (Eco-Warrior [S]), 3 Wyrmfly (Eco-Warrior [W]), Agas (Searching for the Right Words)

* BCNMs:
- BCNM60- Legion XI Comitatensis (4 Antica), Jungle Boogymen (4 Tonberries), Amphibian Assault* (4 Sahagins)

*: This BCNM was not located at Sacrificial Chamber the entire time. From 10/03- 6/04, it was actually located in the Cloister of Tides (I think update notes reference the change too). If one looks hard enough, they can find some pics of Sahagins in a blue-colored Cloister being fought.

- There aren't many references to Flauros in 2003, but there are a few clues. Flauros is not on the 9/1/03 NM list, is mentioned in a 11/19/03 post and isn't on speakeasy.org's list, but that site notes there is 1 unidentified NM from the Oct 2003 update in Uggalepih and the only missing one is Flauros (ironic, the frustrating-to-pop Habetrot was routinely mentioned in Nov 2003).

- Manes is not on speakeasy.org's list, isn't on the 9/1/03 list either, nor a big 1/22/04 NM list. It isn't in the 7/03 .dats, so obviously must be after July 2003. 1 post from 11/29/03 references it, the next reference is 1/3/04. That points to before the Dec 2003 update, narrowing it down to Oct 2003. It's just a NM that was widely overlooked by both the JP & NA populations. Most websites didn't even get around to adding it until Spring 2004.

- Leshonki is not referenced at the speakeasy.org list. Since it isn't on the 9/1/03 list and the earliest references to it are 2 posts in 11/03, we can confirm it was just an overlooked NM from the 10/03 update.

- I could not confirm Sabotender Bailarin 100% to this update. It is either the Oct 2003 or Dec 2003 update. I went with 10/03 since the only NMs in the 12/03 update were HNMs or Sky NMs. I suspect most people thought Sabotender Bailarin was a typo of Sabotender Bailarina and they were 1 NM not 2 for months. Heck, even Allakhazam didn't have a page for Bailarin until March 2007 (when Nyzul Isle was added) and even then, it listed the NM as appearing only in Nyzul, not Quicksand. The earliest references to Bailarin are 12/26/03 and 1/22/04. Sabotender Bailarina is easily confirmed to 10/03 though (not on the 9/1/03 NM list, posts referencing it start appearing in late Oct & Nov).

- The famous Eco-Warrior quests were added in 10/03. Those zones' 7/03 .dats don't list those NMs and references to the quest/its NMs don't exist prior to 10/03. Some JP pages directly refer to the Eco-Warrior quests appearing in the 10/03 update. As for Agas, it's not referred to before 10/03, the spell reward from that quest (Sleepga II) can be pinned down to that update as well. One page directly says Agas/its quest were added in the 10/03 update too.

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Re: A History of Notorious Monsters

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DEC 2003
Here is the beginning of NMs designed for the LV75 Level Cap, which would be in place for 6 1/2 years. Sky added the first practical NM pyramid, with tiers with multiple NMs narrowing down to a few, then an ultimate NM, in this case Kirin (the Crawlers Nest Crawlers preceded Sky by 1 1/2 years though). Abjuration Armor was the first thing for LV75s to chase, though Relic Armor would be added in Feb 2004 and Relic Weapons in Feb/April 2004. This update also added other famous things besides Sky's NMs and 2/3 of the Three Kings, like the famous Maat Limit Break fight as well as the Weapon Skill quests, which were the top non-Relic WSes until Mythic Weaponskills came along 5 years later. Every Job would have access to at least one of these Quested Weaponskills, even ToAU & WotG Jobs, except for PUP (which remains the only Job unable to access one of these or benefit from a new quest- they did get a set of new Automata WSes to approximate these WSes in value though).

* NMs: Guivre, Nidhogg, Aspidochelone
- Sky NMs:
Tier I- Zipacna, Steam Cleaner, Despot, Brigandish Blade, Olla Pequena/Olla Media/Olla Grande, Mother Globe, Ullikummi, Faust
Tier II- Genbu, Seiryu, Byakko, Suzaku
Tier III- Kirin

* Quest NMs:
- Limit Breaks- Maat (all 15 Shattering Stars quests- WAR, BLM, RNG are in Horlais, RDM, THF, BST are in Waughroon, MNK, WHM, SMN are in Balga, PLD, DRK, BRD are in Qu'Bia, SAM, NIN, DRG are in Chamber of Oracles)
- Weapon Skill Quests- Girtablulu (Old Wounds), Maharaja (Inheritance), Yallery Brown (Axe the Competition), Greenman (The Weight of Your Limits), Megapod Megalops (Bugi Soden), Kettenkaefer (The Potential Within), Bodach (The Walls of Your Mind), Baronial Bat (Cloak and Dagger), Eldhrimnir (Orastery Woes), Cailleach Bheur (Blood and Glory), Water Leaper (Methods Create Madness), Mokumokuren (Souls in Shadow), Stolas (From Saplings Grow), Beet Leafhopper (Shoot First, Ask Questions Later)

- Sky NMs 1st appeared in the Dec 2003 update. The 1st references to the various NMs in JP forums started appearing in late Dec 2003 and early Jan 2004 (the earliest reference to fighting Kirin was around mid Jan 2004). I found the key proof in a 10/27/03 listing of the .dats for Tu'Lia zones, people evidently looking for NMs from the big Oct 2003 update, wanting something to do in this endgame area, but none of the NMs were in Ru'Aun, Ve'Lugannon, or Ru'Avitau .dats.

- Aspidochelone is referenced as early as 1/3/04. It is not on the NM list from 9/1/03, nor at speakeasy.org (last updated after the 10/03 patch). HNM lists compiled in Nov 2003 do not mention Aspidochelone, nor Nidhogg. Nidhogg's earliest mention is in a 12/17/03 post. Of course, with these HNMs (and the Gods of Tu'Lia) came the Abjuration Armor they are so famous for, which is also from the 12/03 patch.

FEB 2004
Dynamis was the centerpiece of this update, giving people what they wanted and were requesting for some time in the only way really possible- great battles with Beastmen in the cities. Here, players were given a substitute city to fight in (avoided the need to reprogram the city zones, to redesign Conquest by diverting the idea into a parallel dimension). The idea seemed to stick with the development team. They offered a controlled-setting skirmish with the Beastmen in the form of Garrison (covering many outdoor zones) at the same time as Dynamis appeared, and in 2 years they were able to make the design breakthroughs needed for a real city battle with casualties and captives: Besieged, then in about 4 years, expanded the Besieged format to depict great battles in every zone (a more active, less passive Conquest): Campaign.

This update also added a rather bizarre collection of NMs. NMs that drop NM-specific crafting ingredients needed to make special weapons or gear previously existed, but here some NMs that just drop 1 of 4 items needed to trade for (a chance to get) a piece of gear were added (Seww, Bisque, Hastatus), Goblin Archaeologist, who's deep underground near the Crags and has a drop list resembling a junk drawer (all odds and ends, no actual weapons/gear), then Cactrot Rapido, an extremely fast high-level NM, FFXI's version of the Looney Tunes Roadrunner (back in spring 2004, people found Cactrot Rapido to be a humorous idea, capturing the essence of the Cactuar's extremely high Evasion stats which make them incredibly hard to hit in all their prior FF appearances).

* NMs: Cactrot Rapido, Hastatus XI-XII, Seww the Squidlimbed, Bisque-heeled Sunberry + Goblin Archaeologist [3 zones]

* Quest NMs: Fenrir Prime (The Moonlit Path)

* Dynamis@:
All NMs in Dynamis-San d'Oria, Bastok, Windurst, Jeuno (regular enemies also NMs, only named NMs included here)
- Dynamis-San d'Oria- Serjeant Tombstone, Warlord Tombstone, Voidstreaker Butchnotch, Reapertongue Gadgquok Wyrmgnasher Bjakdok, Overlord's Tombstone
- Dynamis-Bastok- Adamantking Effigy, Aa'Nya Dismantler, Gu'Nhi Noondozer, Be'Ebo Tortoisedriver, Ko'Dho Cannonball, Gi'Pha Manameister, Ze'Vho Fallsplitter, Gu'Dha Effigy
- Dynamis-Windurst- Manifest Icon, Avatar Icon, Xoo Kaza the Solemn, Haa Pevi the Stentorian, Wuu Qoho the Razorclaw, Loo Hepe the Eyepiercer, Tzee Xicu Idol*
- Dynamis-Jeuno- Goblin Replica, Goblin Statue, Sparkspox Sweatbrow, Anvlix Sootwrists, Smeltix Thickhide, Bootrix Jaggedelbow, Kikklix Longlegs, Distilix Stickytoes, Hermitrix Toothrot, Eremix Snottynostril, Elixmix Hooknose, Gabblox Magpietongue, Jabbrox Grannyguise, Prowlox Barrelbelly, Jabkix Pigeonpecs, Bandrix Rockjaw, Mobpix Mucousmouth, Buffrix Eargone, Tufflix Loglimbs, Scruffix Shaggychest, Clocktix Longnail, Ticktox Beadyeyes, Tymexox Ninefingers, Trailblix Goatmug, Blazox Boneybod, Rutrix Hamgams, Humnox Drumbelly, Lurklox Dhalmelneck, Karashix Swollenskull, Wasabix Callusdigit, Sylstix Megapeepers, Snypestix Eaglebeak, Wyrmwix Snakespecs, Morgmox Moldnoggin, Mortilox Wartpaws, Goblin Golem

*: Tzee Xicu Idol had its name misspelled as Tzee Xciu Idol until the 8/1/05 update.

@ The 4/04 update notes make reference to additional monsters being placed in the 4 existing areas of Dynamis as well as names & behaviors changed for some existing monsters. I have no clue which monsters were added or have their name changed, so all of these (except the zone bosses) could potentially be from 4/04 even though we don't know if the update notes meant regular enemies or the classic NMs there and by the strictest interpretation of these notes, it means at least 1 new enemy was added to each Dynamis.

- Goblin Archeologist is not in the 7/03 .dats for those zones, not on the NM website last updated in 9/1/03, not on a 1/22/04 NM list. In the many posts from 2/1/04- 2/26/04, there are no references to it. It only starts getting mention in March & April 2004. It's strange design (trading multiple items of any kind to a "???", the depth messages, being in 3 zones [before WotG], having a wide array of crafting ingredients, Beastcoins, but no real specific drop) should have been a clue that it may have been added later. What was the point behind adding him? I'm not sure.

- No references to Cactrot Rapido can be found from Nov 03- mid Feb 04. Images of it first surface in March 2004. In JP forum topics, its name was frequently mentioned with Goblin Archaeologist. It can be pinned down to Feb 2004.

- The 3 Zilart Beastmen NMs there drop items used in the Beastmen Treasure quests. They don't show up on the 9/1/03 NM list, not on speakeasy.org's 10/03 list. All the 4/03 and 10/03 update NMs are mentioned numerous times (except for Manes, Sabotender Bailarin) in Oct-Dec 2003, but these 3 are not mentioned any time here. Allakhazam added Seww on 3/24/04, Bisque on 4/13/04, a JP website has a pic of Hastatus XI-XII from 4/10/04, and has a picture of Bisque from then too. A 3/20/04 English forum post references using Japanese notes to describe the items for these 3 quests and where they drop. Seww gets mentioned several times from 3/2- 3/25. They key piece is a 2/26/04 post mentioning these 3 NMs with Cactrot Rapido and Goblin Archaeologist.

Seww is also a little strange. He's in the Hunt Registry while Bisque & Hastatus are not. Why include one and not the others? Sea Serpent Grotto certainly didn't have a shortage of registry-acceptable NMs and the other 2 are more than valid under Hunt Registry selection criteria.

- With Fenrir, the "Mama Mia" quest was added in 2/04, which retconned in new drops (based on classic key items from FF1-6) to the 6 Avatar Primes (Fenrir got a key item from FF7), all 7 of which needed to be collected to be rewarded with an Evoker's Ring.

APRIL 2004
After BCNMs were just a handful of BCNM fights in 2003, April 2004 began the huge expansion of BCNMs. It only added 6 BCNMs, bringing the total up to 21 BCNMs, but it was beginning to expand into different levels. Previously 40, 50, 60, uncapped, now 20, 30 were added, and the Gigas were given a BCNM60 (Fun Fact: the Goblins don't get a BCNM60 or any BCNM in fact). Here, the BCNMs began to follow the premise that every monster family from 1.0/RotZ get their own BCNM. This update also added some of the more popular BCNMs, namely "Wings of Fury" and "Creeping Doom" (both NMs would get a special re-color in 2005). This update also had the 1st development of Garrison and activated the Strange Apparati which had laid dormant since FFXI's launch 2 years earlier (the other 3 apparati, which still remain non-functional, were added in the Sept 2004 update). People wouldn't be able to figure out the code until Square-Enix clued people in (basically gave out the answer) in August 2005 though.

* NMs: None

* Quest NMs: Giollemitte B Feroun (A Timely Visit), 5 Ark Angels (Divine Might), Behemoth, Adamantoise, Fafnir or King Behemoth, Aspidochelone, Nidhogg (Beat Around the Bushin) [regular NMs appropriated for this quest]
- Avatar Quests: Ifrit Prime (Trial-Size by Fire), Shiva Prime (Trial-Size by Ice), Titan Prime (Trial-Size by Earth), Garuda Prime (Trial-Size by Wind), Ramuh Prime (Trial-Size by Lightning), Leviathan Prime (Trial-Size by Water) [all #2]

* Special NMs:
The 8 Elementals that spawn from the Strange Apparati when any chip but the proper color/element chip is traded are technically NMs.

* BCNMs:
- BCNM20- Wings of Fury (Colo-colo)
- BCNM30- Petrifying Pair (Kilioa & Kalamainu), Carapace Combatants (Bisan & Pilwiz), Birds of a Feather (Macha), Creeping Doom (Bitoso)
- BCNM60- Demolition Squad (4 Nephiyl ___)

* Garrison:
- LV20- W. Ronfaure (Orcish Fighterchief), N. Gustaberg (Lead Quadav), W. Sarutabaruta (Yagudo Condottiere)

* Dynamis:
All NMs in Dynamis-Beaucedine, Xarcabard (regular enemies also NMs, only named NMs included here)
- Dynamis-Beaucedine- Dynamis Tombstone, Dynamis Effigy, Dynamis Icon, Dynamis Statue, Serjeant Tombstone, Adamantking Effigy, Avatar Icon, Goblin Replica, Humegutter Adzjbadj, Cobraclaw Buchzvotch, Wraithdancer Gidnod, Taruroaster Biggsjig, Spinalsucker Galflmall, Lockbuster Zapdjipp, Heavymail Djidzbad, Skinmask Ugghfogg, Mithraslaver Debhabob, Ultrasonic Zeknajak, Galkarider Retzpratz, Elvaanlopper Grokdok, Jeunoraider Gepkzip, Drakefeast Wubmfub, Deathcaller Bidfbid, Gu'Nha Wallstormer, So'Zho Metalbender, Ga'Fho Venomtouch, De'Bho Pyrohand, Na'Hya Floodmaker, Ji'Fhu Infiltrator, Mu'Gha Legionkiller, Ta'Hyu Gallanthunter, So'Gho Adderhandler, Nu'Bhi Spiraleye, Gu'Khu Dukesniper, Ji'Khu Towercleaver, Mi'Rhe Whisperblade, Go'Tyo Magenapper Be'Zhe Keeprazor, Foo Peku the Bloodcloak, Xaa Chau the Roctalon, Koo Saxu the Everfast, Bhuu Wjato the Firepool, Caa Xaza the Madpiercer, Ryy Qihi the Idolrobber, Guu Waji the Preacher, Nee Huxa the Judgmental, Soo Jopo the Fiendking, Xhoo Fuza the Sublime, Hee Mida the Meticulous, Knii Hoqo the Bisector, Kuu Xuka the Nimble, Maa Zaua the Wyrmkeeper, Puu Timu the Phantasmal, Moltenox Stubthumbs, Droprix Granitepalms, Brewnix Bittypupils, Ascetox Ratgums, Gibberox Pimplebeak, Bordox Kittyback, Ruffbix Jumbolobes, Tocktix Thinlids, Routsix Rubbertendon, Whistrix Toadthroat, Slinkix Trufflesniff, Shisox Widebrow, Swypestix Tigershins, Draklix Scalecrust, Morblox Chubbychin, Goublefaupe, Mildaunegeux, Velosareon, Quiebitiel, Dagourmarche, Angra Mainyu
- Dynamis-Xarcabard- Count Zaebos, Duke Gomory, Prince Seere, Marquis Orias, Duke Berith, Count Raum, Marquis Sabnak, Duke Scox, Marquis Andras, Marquis Decarabia, Marquis Cimeries, Count Vine, Marquis Gamygyn, King Zagan, Marquis Nebiros, Animated Longsword, Animated Claymore Animated Tabar, Animated Great Axe, Animated Kunai, Animated Tachi, Animated Hammer, Animated Staff, Animated Dagger, Animated Knuckles, Animated Scythe, Animated Spear, Animated Longbow, Animated Gun, Animated Horn, Dynamis Lord

* "Beat Around the Bushin" is the 3rd Monk belt quest. It gives Black Belt (LV70 MNK Rare/Ex tags now, unlike the other 2 belts). It also requires Tenshodo Reputation and is based out of Jeuno. It requires the following items: Wyrm Beard from Fafnir/Nidhogg, (16.5%, 100%) Adamantoise Egg from Adamantoise/Aspidochelone (5%, 100%), Behemoth Tongue from Behemoth/King Behemoth (10.5%, 100%). All are Rare/Ex. They are all also found in the KSNM99 BCNMs (which were added in 7/04). It is interesting the Black Belt is LV70 and was added after LV75 had been established. It seems the motive might have been to allow Monks access to it before the fabled Maat Limit Break battle.

- As for when "Beat Around the Bushin" was added- since the quest reward is LV70, it must be from the 7/03 patch or later. Likewise, Fafnir was added then, meaning it could not possibly have existed sooner. I found some reference to the 3 items for this quest in the game's data for items being surrounded by 4/04 additions. On Allakhazam, Wyrm Beard has an entry from 5/4/04. Finally, a Japanese blog with entries from 4/04 make reference to new quests after the update and this was one of them.

- Garrison seemed to only have the popularity of a fad, being done somewhat often in 2004, but quickly tailing off thereafter. The lower ones were done more often than the higher ones because they had some Mannequin parts (along with some BCNMs). The Platoon/Mighty weapons didn't lure in many people evidently.

- Giollemitte B Feroun is an odd one. Allakhazam has its 1st reference to him/the quest at 4/26/04, there are no references to him before 4/04 (and other quest NMs from 1.0 & Zilart all have references in 2003 on back) and the flurry of posts originating in late April point to this being new content. He's the only regular quest NM in several updates. Since Oct 2003, all quest NMs have been for Weaponskill, Limit Break, or Avatar quests. For reference, the quests added in 4/04 besides the ones already listed: "Faded Promises", "Fit for a Prince". The reason for "A Timely Visit" being the only quest NM in RotZ after Oct 2003 besides Maat, Weapon Skill quests, an avatar, and shoehorning a Monk belt quest into the existing HNMs may be the quest having a lengthy story ("A Timely Visit" is some players' favorite quest).

- The mini-battles for the Prime Avatars was added a full year after SMN was released. It was added because while all Extra Jobs only require LV30 and SMN was available at LV30, to get any of the 6 basic elemental avatars, it needed another Job on LV65 (waiting on SMN to LV65 to get Shiva, Ifrit, Garuda, etc, was absurd). There needed to be another way for SMN to get these avatars and SE didn't want to retool the quests (besides, some of the cloisters were in LV50+ areas), so they created these weak copies for SMNs to solo with Carbuncle. It was a very strange design flaw; it was surprising it carried through from the planning stages into SMN's release. DRG's 2-hour flaw (Call Wyvern being their 2-Hour Ability) was masked by the fact some of their Weaponskills were overpowered, so the Wyvern getting killed and not being replacable for up to 2 hours did not seem to be such a liability until the WSes were nerfed. While it took SMN 1 year to get its design flaw mended, it took DRG nearly 2 years to get its design flaw mended (with Spirit Surge replacing Call Wyvern as the 2-Hour in 12/05) and 1 1/2 years after "DRG was nerfed" by those WS changes.

Also, the Prime Avatars were treated like "big game" and trophy NMs to hunt in 2003, with many desiring to fight these FF classics. The level cap going to LV75 made them no longer a challenge (they were at LV65, somewhat still at LV70), and Nidhogg, Aspidochelone, Abjurations, and Sky's NMs were all added at the same time as LV75 became available, causing those players to pass on the avatars and go after realm HNMs. Yes, it's a rather forgotten part of FFXI's history... that Prime Avatars were considered 6 player party HNMs, fought to see them in person and for the accomplishment of beating them, as well as for the HNM scene just being Behemoth, Roc, Simurgh, Aspidochelone, and midway in 2003, Fafnir & King Behemoth. There wasn't yet the lure of Abjuration Armor or elite Sky gear. I'd also like to add Shiva, Ifrit, Garuda were the most popular, Titan & Ramuh somewhere in the middle, and Leviathan seemed the least popular to fight based on the abundance of pictures from 2003.

JUNE 2004
Now BCNMs really began to explode. Since more than 1 BCNM was available per level cap at most areas, they had to be given names to differentiate them (the previously existing BCNMs were given names for the first time here). Most of the filling in occurred at the low-mid levels (20-60), with only a few uncapped ones being added, but in a followup update, uncapped BCNMs for alliances were added, against the same families the Three Kings came from. This update also had the 2nd and final development of Garrison. Outside of the multitude of BCNMs and Garrison, this update had little else.

For reference, this update added 23 BCNMs. Prior, 21 existed, meaning this update doubled the number of BCNMs, bringing it up to 44 total. BCNMs would get a final update in late 2004.

* NMs: None

* Quest NMs: None

* BCNMs:
- BCNM20- Shooting Fish (Sniper Pugil), Crustacean Conundrum (Heavy Metal Crab), Charming Trio (Pepper, Phoedme, Prune)
- BCNM30- Toadal Recall (4 Toad__s), Dropping Like Flies (Huntfly), Grove Guardians (Metsanhaltija), Harem Scarem (Nenaunir), Die by the Sword (3 Gladiatorial Weapon), Let Sleeping Dogs Die (Capelthwaite, Freybug, Guytrash, Rongeur D'Os)
- BCNM40- Under Observation (Sobbing Eyes), Royal Jelly (Princess/Queen Jelly), Royal Succession (Opo-opo Monarch et al), Undying Promise (Ghul-I-Beaban), Factory Rejects (Doll Factory)
- BCNM50- Idol Thoughts (4 ___ Golem)
- BCNM60- Brothers D'Aurphe (4 ___ D'Aurphe), Kindred Spirits (4 Demons)
- BCNM (Clotho)- Cactuar Suave (Sabotender Campeon)
- BCNM (Lachesis)- Eye of the Storm (4 ___ Wyvern)
- BCNM (Atropos)- The Scarlet King (Purson)
- BCNM (Themis)- Horns of War* (Chlevnik), The Hills are Alive* (Tartaruga Gigante), Early Bird Catches the Wyrm* (Wyrm)

* Garrison:
- LV30- Valkurm (Goblin Swindler), Buburimu (Goblin Guide), Meriphataud (Yagudo Missionary), Pashhow (Cobalt Quadav), Jugner (Orcish Colonel), Qufim (Hunting Chief)
- LV40- Zi'Tah (Goblin Doyen), Beaucedine (Gigas Overseer), Yuhtunga (Sahagin Patriarch)
- LV50- Yhoator (Tonberry Decimator), E. Altepa (Centurio XIII-V), Xarcabard (Demon Aristocrat)
- LV75- Teriggan (Goblin Boss)

*: These BCNMs were delayed until a follow-up update on 7/19/04.

- There is a 6/3/04 list of all known NMs. It includes even BCNMs and Dynamis NMs. The 3 starting region Garrison NMs from 4/04 show up, but not the June 2004 Garrison NMs, nor all the new BCNMs from 6/04. That reaffirms the placement of these, though any check can easily confirm the addition of these specific BCNMs here, not to mention the expanded Garrison.

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Re: A History of Notorious Monsters

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zoogelio wrote:- Something I haven't been able to confirm is what DRG, SAM, NIN, SMN NMs and Beastmen were like before RotZ's release. I can confirm they existed before RotZ's release, but lack Japanese fluency/a good translation program to be able to pick up if these NMs "changed jobs" or "had mysterious/unassignable jobs". For reference, the 1.0 NMs with RotZ Jobs: Steelbiter Gudrud, Eyy Mon the Ironbreaker, Juu Duzu the Whirlwind, Moo Ouzi the Swiftblade, Quu Domi the Gallant, Yagudo Avatar, Yagudo Templar, Zhuu Buxu the Silent, Grand Duke Batym.

I know a fair bit of Japanese and would be willing to help. If you provide links to the Japanese source material I could look them over and confirm or disconfirm specific information if it's there.
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Re: A History of Notorious Monsters

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Chains of Promathia's release is somewhat complicated and involved real world events interfering in the release. The timeline is listed here:
* W 9/8/04- a small update which made structural changes. One poster said Gusgen zoneline was there, could try to enter, but due to lack of data on player-end (and seemingly even server-side), players get pushed out.
* T 9/14/04 (JP; 9/13/04 NA time)- this as the big CoP version update. All the general changes were accessible, like BLMs able to equip scythes, to every FFXI player at this point. The zones were added here in the player data, but need the expansion code to enter. As most of the new content, crafting ingredients were in CoP zones, there was little to work with. So, despite the update being on 9/14, most people treat it as if it didn't happen until 9/16 (and unlike ToAU, WotG there was no formal lock in place).
* R 9/16/04 (JP; 9/15/04 NA time)- PC & PS2 release of CoP in Japan & EU. The expansion disks have the registration code that needs to be entered to access the content in game. People noted reports of the new zones appearing online, like Bibiki and Movalpolos. People saw players entering/exiting the new zonelines. NA players were angry about this despite the release dates being known about months earlier (and not knowing about Ivan's effect yet), adding further fuel to the "JP button" concept (Japanese getting preferential treatment over North American players). Of course, NA importers got access with the Japanese here.
[side note: several importers would retire from the game in late 2004/early 2005; late 2004 is sort of a changing of the guard when the importers retire or become a minimal voice in the FFXI English-speaking community and regular players who started back in late 2003 would become experienced enough in the game to become senior voices on the forums and start participating in top-end HNMs in endgame, like Kirin as well as Dynamis]
* T 9/21/04- PC & PS2 release of CoP in North America, at least "officially". However, Hurricane Ivan delayed shipping of the PC version to stores (seen in the links below). Browsing forums, the PC versions arrived in most stores on 9/23 & 9/24 (comments about still waiting for it vanished after this). There are varying reports of what happened, but it seems flooding from Ivan's rains damaged the warehouse where CoP discs were stored. PS2 versions were evidently stored in a different location.

Some links from the time:
http://www.ffxionline.com/forums/genera ... pings.html
http://www.ffxionline.com/forums/genera ... ilers.html

For reference, Ivan was a category 5 -> 4 hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico (was cat 5 near Jamaica on 9/12/04). On 9/14, Ivan passed through the Yucatan Channel. When it entered the Gulf, it weakened to cat 4 (that same day). It weakened as it approached land. It was a very menacing storm at this point. On 9/16/04, Ivan made landfall in AL as a cat 3. It weakened down to a TD that same day as it passed over land. It migrated up to VA on 9/18, went into the Atlantic, then headed down to FL, crossed FL on 9/20, wandered across Gulf and made landfall in TX in 9/23 and dissipated over TX on 9/24. It dumped *a lot* of rain along a wide range of its path. The Florida Panhandle was hit hard by rains and a few tornadoes. There was also major flooding in GA & DE, at or near 100-year flood levels. Ivan had hit FL, NC, AL, GA the hardest.

It may not look so mighty in print, but the presence of a category 4/5 hurricane in the Gulf put all the Gulf Coast states on watch and then despite being a tropical depression, it took a very strange, wandering path and dumped torrential rains (similar to Tropical Storm Allison in 2001, the only tropical storm to ever have its name retired due to dumping huge amounts of rain). Major League Baseball's Florida Marlins even relocated a few of their home games vs. the near-defunct Montreal Expos to Chicago during Ivan's original approach because of its uncertain trajectory and potential threat (as of 2010, this was only time a hurricane ever forced the Marlins to play home games at a neutral site since the team started playing in 1993). Ivan was at cat 4+ for longer than any other Atlantic storm in recorded history. It had the 2nd highest ACE value in Atlantic, 70.38, behind only an 1899 hurricane. The name was retired because of the deaths and damage across Caribbean & US. So in short, Ivan was a powerful storm despite not doing the kind of damage of a Katrina, Andrew, Camille, etc.

- With Chains of Promathia missions, it is much easier to pin down when they were added due to English-language FFXI websites and forums becoming more organized and the existence of blogs. There was only some difficulty in the beginning because of the amount of missions available in Sept 2004, a followup update in Oct 2004 adding some more missions, and the difficulty of CoP missions, especially Promyvion before its first nerf in Dec 2004. Essentially, Chapters 1-5 were available in 9/04, Chapter 6 in 10/04, then there was a hiatus (not that too many people had beaten Ultima & Omega by this point), Chapter 7 & mission 8-1 in 2/05, missions 8-2 & 8-3 in 4/05, finally mission 8-4 in 7/05.

- Most Chains of Promathia zones were accessible from Sept 2004 onward, including battlefield zones (like Bearclaw Pinnacle & Boneyard Gully). The zones not initially available: Al'Taieu became accessible in Feb 2005, the Grand Palace of Hu'Xzoi (beyond the entrance), the Garden of Ru'Hmet, Diorama-Ghelsba in April 2005, Empyreal Paradox in July 2005, Temenos & Apollyon in Oct 2005, Dynamis-Valkurm, Buburimu, Qufim in Dec 2005, Dynamis-Tavnazia, Diorama-Purgonorgo in Feb 2006.

- The Chains of Promathia era of FFXI lasted 19 months (9/14/04- 4/18/06). From beginning to end, it was around for 581 days. CoP lasted 1 day longer than ToAU (that +1 isn't from a leap year). It marked the Year of the Rooster (2005), the Year of the Dog (2006) and the 3rd anniversary of FFXI. The European release of FFXI came in Sept 2004 with CoP's launch.
(Note: Count runs from the Japanese date of the 1st version update thru the day before the next expansion's 1st version update, not the expansion disk release date when the content is unlocked. The first date is counted in full, even though the version update wasn't at midnight JST).

SEPT 2004
The greatest volume of content was the Promathia missions. 5 chapters were added, over half the mission-line, with Chapter 6 coming up in a followup update 1 month later (meaning 75% of the mission-line was available by October). Of course, few people even reached those Chapter 5 boss fights before the December update. More mission NMs were added (even by counting the Moblins, Shikarees, and Warders as "1" boss) than regular NMs! This 1st CoP update added 21 NMs (counting the 3 Wyrms added later), though for most people, the tally would be lower as it includes 2 dropless fished-up NMs. It's a far cry from Zilart's launch, which had 61 NMs (38 in RotZ zones, 23 in 1.0 zones). Most people didn't complain about the number of NMs though, and the pattern used for expansions would change, with ToAU & WotG shifting its first bulk set of NMs to the 2nd update. It looks like the developers designed just enough NMs for 1 NM for each CoP zone, plus a few new HNMs (transit zones got 2+ NMs though and Promyvion had none yet).

* NMs: Megalobugard, Odqan, Aiatar, Imdugud, Eba, Elel, Orctrap, Vodyanoi, Aipaloovik, Intulo, Zoredonite, Harajnite, Cyclopean Conch, Gyre-Carlin, Bugbear Strongman, Swashstox Beadblinker, Citipati, Tiamat*, Bonnacon, Jormungand* + Vrtra*

* Mission NMs: Progenerator, Delver, Wrecker (Below the Arks/The Mothercrystals), Minotaur (Distant Beliefs), 3 Mammet-19 Epsilon (Ancient Vows), Overgrown Ivy (Descendants of a Line Lost), Lioumere (Comedy of Errors), Diabolos [#1] (Darkness Named), Ouryu [#1] (The Savage), Old Professor Mariselle, Keremet (The Secrets of Worship), Nunyunuwi (Enduring Tumult of War), Propagator, Solicitor, Ponderer, Procreator, Cumulator, Agonizer (Desires of Emptiness), Disaster Idol (Pride and Honor), Snoll Tzar (Flames for the Dead), 4 Moblins + Bugbby (A Century of Hardship), Shikaree X/Y/Z (Head Wind), Warder Agalia/Thalia/Euphrosyne* (A Place to Return), 5 Mammet-22 Zeta, Omega, Ultima* (One to be Feared)

* Quest NMs: Buggalug (A Question of Faith), Blackbone Frazdiz & Rainbringer Yjatvot (A Bitter Past), Splinterspine Grukjuk (A Hard Day's Knight), 3 Moblins (Go! Go! Gobmuffin!), 6 fished up NMs (The Big One), Orna (Hyper Active), Gargoyle-Iota & -Kappa, Gargoyle-Lambda & -Mu (A Reputation in Ruins), 6 Peerifool (One Good Deed?), Lancet Jagil** (Recycling Rods), 5 Nasus (Tuning Out), 5 Badshah (A Chocobo's Tale), Kraken [NM] (Hook, Line, and Sinker) [is the Sea Bishop for this quest also a NM?]

* Special NMs:
The Gargoyles that spawn from the closed doors in Pso'Xja. There are 16 of them, they are NMs.

*: These were delayed until the 10/7/04 followup update.
**: Lancet Jagil was added in the 10/7/04 update. The quest was added in 9/04 at CoP's release, but the original NM was Bibiki Pugil. They essentially removed that NM and replaced it with a new one (or changed its name & appearance). This is the only time a quest NM was replaced in FFXI (some quests had additional NMs added though).

- Cyclopean Conch, Aipaloovik are extremely obscure, but they can be confirmed to 9/04. In the exploration frenzy, all 3 Uragnite NMs on the Manaclipper were found, as were both Phanauet NMs then. Gyre-Carlin was a bit hard to find, but references & pics from late 9/04 were found of it.

- All paths of Promathia Mission 5-3 (and their NMs) can be confirmed to be from the 9/04 update and not the 10/04 follow-up update. Blog entries of some of these missions dating to Sept 2004 can be found, Movamuq, the other Moblin names, and Bugbby, all fought for one battle, are referenced in a 10/4/04 post. A 9/25/04 post references Nunyunuwi (PM5-1) too, so that confirms all the missions and NMs from 5-3 on back, including some of the more obscure ones. The 10/7/04 update notes mention adding new missions and all the Chapter 6 mission NMs don't show up until after 10/7/04.

- The time of CoP's release was a time the NA-based websites were just starting to get their act together and become capable of synthesizing info from an update before the next update came out. Anything from the 2/05 update on is easy to confirm, but the 9/04 and 12/04 updates still require a little sleuthwork (nowhere near RotZ/1.0 though). Allakhazam and other sites (Koolaid) only got around to adding CoP quests in late Nov 2004 thru Jan 2005. It takes blogs or JP posts to fill these gaps. FFXI Somepage was on top of it though, developing version update detail compilations starting from the Sept 2004 patch until 2007.

- Buggalug is referenced in a 9/28/04 post and in a few other posts within days of that too.

- Some Jeuno-based quests are easy to overlook as they don't visit CoP zones and don't tie in heavily to CoP as other quests do, but require progress thru PM3-2, like "Hook, Line, and Sinker", "In the Mood for Love", and "A Chocobo's Tale". That last one is the only one with a NM (a unique NM) though.

DEC 2004
Chains of Promathia differed from other expansions in that it added some NMs across every update, regular NMs, not necessarily HNMs (which tend to be added separately from other NMs or spaced out) or endgame NM pyramids (held off until a later update). This update added 10 NMs, including the 1st multi-pack NM (something very rare outside CoP), Carmine Dobsonfly (obviously quest NMs are excluded here or else Jammer Leech & Korroloka Leech would be the first), and the 1st monster NM that had a humanoid as a pet, Tres Duendes, which had a Fomor Taru as its pet (Zoraal Ja's Pkuucha from ToAU is similar, with Zoraal Ja himself coming in as an assistant partway through battle). Players back in 2004/5 viewed this as rather novel. This update added 6 NMs to Promyvion, the only NMs Promyvion ever had to date.

This update added the final set of BCNMs, 17 battles, bringing the final tally up to 61 BCNMs. It did not include any new Promathia families (that's what ENMs would be for), working through the large volume of 1.0/Zilart monster families. The new BCNMs centered on the higher end of the level spectrum, LV50+, providing more battle options for higher-level players.

This update also began diversifying the color of existing NMs along with the next few updates. See the final section for further information.

* NM: Xolotl, 10 Carmine Dobsonfly, Boroka, Tres Duendes, Satiator, Coveter, Cerebrator, Provoker, Wailer, Deviator

* Mission NMs: None (no missions added)

* Quest NMs: Twilotak (Return to the Depths), Hematic Cyst (Tea with a Tonberry?), Rohemoliplaud (The Search for Goldmane), Bloody Coffin (The Call of the Sea), 2 Nickel & 2 Magnes Quadav (For the Birds), Marquis Andrealphus (Better the Demon You Know)

* BCNMs:
- BCNM50- Eye of the Tiger (Gerjis), The Final Bout* (The Waughroon Kid), Rapid Raptors (2 Dromiceiomimus), An Awful Autopsy (Chahnameed)
- BCNM60- Shots in the Dark (Orcish Onager), Up in Arms (Fe'e), Wild Wild Whiskers (Macan Gadangan), Celery (4 Ghosts)
- BCNM (Clotho)- Double Dragonian (Dragonian Berzerker & Minstrel), Copycat (Osschaart), Seasons Greetings (4 __ Tlugvi)
- BCNM (Lachesis)- Today's Horoscope* (Aries), Operation Desert Swarm (8 Platoon Scorpion), Royal Ramble (2 Queen & 1 King Cardian)
- BCNM (Atropos)- Contaminated Colosseum (Evil Oscar), Prehistoric Pigeons (4 Titanis _ax), Moa Constrictors* (2 Giant Moa)

*: These BCNMs were delayed until a 12/14/04 update.

- An interesting anomaly from this update. Cache-nez, the reward for "Tuning Out" was added in the 12/04 update. The quest and Nasus are referenced before this update (like in 9/04 and 11/04). The quest's reward was added after the quest. The 12/04 update notes directly state this though.

- "The Search for Goldmane" was added in 12/04. Notes for the quest dated to 1/1/05 exist and pics with Copyright: 2002-2004 exist of Rohemoliplaud. A volume of posts and info confirms Twilotak's battle, Hematic Cyst to the 12/04 update.

FEB 2005
Yes, this is kind of a weird NM update, adding just 2 regular NMs (and 2 generics to come with Al'Taieu), one to Phanauet, one to Lufaise. The next update added a small volume, but 5 seems a little more reasonable than just 2. Were they delayed from the Dec update? This update also added the first batch of ENMs, which would host several (but not all) of the Promathia monster families, CoP's version of BCNMs. 12 ENMs were added here.

* NMs: Stubborn Dredvodd, 5 Padfoot, Um'yovra, Om'yovra [generic NMs from NM-only family]

* Mission NMs: Boggelmann, Dalham, Cryptonberry Executor (Calm Before the Storm), Tenzen (The Warrior's Path), 3 sets of 3 Ru'aern (The Garden of Antiquity)

* Quest NMs: Baumesel (Petals for Parelbriaux), 1~5 Para (Elderly Pursuits)

* ENMs:
- ENM30- You are What You Eat (Ingester), Playing Host (Envier), Simulant (Cogitator)
- ENM40- Test Your Mite (Pasuk), Bad Seed (Hamadryad)
- ENM50- Pulling the Plug (4 Memory Receptacle)
- ENM75- Bionic Bug (Bugboy), Sheep in Antlion's Clothing (Tuchulcha), Follow the White Rabbit (Bearclaw Rabbit), When Hell Freezes Over (4~12 Snow Devil), Brothers (Eldertaur & Mindertaur), Holy Cow (Apis)

- Mission 7-4 thru 8-1 were all added in 2/05. None of the 7-4 NMs are referenced from 12/04- early 2/05, indicating the mission was not added in the 12/04 update. Feb 2005 is when Sea was first opened up. Before then, it was only seen in PM visions. Hu'Xzoi & Ru'Hmet were sealed up (besides Hu'Xzoi's lobby) til April 2005. The earliest reference I could find is Boggelmann on 2/24/05. It could be a little bit hard confirming it as most people who got past the Promyvions were hung up on Ouryu, Snoll Tzar, or Omega & Ultima, but with the proliferation of blogs in NA, EU, and JP, at least some of the pioneers who are far ahead of everyone else have blogs. One would think with them, with Omega & Ultima having been beaten by some after Oct 2004, that if there were these missions in the game, the NMs would have been mentioned, but there are no references over the late fall and winter there.

APRIL 2005
The final 8 ENMs were added, bringing the grand total up to 20. Notice that the Relic Shield was added here. It did not originate back in 2004 when Dynamis was added. Also notice the Mannequin family of enemies originated here. 2 ENMs were given to them (1 job-based, 1 race-based) and 1 quest NM too. The update was kind of a scattershot of content: some new NMs, some new missions, some new quests, some new ENMs, going back into Dynamis to add in the Relic Shield/Aegis, adding private Ballista matches (the ones hosted in Diorama-Ghelsba); a bunch of little things, no one big dominant thing.

* NMs: Gration, Upyri, Amaltheia, Golden-tongued Culberry, Geush Urvan

* Mission NMs: Ix'ghrah (A Fate Decided), 2 pairs of 2 Ix'zdei (When Angels Fall)

* Quest NMs: Bullheaded Grosvez (Behind the Smile), Alsha (Knocking on Forbidden Doors), Arcane Phantasm (Confessions of a Bellmaker)

* ENMs:
- ENM40- Fire in the Sky (Razon)
- ENM50- Bugard in the Clouds (Hotupuku), Beloved of the Atlantes (Watch Hippogryph)
- ENM60- Pulling the Strings* (Fantoccini), Automaton Assault (4 __ Automaton)
- ENM75- Like the Wind (Race Runner), Shell We Dance? (Parata & Bladmall), Totentanz (Gwyn Ap Knudd)
- Other BCNM- Ouryu Cometh (Ouryu [#2])

* Dynamis:
Animated Shield added to Dynamis-Xarcabard [correct, Relic Shield wasn't around til a full year after Dynamis' release]

*: BLU, COR, PUP versions added in July 2006. DNC, SCH versions evidently still not added.

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Re: A History of Notorious Monsters

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JULY 2005
This update added a huge number of NMs, 81 total (39 in CoP zones, 11 in RotZ, 31 in 1.0) and that doesn't count NMs that are assistants to NMs or quest NMs. The July 2005 update gave most zones that had just 1 NM a 2nd one. Notorious Monsters went from a 1 per zone concept (outside Beastmen strongholds) to zones having multiple NMs and the zone with 1 NM being the anomaly (people likely forget that for 3 years, most zones had just a single NM and not several to choose from as it is now). The reasoning behind this huge wave of NMs seems to be to give players more NMs to fight all across the game because the population considerably outgrew the volume of NMs added in June 2002 and Oct 2003. RMT, camping issues might be factors as well. This update made people forget that for 3 years, the model was generally 1 NM per zone. Also, this update gave Inner Horutoto Ruins its 1st NM. It went 3 years without any NMs (Zeruhn still doesn't have a NM though).

* NMs:
- CoP zones: Kurrea, Colorful Leshy, Defoliate Leshy, Ziphius, 3 Heliodromos, Shieldtrap, Unstable Cluster, Mahisha, Balor, Caithleann, Indich, Lobais, Luaith, Hercules Beetle, Mycophile, Serra, Shen, Feeler Antlion, Alastor Antlion, Ambusher Antlion, Father Frost, Snow Maiden, Mountain Worm [NM], White Coney, Black Coney, Goblin Wolfman, Goblin Collector, Bugbear Matman
- Sea NM system- Jailer of Temperance, Jailer of Fortitude, Jailer of Faith, Ix'aern (MNK), Ix'aern (DRK), Ix'aern (DRG), Jailer of Justice, Jailer of Hope, 2 Jailer of Prudence, Jailer of Love, Absolute Virtue
- RotZ zones- Celphie, King Vinegarroon, Centurio XII-I, Meww the Turtlerider, Rose Garden, Voluptuous Vilma, Bright-handed Kunberry, Edacious Opo-opo, Noble Mold, Shikigami Weapon, Kreutzet
- 1.0 zones- Swamfisk, Fungus Beetle, Maighdean Uaine, Carnero, Nunyenunc, Sharp-Eared Ropipi, Bendigeit Vran, Haty, Nihniknoovi, Yara Ma Yha Who, Orcish Panzer, Chariotbuster Byakzak, Chocoboleech, Maltha, Aroma Leech, Aroma Fly, Aroma Crawler, Meteormauler Zhagtegg, Fradubio, Fraelissa, Bo'Who Warmonger, Coo Keja the Unseen, Dosetsu Tree, Cwn Cyrff, Demonic Tiphia, Taisaijin, Kirata*, Biast, Ereshkigal, Silverhook, Blackbeard

*: Fungus Beetle was named Goliath Beetle [NM] from 7/05- 12/13/05. Kirata was named Macan Gadungan (not to be confused with Macan Gadangan) from 7/05- 8/1/05.

* Mission NMs: Promathia (Dawn)

* Quest NMs: Namorodo (Girl in the Looking Glass), Carrion Dragon (Mirror, Mirror), 1~9 Mammet-800 (Uninvited Guests*), Shikaree X/Y (Tango with a Tracker), Shikaree X/Y/Z (Requiem of Sin*), Orcish Overlord [#2] (An Understanding Overlord?), Diamond Quadav [#2] (An Affable Adamantking?), Yagudo Avatar [#2] (A Moral Manifest?), Goblin Preceptor (A Generous General?), Glyryvilu (The Undying Pledge)

*: These are BCNMs packaged inside of quests. They are rematch BCNMs allowed once a week.

- This is the first appearance of the "don't kill the placeholder" NMs, NMs that need their placeholder to not be slain for a long enough period to appear. Noble Mold, Taisaijin, Rose Garden, Voluptuous Vilma, Colorful Leshy, Defoliate Leshy, Snow Maiden, Father Frost are the original such NMs. It added a 3rd major method for NMs to appear besides timed spawns and lottery pops, which were around since the beginning (other, one-off methods exist too though).

- Taisaijin and Shikigami Weapon are joke NMs, NMs that have some in-joke behind them. Their FFXIclopedia pages detail these stories.

- Glyryvilu is a strange one. Most would assume it was a Zilart quest NM only modified when it was given a blue/white palette, but no, it was added in the middle of CoP. Unlike the other CoP quests, it has no plug-ins to the Promathia missions, isn't located in a CoP zone, isn't a map quest nor a special item quest (e.g. the items that weaken CoP bosses), isn't a Fellow quest or a Beastman Helmet quest. I wonder what the story is behind this quest? A quest completed but left unimplemented since RotZ (like BST's extra jug pets before they were deleted in 3/07 and later re-added in 2010)? A story the quest-writer really wanted to tell? A story that had a CoP tie-in, but for whatever reason, it was cut out?

- The 8/1/05 follow-up update gave certain NMs a "rage timer" (1 hour). The reason was to force parties to fight it and end the practice of holding a NM to keep it spawning within that region's time zones (e.g. North American vs. Japanese) or holding it until the party is ready to fight it (when players can log in). This practice would expand over the next few years to cover additional NMs as well as be built into some newly created NMs. It mostly covered HNMs.

- To remove heavy RMT competition at many NMs, their farmed drops were replaced with identical but differently-named Rare/Ex versions, with the originals moved into BCNMs except for Octave Club, which had altered stats. All replacement items came in at the same time as the original was removed except for Kraken/Octave Club, which was removed in Dec 2006 but added in March 2007.
July 2005: Leaping/Bounding Boots (Leaping Lizzy), Emperor/Empress Hairpin (Valkurm Emperor), Peacock Charm/Amulet (Argus) + Archer's/Shikaree Ring (Stroper Chyme)
March 2007: Speed/Velocious Belt (King Arthro), Strider/Trotter Boots (Simurgh), Healing/Dryad Staff (Roc), Ochiudo/Ochimucha Kote (Mee Deggi the Punisher), Fuma/Sarutobi Kyahan (Quu Domi the Gallant), Cross-Counters/Retaliators (Western Shadow), Eurytos'/Vali's Bow (Eastern Shadow), Kraken/Octave Club (Lord of Onzozo)

OCT 2005
This update was basically pre-occupied with developing Limbus and the 2nd bulk set of the NPC Fellow quests. After this update, all Fellow quests but 2 would be completed. After July 2005, the last 3 updates of CoP center on side activities, not the main zones and missions themselves.

* NMs: None

* Quest NMs: Ingaevon (Regaining Trust), Illusory Pot (Chameleon Capers), Metallic Slime (Blighted Gloom), Yagudo Muralist (Picture Perfect), Houu the Shoalwader, Heike Crab, Beach Monk (Inside the Belly: Pirate's Chart*)

* Special NMs:
Aw'euvhi (3 versions, drop Limbus entry items)

* Limbus: All NMs in Apollyon (Northwest, Northeast, Southwest, Southeast Paths + Proto-Omega), Temenos (West, East, North, Central Towers + Proto-Ultima)
[all regular enemies are NMs. Since there's blurring between regular enemies and floor bosses, they aren't listed here as all would have to be listed]

*: Inside the Belly was an existing quest modified with this update, adding the Pirate's Chart & Brigand's Chart sub-quests.

DEC 2005
This update was dominated by CoP Dynamis and tying up the loose ends from Chains of Promathia- the Bahamut fight(s), the final battle in the NPC Fellow quest-line (SE intended to get back to it in ToAU, but it was such a low priority they've basically ignored the Fellows except for adding a Maat-style fight in 2008), and getting Diabolos for Summoners. Dynamis-Tavnazia either required a delay in development or SE wanted to hold back the final Dynamis zone just as Dynamis-Beaucedine & Xarcabard were saved for the 2nd update.

* NMs: None

* Quest NMs: Diabolos [#2] (Waking Dreams), Bahamut [#1] (Storms of Fate), Vassago (Mirror Images)

* BCNMs:
- Other BCNM- The Wyrmking Descends (Bahamut [#2])

* Dynamis: All NMs in Dynamis-Valkurm, Buburimu, Qufim (regular enemies also NMs, only named NMs included here)
- Dynamis-Buburimu- Aitvaras, Alklha, Barong Basilic, Jurik, Koschei Stihi, Stollenwurm, Tarasca, Vishap, Qu'Pho Bloodspiller, Hamfist Gukhbuk, Gi'Bhe Fleshfeaster, Flamecaller Zoeqdoq, Gosspix Blabberlips, Va'Rhu Bodysnatcher, Te'Zha Ironclad, Shamblix Rottenheart, Woodnix Shrillwhistle, Ree Nata the Melomanic, Lyncean Juwgneg, Koo Rahi the Levinblade, Doo Peku the Fleetfoot, Elvaansticker Bxafraff, Baa Dava the Bibliophage, Apocalyptic Beast
- Dynamis-Valkurm- 3 Nightmare Fly, Dragontrap, Fairy Ring, Nant'ina, Stcemqestcint, Cirrate Christelle
- Dynamis-Qufim- Fire Elemental, Ice Elemental, Air Elemental, Earth Elemental, Thunder Elemental, Water Elemental, Light Elemental, Dark Elemental, Scolopendra, Suttung, Stringes, Antaeus

* Limbus: All NMs in Apollyon (Central-Sub Path), Temenos (Basement)

FEB 2006
The Feb 2006 was one of the least substantive updates in FFXI (comparable to the Feb 2003 update). It just contained the capstone battle for RotZ & CoP, "Apocalypse Nigh", and a capstone to all the Avatar quests (as of "Mama Mia" wasn't enough), "Waking the Beast", as well as the final CoP Dynamis, Dynamis-Tavnazia, and Brenner (Bastokan Conflict hosted in Diorama-Purgonorgo). Brenner was never popular BTW (making it and Diorama-Purgonorgo some of the most obscure, least traversed parts of Vana'diel). Everyone was interested in Treasures of Aht Urhgan, which would come out in 2 months. SE started to roll out preview content since Sept 2005. By this update, players knew about Blue Mage, Corsair, and several of the zones and the general themes of ToAU.

It should be noted from 2003-2006, FFXI had a 5 updates/year format. In 2007, it would switch to 4 updates/year (except for 2009). In a 5 updates/year format, there was always one very light update. Feb 2003 (just 6 BCNMs and some tweaks), June 2004 (added quite a bit of BCNMs & Garrisons, but virtually nothing else- every other BCNM update was amidst a lot of other content), Feb 2006 (2 quests, 1 Dynamis zone, Brenner). 2005 lacks 1 really light update and has 2 semi-light updates, Oct 2005 & Dec 2005, which didn't have much to do outside of Limbus & Dynamis except for a few quests and some new crafted items/recipes. The 4 updates/year model tended to avoid having one really empty update but with the development of larger, more complex endgame activities like Salvage, Nyzul Isle, and Moblin Maze Mongers, the updates they are in have often consumed all of the development team's time & attention for that update, creating some rather light updates if those endgame activities are ignored. 2 of these updates (10/05, 12/05, 3/06) could have been combined to approximate 1 regular update by content.

* NMs: None

* Quest NMs: Eald'narche [#2] & Kam'lanaut [#2] (Apocalypse Nigh), Ifrit Prime, Shiva Prime, Titan Prime, Garuda Prime, Ramuh Prime, Leviathan Prime [all #3], Carbuncle Prime (Waking the Beast)

* Dynamis: All NMs in Dynamis-Tavnazia (regular enemies also NMs, only named NMs included here)
- Dynamis-Tavnazia- Nightmare Antlion, Nightmare Worm, Nightmare Bugard, Diabolos Club, Diabolos Diamond, Diabolos Heart, Diabolos Spade

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Re: A History of Notorious Monsters

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The update that added all the Treasures of Aht Urhgan initial content was made on 4/18/06, but the expansion disk had not been released yet. This meant only new Job Abilities could be accessed and only the changes in the various categories on menus could be seen, but no one could sail for Al Zahbi because a special lock was put in place, a time-based lock that went away without an additional update. It was deactivated on 4/20/06, the day the ToAU expansion disk was released. This is why people consider 4/20/06 the start of ToAU. The lock was presumably in place to prevent people who got the disk thru retailers who sold it early from getting to the Near East well before everyone else and perhaps from the backlash SE received over Chains of Promathia being released several days early in Japan & Europe (the threads from 9/04 on English FFXI forums were often laden with racism despite FFXI 1.0/RotZ being released months to over a year before it was in North America and here it was just 5 days, all the uproar over 5 days, and Europeans couldn't really tap the CoP content as that was the release of FFXI itself in Europe). Since CoP, every expansion has gone live globally at the same time.

Treasures of Aht Urhgan was the first expansion Square/Square-Enix hadn't initially planned for. Once CoP was developed, they were beyond everything they had planned in FFXI's development. They turned to a new continent and looked at giving the players new Job classes they had wanted (or composed like a Frankenstein from their suggestions and Job templates from FF1-9 + FFT). The fact these 3 Jobs use a very blank slate or empty matrix design format and can have their skill-set customized more than any other Job indicates the development team was trying to go new, create a new playing experience, not just slightly different iterations of fixed Job classes. They also designed the expansion around what players wanted- city battles (Besieged), content for smaller parties (Assaults), a wide array of fun activities, and the Garden of Eden of XP camps, particularly ones favorable to melees (squishy mobs). ToAU information had been previewed since Sept 2005 at the Tokyo Game Show and Square-Enix had set up a more interactive website for the expansion than the static CoP website.

Cataloging Treasures of Aht Urhgan zones is a bit complex due to the zones having multiple parts.
- These zones were entirely available in April 2006- Open Sea Route (Mhaura/Al Zahbi), Silver Sea Route (Al Zahbi/Nashmau), Aht Urhgan Whitegate, Al Zahbi, Nashmau, Aydeewa Subterrane, Mamook, Halvung, Arrapago Reef. Additionally, the Assault zones Leujaoam Sanctum, Periqia, Mamool Ja Training Grounds, Ilrusi Atoll, Lebros Cavern were accessible and had content.
- Bhaflau Thickets was added in April 2006. Map 1 (main/eastern) was entirely available and on Map 2 (lesser/western), the mainland portion was available. The lowest level of Tandjana Islet was accessible since April 2006 but the middle & upper levels (famed as the "Nyzul Isle camp" since it's accessed thru Alzadaal's central hub) weren't accessible until Dec 2006.
- Wajaom Woodlands was added in April 2006. The remote Hazklah Islet wasn't accessible until June 2008 (used just for the tier 4 ZNM).
- Caedarva Mire was added in April 2006. Map 1 (Azouph Isle) & Map 2 (Dvucca Isle) were entirely available initially. Map 3 (Hediva Isle) wasn't accessible until Dec 2006 (when the Alzadaal connections became available) (Hediva is home of Khimaira). Map 4 (Sharug Isle) wasn't accessible until June 2008 (used for just the tier 4 ZNM).
- Mount Zhayolm was added in April 2006. Unnamed isle #1 (the isle south of Zazalda) wasn't accessible until June 2008 (used just for the tier 4 ZNM). Unnamed isle #2 (located between Zazalda & Vozold) is still inaccessible, not being used for anything.
- The Jade Sepulcher, Talacca Cove, Navukgo Execution Chamber were accessible in April 2006 but had no use until July 2006.
- The Ashu Talif was added in July 2006. It had use in this update.
- Arrapago Remnants, Silver Sea Remnants, Zhayolm Remnants, Bhaflau Remnants became accessible in Dec 2006.
- Nyzul Isle became accessible in March 2007.
- Chocobo Circuit became accessible in March 2007 (not early March but late March in a follow-up update).
- Hazhalm Testing Grounds was accessible in April 2006, but had no use til June 2007.
- The Colosseum was accessible in April 2006, but had no use til Sept 2007 (the Aug 2007 follow-up update).
- Alzadaal Undersea Ruins, as it was added, is outlined below:
Map 1 (Dvucca North/Azouph West & Azouph West/Dvucca North)- July 2006
Map 2 (Zhayolm/Azouph East)- July 2006
Map 3 (Azouph East/Hediva Isle/Zhayolm)- July 2006 (Hediva connection inactive until Dec 2006)
Map 4 (Dvucca South/Arrapago Remnants)- July 2006 (no use until Dec 2006)
Map 5 (Tandjana Islet/Zhayolm Remnants)- Dec 2006
Map 6 (Hediva Isle/Azouph East/Silver Sea Remnants)- Dec 2006
Map 7 (Bhaflau Main/Bhaflau Remnants)- July 2006 (no use until Dec 2006)
Map "Arrapago Remnants" (Dvucca South/Alzadaal central)- Dec 2006
Map "Silver Sea Remnants" (Hediva Isle/Alzadaal central)- Dec 2006
Map "Zhayolm Remnants" (Tandjana Isle/Alzadaal central)- Dec 2006
Map "Bhaflau Remnants" (Bhaflau Main/Alzadaal central)- Dec 2006 [these were blocked from the outside until this time]
Map "Nyzul Isle" (Al Zahbi/Arrapago Remnants/Silver Sea Remnants/Zhayolm Remnants/Bhaflau Remnants)- Dec 2006

- The Treasures of Aht Urhgan era lasted 19 months (4/18/06- 11/19/07). From beginning to end, it was around for 580 days. ToAU lasted 1 day shorter than CoP. It marked the Year of the Pig/Boar (2007) and the 4th, 5th anniversaries of FFXI. The Xbox 360 release of FFXI (globally) came in April 2006 with ToAU's launch.
(Note: Count runs from the Japanese date of the 1st version update thru the day before the next expansion's 1st version update, not the expansion disk release date when the content is unlocked. The first date is counted in full, even though the version update wasn't at midnight JST).

- With Besieged entries, only the mega-bosses and other special noteworthy enemies are noted

APRIL 2006
Except for the generic fished-up Orobons, there was only 1 NM available at the start of ToAU, a HNM, Cerberus. 4 of 8 Besieged army levels were added in this initial update and 3 of 10 Assault ranks were added (active ranks, the 11th rank brings no new Assaults).

* NMs: Gugru Orobon, Orobon, Giant Orobon [generics from a NM-only family, 1st found on both routes, 2nd found on both routes, 3rd found in 3 zones], Cerberus

* Mission NMs: None

* Quest NMs: Plague Chigoe (The Prankster), Berried Chigoe (Totoroon's Treasure Hunt [appears in 2 zones]), Mamool Ja Mimicker [NM], Lamia Deathdancer [NM], Troll Speculator [NM] (Finding Faults), Mamool Ja [NM] (Two Horn the Savage) [yep, a generic name], Bukki (The Die is Cast)

* Besieged: LV1, 2, 3, 4 added
LV1- Decimator Mabel Ja, Lamia No. 34, Girzorhor the Imprudent
LV2- Thunderclap Sareel Ja, Lamia No. 21, Surmerdar the Unbridled
LV3- Panurgic Ryubool Ja, Lamia No. 15, Dartorgor the Austere + Fleetfingered Mobel Ja, Lamia No. 4, Vyurvarjur the Nimble
LV4- Sagelord Molaal Ja [#2], Merrow No. 11, Vorporlor the Barbaric
[LV3 added a special NM that specifically seeks out the Serpent Generals and has assistants]

* Assault: PSC, PFC, SP ranks added
"Imperial Agent Rescue" (Training Grounds- PSC)
"Excavation Duty" (Lebros- PSC)
"Leujaoam Cleansing" (Leujaoam- PSC)
"Golden Salvage" (Ilrusi- PSC)
"Seagull Grounded" (Periqia- PSC)
"Preemptive Strike" (Training Grounds- PFC)
"Lebros Supplies" (Lebros- PFC)
"Orichalcum Survey" (Leujaoam- PFC)
"Lamia No. 13" (Ilrusi- PFC)- Lamia No. 13
"Requiem" (Periqia- PFC)
"Sagelord Elimination" (Training Grounds- SP)- Sagelord Molaal Ja [#1]
"Troll Fugitives" (Lebros- SP)
"Escort Professor Clavauert" (Leujaoam- SP)
"Extermination" (Ilrusi- SP)
"Saving Private Ryaaf" (Periqia- SP)

* Special NMs:
Dark Rider- Randomly appears in 4 zones. Undefeatable.
Archaic Mirror- There are 3 (Mamook, Arrapago, Halvung). Their guards though (2 sets of 2 different unique enemies) weren't added until the July 2006 update though.

* Special BCNMs:
- Uncapped- Mamook Incursion (Sagelord Molaal Ja [#3], Forbidding Koheel Ja, Shadelurking Zolool Ja), Lamia Reprisal (Lamia No. 11, Lamia No. 18*, Lamia No. 24), Halvung Invasion (Chiliarch Gordarvor, Hetairoi Vuryargur, Hetairoi Zarwarkur)

*: Lamia No. 19 in this BCNM is renamed Lamia No. 18 in the 7/06 update. The reason is SE was adding a new NM named Lamia No. 19 and evidently they really wanted it to be the No. 19.

- Ironically, when WotG came out, people complained the new zones had no NMs to fight until the 2nd update. ToAU had no regular NMs in its zones until its 2nd update too. People did complain back in 2006 about the lack of NMs, but were so amazed by Besieged, Assault, and the new XP camps, it was only a minor gripe.

- The Astral Candescence BCNMs are pretty obscure because the only people who see them are those who actually give a damn to get the 2 items needed for entry and fight the NMs. Most players left it to others to retrieve the AC. Through 2010 on Siren server, these BCNMs were never unlocked (due to Siren's unparalleled winning streak in Besieged).

- There are patterns to the unique drops in Assaults:
* PSC, PFC Assaults drop 1~2 items from the Storm/Imperial series of accessory slot gear, occasionally a weapon. SP Assaults drop some Storm gear, weapons. LC Assaults drop some Storm gear, occasionally a weapon. C Assaults all drop 1 weapon. The gear all gives a bonus during Assault and the weapons mostly boost elemental Weaponskill damage depending on the day.
* S, SM Assaults drop 2 items of various combos of weapons & accessory slot gear. These have no unifying bonuses or attributes.
* CS Assaults drop 1 Greek letter necklace and 1 Greek letter Ring (+ an Earring in 1 case). These all give Salvage bonuses.
* SL Assaults drop 1 Greek letter sash and 1 Greek letter Earring. These all give Salvage bonuses.
* FL Assaults all drop 2 items from 5 two-piece gear sets. These each have special set bonuses.

JULY 2006
This update gave ToAU its first set of NMs, 33 total (counting the Gar bros as 1). It also added the 2nd of the trio of HNMs, Hydra. It also added 1 Besieged level and 2 Assault ranks. Most ToAU updates would add at least 1 to each of those activities. 6 ISNMs were added, the first and only ISNMs there would be. It looks like it was intended to be ToAU's version of the BCNM, but after this seed was established, it never got further development (likely due to so many of the endgame projects [Salvage, Nyzul Isle, Einherjar] taking up time as well as other things [Chocobo Racing, Pankration, Zeni NMs]... and then WotG got going). ToAU Jobs got their AF quests here, the same timescale the RotZ Jobs and WotG Jobs got theirs.

* NMs: Emergent Elm, Zoraal Ja's Pkuucha, Jaded Jody, Crystal Eater, Bluestreak Gyugyuroon, Zikko, Peallaidh, Zizzy Zillah, Darting Kachaal Ja, Devout Radol Ja, Dragonscaled Bugaal Ja, Hundredfaced Hapool Ja, Lamia No. 19, Lamia No. 7, Lamia No. 8, Lamia No. 9, Merrow No. 5, Bloody Bones, Energetic Eruca, 3 Gar (Bros)*, Big Bomb, Mythril Mouth Monamaq, Kirlirger the Abhorrent, Dorgerwor the Astute, Farlarder the Shrewd, Gulool Ja Ja [#1], Medusa [#1], Gurfurlur the Menacing [#1], Hydra, Northern Piranu, Southern Piranu, Proteus, Almighty Apkallu

* Mission NMs: Jazaraat** (Lost Kingdom), 9 Ashu Talif Crew** (The Black Coffin)

* Quest NMs: Carpophagous Puk, Ornery Orobon, Wheel Wamoura [it's a Wamouracampa] (The Art of War) + Ravin Raven, Ancient Bombs (Totoroon's Treasure Hunt)
- BLU AF- 1~6 Immortal Flan (Omens), Nepionic Soulflayer (Transformations)
- COR AF- Lost Soul [NM] (Equipped for All Occasions), Yazquhl & Gowam Against All Ods)
- PUP AF- Caedarva Toad (The Wayward Automaton), Valkeng (Puppetmaster Blues)
- Limit Breaks- Raubahn [#1] (The Beast Within), Qultada (Breaking the Bonds of Fate), Shamarhaan & Valkeng (Achieving True Power)

* Besieged: LV5 added
LV5- Strifelord Bakool Ja, Lamia No. 9, Vorjirzur the Valiant + Gulool Ja Ja [#2], Medusa [#2], Gurfurlur the Menacing [#2] + Brontobugard, Pining Abazohn, Killing Claw
[LV5 added the Beastmen Kings to the Besieging armies as well as a 2nd special NM with assistants that goes after the Serpent Generals]

* Assault: LC, C ranks added
"Breaking Morale" (Training Grounds- LC)
"Evade and Escape" (Lebros- LC)
"Shanarha Grass Conservation" (Leujaoam- LC)
"Demolition Duty" (Ilrusi- LC)
"Shooting Down the Baron" (Periqia- LC)- Black Baron
"The Double Agent" (Training Grounds- C)
"Siegemaster Assassination" (Lebros- C)- 8 Old Troll (1 is the disguised siegemaster, just finding him ends the mission)
"Counting Sheep" (Leujaoam- C)
"Searat Salvation" (Ilrusi- C)
"Building Bridges" (Periqia- C)

* ISNMs:
- ISNM60- Making a Mockery (Mocking Colibri), Call to Arms (5 Imp Bandsman), Tough Nut to Crack (Watch Wamoura [yeah, it's a Wamouracampa])
- ISNM75- Shadows of the Mind (Phantasmal Puk), Compliments to the Chef (Angler Orobon), Happy Caster (Two-Faced Flan)

*: evidently, Garhorlor the Unruly is the primary NM and the 2 other bros his assistants.
**: ToAU Missions were added in a 8/2/06 follow-up update

- Ravin Raven & Ancient Bombs are 2 of the most overlooked NMs in FFXI because they were backdoored into an existing quest. There's some backstory to Ravin Raven. People thought it dropped Birdman Cape and looked all over Caedarva for it. The connection to the quest wasn't realized til a full year later.

- Almighty Apkallu was added in 7/06, but was a no show for a long time. It was seen a few times in 2007, but the number of people who fought it, got its drops, or photographed it, were extremely few. Goblin Wolfman (dropper of Parade Gorget) was the same, but SE gave in and gave the recipe to make Goblin Drink in Sept 2006. Likewise, they gave in in Aug or Sept 2005 and revealed how to use the Strange Apparati. Both those were a little over 1 year after they were added. Over 4 years later, Almighty Apkallu is still a mystery (Proteus too, though it pops enough to not be rare).

- The Beastmen NMs linked to Besieged didn't have any drops until the 10/06 update.

- Lost Soul [NM] is a bit strange since it's a part of a ToAU AF quest, yet is in a 1.0 zone. All other ToAU AF NMs are located in ToAU zones.

OCT 2006
A rather generic update- added some missions, some quests, a new level to Besieged, 2 Assault ranks, but nothing particularly unique except for the 3 quasi-Assaults at the Ashu Talif.

* NMs: None

* Mission NMs: Khimaira 13 (Shield of Diplomacy)

* Quest NMs: Lamia No. 27 & Moshdahn (Not Meant to Be)

* Besieged: LV6 added
LV6- Eidolic Qufeel Ja, Merrow No. 12, Wordorbor the Artificer

* Assault: S, SM ranks added
"Imperial Treasure Retrieval" (Training Grounds- S)
"Apkallu Breeding" (Lebros- S)
"Supplies Recovery" (Leujaoam- S)
"Apkallu Seizure" (Ilrusi- S)
"Stop the Bloodshed" (Periqia- S)
"Blitzkrieg" (Training Grounds- SM)- Bluethunder Kaqool Ja
"Wamoura Farm Raid" (Lebros- SM)
"Azure Experiments" (Leujaoam- SM)
"Lost and Found" (Ilrusi- SM)
"Defuse the Threat" (Periqia- SM)
"Scouting the Ashu Talif" (Ashu Talif-1)- 5 Swiftwinged Gekko (during waves of Ashu Talif Crew, Watch Imps)
"Royal Painter Escort" (Ashu Talif-2)- Black Bartholomew
"Targeting the Captain" (Ashu Talif-3)- Cuthroat Kabsalah

DEC 2006
Salvage dominated this update. Unlike most ToAU updates, no additions were made to Assault or Besieged. The 3rd HNM was added though, Khimaira.

* NMs: Khimaira

* Mission NMs: None

* Quest NMs: Shadowhand Kajeel Ja, Whitetattoo Rahool Ja, Blacktattoo Vedoll Ja (Moment of Truth)

* Besieged: None

* Assault: None

* Salvage:
- Zhayolm Remnants: Poroggo Madame (9 different versions, 1 is a Socket NM), Jakko (Slot NM), First Rampart, Second Rampart, Third Rampart, Fourth Rampart, Battleclad Chariot
- Arrapago Remnants: Qiqirn Astrologer (4 total, 2 per floor), Qiqirn Treasure Hunter (6 total, 2 per floor), Princess Pudding (Slot NM), Vile Wahzil (Socket NM), Deviant Bhoot (different from regular versions), Psycheflayer (different from regular versions), Archaic Chariot (2 total), Armored Chariot
- Silver Sea Remnants: Hammerblow Majanun, Dekka, Gakke (Socket NM), Powderkeg Yanadahn, Don Poroggo (Slot NM), Gyroscopic Gear, Gyroscopic Gears, Citadel Chelonian, Long-Armed Chariot
- Bhaflau Remnants: Mad Bomber, Dormant Rampart (4 different versions), Reactionary Rampart (4 different versions), Flux Flan (Socket NM), Demented Jalaawa (Slot NM), Gate Widow, Skirmish Pephredo, Zebra Zachary, Peryton [NM], Long-Bowed Chariot

MARCH 2007
Unlike the Dec 2006 update with Salvage, as extensive as Nyzul Isle is (particularly in testing its large set of randomized combinations, similar to testing the different paths through the Alzadaal Remnants), 1 Assault rank, 1 Besieged level, and even a block of missions was added.

* NMs: None

* Mission NMs: Lancelord Gaheel Ja (Puppet in Peril), 10 K23H1-LAMIA (Shades of Vengeance)

* Quest NMs: None

* Besieged: LV7 added
LV7- Searing Vogaal Ja, Lamia No. 3, Xarhorkur the Claviger

* Assault: CS rank added
"Marids in the Mist" (Training Grounds- CS)
"Egg Conservation" (Lebros- CS)
"Imperial Code" (Leujaoam- CS)- Saizo, Oko, Danzo
"Deserter" (Ilrusi- CS)- K22B6-LAMIA, K22H3-LAMIA, K22P2-LAMIA, D5R3-MERROW, D5J2-MERROW, D5S1-MERROW (2 of each)
"Operation Snake Eyes" (Periqia- CS)- Lamia No. 14, Lamia No. 17, Merrow No. 16
"Nyzul Isle Investigation" (Nyzul- N/A)- see below

* Nyzul Isle:
- Special enemy leaders exclusive to Nyzul: Anise Custard, Caraway Custard, Cinnamon Custard, Cumin Custard, Ginger Custard, Mint Custard, Nutmeg Custard, Vanilla Custard, Eriri Samariri, Oriri Samariri, Uriri Samariri, Mokka, Mokke, Mokku, Vile Ineef, Vile Wahdaha, Vile Yabeewa, Gem Heister Roorooroon, Quick Draw Sasaroon, Stealth Bomber Gagaroon, Battledressed Chariot, Long-Gunned Chariot, Long-Horned Chariot, Shielded Chariot. Archaic Rampart summons the random NMs below.
- When 1 enemy among a set of regular enemies needs to be defeated, that regular enemy is branded as a NM even though they are just a regular enemy otherwise.
- The entire compliment of Vana'diel NMs that appear in Nyzul was also added here (no late editions). The run the gamut from June 2002 NMs up to July 2006. Something like 91 NMs are taken (41 from 1.0, 25 from RotZ, 6 from CoP + 8 from 1.0 zones added in the big 7/05 update, 5 from ToAU + the 3 T1 Kings from 1.0/RotZ + the 3 HNMs from ToAU). All appear once except for Tom Tit Tat (3 times among those 19-floor blocks) and Taisaijin (4 times).

- This update also converted 5 existing NMs from their previous spawn conditions into forced pop. This was done to reduce RMT monopolizing them for their drops. They were Alkyoneus (previously a timed spawn), Pallas (previously a timed spawn), Sozu Rogberry (previously a lottery pop), Ullikummi (previously a lottery pop), and Big Bomb (previously a lottery pop).

JUNE 2007
Einherjar dominated this update, but like the Nyzul Isle update, 1 Assault rank, 1 Besieged rank, and some missions were added.

* NMs: None

* Mission NMs: Gessho (Legacy of the Lost)

* Quest NMs: None

* Besieged: LV8 added
LV8- Scalding Fafool Ja, Lamia No. 2, Zurmurwur the Ruthless + Illuyankas, Nemean Lion, Gere

* Assault: SL rank added*
"Azure Ailments" (Training Grounds- SL)
"Operation: Black Pearl" (Lebros- SL)- Jorporbor the Hellraker
"Red Versus Blue" (Leujaoam- SL)- Raubahn [#2], Ghayaraan, Krinahal, Varajahl, Mareyamad, Shayaam, Habraheem, Qudeen, Salyhaar, Sharayaan, Ubdeen, Bashdeel, Wharadi, Hkadouf, Afrhaad, Nareema, Udhaaman, Yhalbin
"Desperately Seeking Cephalopods" (Ilrusi- SL)
"Wake the Puppet" (Periqia- SL)

* Einherjar:
Wing I (Hildesvini, Himinrjot, Hraesvelg, Hakenmann, Morbol Emperor, Nihhus)
Wing II (Balrahn [#1], Mokkuralfi, Ariri Samariri, Tanngrisnir, Andhrimnir, Hrungnir)
Wing III* (Dendainsonne, Freke, Stoorworm, Gorgimera, Motsognir, Vampyr Jarl)
Valgrind* (Odin)
Special NMs (Huginn, Muninn, Saehrimnir, Heithrun)

*: SL rank Assaults, Wing III weren't added until the 6/12/07 followup update.

- A small point about Assaults & ranks. Look at the pattern of badges, and you will notice a missing rank between Chief Sergeant (which was named Master Sergeant in the .dats before 3/07, renamed to presumably avoid confusion between MS & the existing SM rank) and Second Lieutenant. Private Second Class, Private First Class, Superior Private all have a bronze badge with 1/2/3 scintillant moat carp on it. Then, Lance Corporal, Corporal, Sergeant all have silver badges with 1/2/3 scintillant moat carp on it. Then, Sergeant Major, Chief Sergeant have a mythril badge with 1/2 scintillant salmon on it. Second Lt. & First Lt. ranks next use a gold badge with a progressive number of scintillant tuna on it. So where is the rank with a mythril badge with 3 scintillant salmon on it? This original 9th rank existed in the .dats as of early 2007, but was deleted in the March 2007 update. It was Warrant Officer. This indicates there were planned to be 12 ranks total (12th being the capstone Captain rank), and thus each zone would have 11 Assaults. There are 11 maps per Assault zone (10 displayed + 1 unmapped battlefield). There are unused Assault maps: Leujaoam map #5, Training Grounds maps #6, 9, Ilrusi map #6, Lebros maps #7, 8, and Periqia maps #4, 5, 9, 10 (map #6 is used for a mission). Second & First Lt were in those same .dats (but not Captain). Just a little lost history in the popular ToAU.
(Nyzul has 8 maps, uses 6 for Nyzul Isle Investigation with randomly placed walls to vary the layout, the other 2 are used in missions)

AUG 2007
The final ToAU missions and final Assault rank were added with this update. Pankration was also a major element, making it more substantive than CoP's final update (Feb 2006). With the large void of new regular NMs seen, none since July 2006 (except for Khimaira) (contrast with the pacing of new NMs across 1.0, RotZ, and CoP), it's clear somewhere along the way, Zeni Notorious Monsters, which were added in June 2008 (ToAU content added during a WotG update) were meant to be added, but with the reduced staff (some taken to work on FFXIV, others working on getting Wings of the Goddess developed, Campaign Battles & Ops no doubt taking *a lot* of work with 3 versions of 34 ops and battles in 18 zones with over 60 commanders and legions to test the interactions and difficulty of), and all the work to develop Salvage, Nyzul Isle, Einherjar, Pankration, then Campaign, it's not surprising ZNMs were added in June 2008.

* NMs: None

* Mission NMs: Amnaf (Path of Darkness), Rafzahd/Alexander (Nashmeira's Plea)

* Quest NMs: Poroggo Casanova (The Prince and the Hopper)

* Besieged: None

* Assault: FL rank added + Captain rank
"The Susanoo Shuffle" (Training Grounds- FL)- Orochi
"Better Than One" (Lebros- FL)- Black Shuck
"Bloody Rondo" (Leujaoam- FL)- Count Dracula
"Bellerophon's Bliss" (Ilrusi- FL)- Khimaira 14X
"The Price is Right" (Periqia- FL)- King Goldemar

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Re: A History of Notorious Monsters

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The update that added the initial content of Wings of the Goddess was made on 11/19/07, but the expansion disk had not been released yet. This meant only new Job Abilities could be accessed. The Cavernous Maws were locked, by virtue of the start of the WotG mission-line being locked, same with the DNC & SCH flag quests. All were locked until 11/22/07, the day the expansion disc was released.

Wings of the Goddess had been previewed since spring 2007, though extensive details (like the new Jobs, new monsters) weren't provided until Aug/Sept of that year. The premise of being able to experience the Crystal War and learn first-hand about the multitude of events and moment that compose the big picture of the Crystal War really interested people. Almost everybody instantly assumed they would finally be able to visit the city of Tavnazia before it was destroyed (they would be mistaken, which would start WotG with one major strike against it). The extensive recycling of zones was cautiously accepted as a fact of time traveling back 20 years until at release, people saw new maps weren't used (even when the old maps were inaccurate) and most zones had only small changes made to them. 3 new (regular) zones was not enough; the extensive recycling pissed people off and created the first sense among the players that maybe SE was shortchanging FFXI and it took several designers over to FFXIV, whose development was really starting to pick up in late 2007 (though it wasn't known to be FFXIV, just the next big MMORPG from SE). The perception of the expansion being "empty" or half-complete with the Nov 2007 launch update started to build up negativity towards WotG and the dev team (not that negativity didn't exist earlier, but here negativity towards the direction they were taking the game content-wise started to gestate). The rigid metering out of new missions & nation-quests to meager sets spread out over many months people felt undermined the telling of the story (as people forgot what happened it was so long ago). While 2008 did provide content to build up WotG, most people were still using ToAU as the center of their activity (adding Zeni NMs during WotG definately hurt it) and started to mend the hostility from a terrible expansion launch and the absence of Tavnazia, they would multiply that ill-will in 2009 (see the April 2009 entry for the rest of the story) and destroy the abundance of optimism and good will ToAU built up for FFXI. From the first update to the defined conclusion of WotG, the expansion would run twice as long as previous expansions.

- Most Wings of the Goddess zones were accessible starting in Nov 2007. The 3 multi-use zones, Everbloom Hollow, Ruhotz Silvermines, Ghoyu's Reverie were also available starting in Nov 2007 (only via Campaign Ops initially). March 2008 opened up La Vaule (S), Beadeaux (S), Castle Oztroja (S). July 2009 opened up Beaucedine Glacier (S), Xarcabard (S). March 2010 opened up Castle Zvahl Baileys (S), Castle Zvahl Keep (S), Throne Room (S). June 2010 opened up Walk of Echoes.

- The Wings of the Goddess era of FFXI started on 11/19/07. By 12/31/10, WotG would have been around for about 3 years 1 month and for 1108 days. For reference, 1108 days from FFXI's launch was 5/28/05, in the Chains of Promathia era of FFXI shortly after the 3rd anniversary of FFXI (think about how much occurred in FFXI from launch to 5/28/05 compared to WotG launch thru the end of 2010...). It marked the Year of the Rat (2008), the Year of the Ox (2009), the Year of the Tiger (2010), and should mark the Year of the Rabbit (2011) as well, and the 6th, 7th, 8th anniversaries of FFXI.
(Note: Count runs from the Japanese date of the 1st version update thru the day before the next expansion's 1st version update, not the expansion disk release date when the content is unlocked. The first date is counted in full, even though the version update wasn't at midnight JST).

* Some Campaign stats:
Campaign Battles:
11/07- 18 zones- 10 Orcish Horde commanders, 10 Quadav Shieldwarriors commanders, 10 Yagudo Theomilitary commanders, 4 Dark Kindred commanders, 30 Allied commanders
3/08 3 zones- added Turrets, Belfrys, Mantelets
6/08- 0 zones- added healing units to Allied & Beastmen forces
7/09- 2 zones- 2 Dark Kindred commanders, added DK Turret
3/10- 2 zones- 2 Dark Kindred commanders
Freelances- 11/07 (10), 3/08 (5+4), 9/08 (4)

Campaign Battles are fought in a total of 25 zones. 18/25 (72%) were available at WotG's release. 3 months later, it was 21/25 (84%). Zones 22-23 wouldn't become available for nearly another 1 1/2 years, and zones 24-25 only a full 2 years later. 34/38 (89%) enemy commanders (and their exclusive legions) were available at WotG's release. Commanders 35-36 only became available over 1 1/2 years later and commanders 37-38 over 2 years after WotG's release.

Campaign Ops:
11/07- 34(x3)
3/08- 18(x3)
6/08- 8(x3) + 3
9/08- 4(x3)
12/08- 3(x3)
3/10- 14(x3)

There are a total of 84 different Campaign Ops (counts different tiers [e.g. I, II, III] as individual Ops, but does not count different allegiance Ops [e.g. B vs. S vs. W], and counts the 3 Beastmen war leader Ops as 3 individual Ops). 34/84 (40%) were available at WotG's release. By 6 months in, 52/84 (62%) were available. At the end of 2008, 1 year in, 70/84 (83%) were available. There were no new Campaign Ops added in 2009 (correct, the Northlands were open for half a year without any Campaign Ops, even those that involve fighting in Campaign Battles there). Those final 14 Ops (17%) would take over 15 months to be added from the previous Ops release.

When all variations are counted, there are a grand total of 246 "individual" Campaign Ops.

Campaign Medals:
11/07- Ribbon 1,2,3,4, Star 1,2,3,4, Emblem 1,2,3,4
6/08- Wings 1,2,3,4
7/09- Medal 1,2
3/10- Medal 3,4

There are 20 Campaign Medals. 12/20 (60%) were available at WotG's release. By 6 months in, 16/20 (80%) were available. It was stuck at 16 medals for over 1 full year without any change. Almost 8 months separated medals 17-18 from 19-20. Contrast this pacing with Mercenary Ranks in ToAU.

NOV 2007
Branded as an empty update, an incomplete release for an expansion, there's more to this update than meets the eye. The (S) zones did feel empty, but look at Campaign. 34 different enemy commanders, each with a unique legion in 18 different zones (expanded to 21 by the next update). Each zone has an exclusive commander and the possibility of 5 other enemy commanders + 4 allied Kindred commanders and their forces appearing. The Nov 2007 update added 79% of Campaign by number of enemy commanders, 72% of Campaign by total number of zones (from its 2010 conclusion). The total scope and primary opponents of Campaign was almost entirely in place from the get-go. In that regard, the Nov 2007 update looks similar to the March 2007 update and Dec 2006 updates (see above), which were almost entirely preoccupied with Nyzul Isle and Salvage respectively, with Campaign taking up a lot of the content of the update. Outside of Campaign, just 1 NM was added, the HNM Sandworm, which did not have Doomvoid functional and had no drops. It was just kind of there (it did give a title though).

* NMs: Sandworm (found across multiple zones)

* Mission/Nation-Quest NMs: Fingerfilcher Dradzad (Claws of the Griffon), War Lynx [NM] (The Tigress Strikes)

* Campaign:
- Campaign Medals: all 4 Ribbons, all 4 Stars, all 4 Emblems
- Campaign Battles:
E. Ronfaure (Poisonhand Gnadgad [#2]), Vunkerl (Three-eyed Prozpuz [#2]), Jugner (Steelbiter Gudrud [#2]), Batallia (Dirtyhanded Gochakzuk [#2]), Eldieme (Battlemaster Vatgit), Orcish Horde's 7 possible zones of battle (Conqueror Bakgodek, One-eyed Gwajboj [#2], Deathlord Rojgnoj, Jagidbod's Warmachine/Jagidbod of Clan Reaper [#2], Alpha Gnole Anders)
N. Gustaberg (Do'Bho Venomtail), Grauberg (No'Mho Crimsonarmor [#2]), Pashhow (Gi'Ghi Rockchopper), Rolanberry (Ga'Dho Softstep), Crawlers Nest (Go'Dha Jademaiden), Quadav Shieldwarriors' 7 possible zones of battle (Bo'Dho Hundredfist, Di'Dha Adamantfist, Bi'Gho Headtaker [#2], De'Vyu Headhunter [#2], Go'Bhu Herohunter)
W. Sarutabaruta (Vuu Puqu the Beguiler [#2]), Fort Karugo-Narugo (Yuu Mjii the Awakened), Meriphataud (Vaa Oozu the Redolent), Sauromugue (Yaa Haqa the Pious), Garlaige (Vee Seju the Consumed), Yagudo Theomilitary's 7 possible zones of battle (Moo Ouzi the Swiftblad* [#2], Vee Qiqa the Decreer, Dee Xalmo the Grim, Kazan the Peerless, Muu Buzu the Elusive)
Anywhere as supporting division (Shadowfang, Shadoweye, Shadowhand, Shadowhorn)
[The first 2 of the 5 generic commanders can appear in Beaucedine, Xarcabard, the latter 3 of the 5 can appear in Zvahl Baileys & Keep]
- Freelances**: Azima, Babban Ny Mheillea, Choh Moui, Dalzakk (& Oggbi), Duskraven, Maat [#2] (& Degenhard), Kagetora, Rainemard, Titania, Ulla & Kilhwch
- Campaign Ops:
"Stock and Awe I, II, III (B, S, W)"
"Materiel Storm I, II, III (B, S, W)"
"Vanguard-X I, II, III (B, S, W)"
"Crimson Domino I, II, III (B, S, W)"
"Streetsweeper I, II, III (B, S, W)"
"Delta Strike I, II, III (B, S, W)"- 1/2/3 Goblin Picaroon
"Crystal Fist I, II (B, S, W)"
"Iron Anvil I, II (B, S, W)"
"Smokescreen I, II (B, S, W)"
"Pit Spider I (B, S, W)"- 1/2/2 Orcish Carrier, Quadav Carrier, Yagudo Carrier
"Aegis Scream I, II (B, S, W)"
"Granite Rose I (B, S, W)"- 1/2/3 waves of 3 Orcish Stormer, Quadav Stormer, Yagudo Stormer
"Hawk Eye I, II (B, S, W)"
"Slaughterhouse I (B, S, W)"
"Brave Dawn I, II, III (B, S, W)"- Trained Crab (I), Trained Bat (II), Trained Scorpion (III)

*: yes, his name's a typo.
** Freelances were added in the 12/5/07 followup patch

MARCH 2008
This update gave every WotG zone available 1 NM (except for strongholds, which got 3) except for Eldieme, Crawlers Nest, and Garlaige, which would have to wait a full 2 years to Nov 2009 to get NMs. 21 NMs total were added. AF quests for the WotG Jobs were added (notice each has only 1 NM to fight compared with the 2+ other Jobs needed to fight). Campaign got a small expansion into the Beastmen strongholds and some new features added.

* NMs: Skogs Fru, Gloomanita, Jeduah, Pallas [#2], Scitalis, Kirtimukha, Vulkodlac, Kinepikwa, Bloodlapper, La Velue, Dyinyinga, Balam-Quitz, Ashmaker Gotblut [#2], Hawkeyed Dnatbat [#2], Shatterskull Mippdapp [#2], Ba'Tho Mercifulheart, Da'Dha Hundredmask [#2], Ea'Tho Cruelheart [#2], Aa Xalmo the Savage, Duu Masa the Onecut [#2], Zhuu Buxu the Silent [#2]

* Mission/Nation-Quest NMs: Cobraclaw Buchzvotch [#2] (Wrath of the Griffon), Sapphire Quadav (Light in the Darkness), Laa Yaku the Austere (A Manifest Problem)

* Quest NMs:
- DNC AF- Migratory Hippogryph (The Unfinished Waltz)
- SCH AF- Ulbrecht (Seeing Blood-red)
- Limit Breaks- Laila (A Furious Finale), Gunther Schultz (Survival of the Wisest)

* Campaign:
- Campaign Medals: None
- Campaign Battles: Orcish Turret, Quadav Turret, Yagudo Turret, Confederate Belfry, Confederate Mantelet
- Freelances: Achtelle, Areuhat/Odzmanouk, Poroggo Prince, Rikoh Wahcondalo, Rongo-Nango + Boodlix, Eurytos [#2], Kaiser Behemoth, Raigegue R d'Oraguille
- Campaign Ops:
"Steel Resolve I, II, III (B, S, W)
"Search and Seizure (B, S, W)"- Orcish Transporter, Quadav Transporter, Yagudo Transporter
"Bridge Too Far (B, S, W)"
"Crystal Fist III (B, S, W)"
"Iron Anvil III (B, S, W)"
"Smokescreen III (B, S, W)"
"Pit Spider II (B, S, W)"
"Aegis Scream III (B, S, W)"
"Granite Rose II, III (B, S, W)"
"Hawk Eye III (B, S, W)"
"Slaughterhouse II, III (B, S, W)"
"Deep Cover I, II, III (B, S, W)"

JUNE 2008
This update added a bit to WotG (a few other quests, some missions, Dark Ixion & the Doomvoid NMs) but the real star and most of the substance of the update was in the Zeni Notorious Monsters of ToAU (and part of the Mythic Weapon questline). This got all the attention then (besides HNMLSes who were interested in the 2 new and 3 "new" HNMs in the past). SE never quite admitted it, but it seems to have been content that was delayed from ToAU (like the Avatars and the cancelled PvP in the Colosseum) as how often has content from one expansion's update been entirely limited to a previous expansion's area? This update added 36 NMs (31 in ToAU, 5 in WotG).

* NMs: Dark Ixion (found across multiple zones)
- Doomvoid NMs: King Arthro [#2], Guivre [#2], Serket [#2], Lambton Worm
- ZNMs:
Tier I- Chamrosh, Vulpangue, Cheese Hoarder Gigiroon, Velionis, Lil' Apkallu, Chigre, Brass Borer, Claret, Ob
Tier II- Lividroot Amooshah, Iriz Ima, Iriri Samariri, Verdelet, Zareehkl the Jubilant, Wulgaru, Reacton, Dextrose, Anantaboga
Tier III- Gotoh Zha the Redolent, Dea, Armed Gears, Experimental Lamia, Mahjlaef the Paintorn, Nuhn, Khromasoul Bhurborlor, Achamoth, Nosferatu
Tier IV- Tinnin, Sarameya, Tyger
Tier V- Pandemonium Warden

* Mission/Nation-Quest NMs: Galarhigg (Purple, The New Black)

* Quest NMs: "Adam" (Clash of the Comrades)
- "An Imperial Heist"- reused existing NMs (Gulool Ja Ja, Medusa, Gurfurlur the Menacing, Armored Chariot, Long-Bowed Chariot, Battleclad Chariot, Long-Armed Chariot, Odin)
- "The Miraculous Dale"- reused existing NMs (Sharp-Eared Ropipi, Buburimboo, Daggerclaw Dracos, Tumbling Truffle, Tottering Toby, Blubbery Bulge, Jolly Green, Black Triple Stars, Drooling Daisy, Trickster Kinetix, Ixtab, Boreal Tiger, Boreal Coeurl, Boreal Hound, Shadow Eye, Gargantua)

* Campaign:
- Campaign Medals: all 4 Wings
- Campaign Battles- healer forces added to Allied, Beastmen Forces
- Campaign Ops:
"Smokescreen IV (B, S, W)"
"Aegis Scream IV (B, S, W)"
"Stock and Awe IV (B, S, W)"
"Materiel Storm IV (B, S, W)"
"Crystal Fist IV (B, S, W)"
"Iron Anvil IV (B, S, W)"
"By Light of Fire (B, S, W)"- are these NMs or just generics?
"Prying Eyes I (B, S, W)"
"Cracking Shells (B)"- Za'Dha Adamantking [#2]
"Splitting Heirs (S)"- Darkheir Grradhod
"Plucking Wings (W)"- Soo Luma the Ascended

- "Adam" is the placeholder name in the .dats for your NPC Fellow.

- Few reached the 3 Beastmen Leader Ops until 9/08 when changes were made to Campaign. Those Ops did originate with this update though. Even with the changes, they didn't open up all that often since then. "By the Light of Fire" is also a rare Ops, so uncommon that English & Japanese wikis and guides have little information on it.

Fun Fact: These 3 Campaign Ops pit players against the wartime leaders of the Beastmen forces (just as "Fiat Lux" pits players against the Crystal War-era Shadow Lord). When defeated, they make reference to transferring power to their 2nd-in-commands, explicitly Tzee Xicu and Za'Dha's brother (the white-toned Za'Dha fought in the present & SCNM is that brother, this Za'Dha here uses a different color palette), which means the SCNMs, which include a white Za'Dha Adamantking and Tzee Xicu the Manifest are the 2nd-in-commands of the Beastmen during the Crystal War. Evidently with the deaths/defeats of the 2 sons of the Orcish Emperor, command of the Orcish forces on Quon would end up with Campaign leader Conqueror Bakgodek, Overlord Bakgodek in the present.

- This update also added the hidden opponent, the 32nd Zeni NM, ATNM Test, a low-level Goblin spawned in Wajaom by trading a Pandemonium Key to a duplicate "???" with the same message as Pandemonium Warden's "???". It was meant only for testing and they forgot to take it out (in fact, the Aydeewa "???" was only added in a patch a week after the 6/08 update. It *wasn't* in the original update, which is why Wajaom was thought to be the real one). It was only fought once (it wasn't even a NM), on Leviathan Server on 6/22/08, and was removed from the game with its "???" in an emergency update on 6/23/08. ATNM meant Atorugan (Aht Urhgan in Japanese) NM.

ATNM Test was one of the most famous bizarre events in FFXI history. Among the other classic WTF moments were when Vrtra came up out of the cavern to the surface of KRT and wreaked havoc (12/7/05, on Lakshmi) and the time a GM forgot to put up his invincibility and was slain by a Camazotz in Fei'Yin. There was also the breaking of Steam Cleaner from Jan-March 2005 on several servers (after an update or maintenance, it would be fine again, but eventually would stop appearing, some servers going several weeks without spawning it).

SEPT 2008
Most of this update was dominated by the Sealed Container/Stronghold Notorious Monsters and Level Sync (plus the Mythic Weaponskills).

* NMs:
- Tier I (Orc)- Coinbiter Cjaknokk, Draketrader Zlodgodd, Feeblescheme Bhogbigg, All-Seeing Onyx Eye, Cogtooth Skagnogg, Agrios, Falsespinner Bhudbrodd, Rugaroo
- Tier I (Quadav)- Ga'Lhu Nevermolt, Bres, Di'Zho Spongeshell, Observant Zekka, Blifnix Oilycheeks, Mu'Nhi Thimbletail, Va'Gho Bloodbasked, Ra'Dha Scarscute
- Tier I (Yagudo)- Dee Zelko the Esoteric, Marquis Forneus, Loo Kutto the Pensive, Fleshgnasher, Vee Ladu the Titterer, Maa Ilmu the Bestower, Asterion, Suu Xicu the Cantabile

* Mission/Nation-Quest NMs: Quadav Turret [#2] (Fire in the Hole), Confederate Belfry [#2] (A Feast for Gnats), Orcish Turret [#2] (In a Haze of Glory)

* Quest NMs: Balrahn [#2] (Coming Full Circle) [Mythic Weapon final quest]

* Campaign:
- Campaign Medals: None
- Freelances: Auroral Alicorn, Lewenhart, Ferreous Coffin, Maruna-Kurina
- Campaign Ops:
"Cut and Cauterize I, II, III (B, S, W)"
"Pit Spider III (B, S, W)"

* SCNMs:
- Tier II- The Blood-bathed Crown (Bloodcrown Brradhod), The Buried God (Za'Dha Adamantking [#3]), A Malicious Manifest (Tzee Xicu the Manifest [#2])

DEC 2008
This update was entirely consumed on introducing Moblin Maze Mongers, which actually had to wait to the 12/18/08 follow-up update to be added, and on another small segment of WotG missions (similar to the Salvage and Nyzul updates). Besides that, it added Fields of Valor, putting Field Manuals everywhere in outdoor 1.0 zones (Zilart zones would get white books in 4/09, 1.0 zones would get Fields of Valor NMs in 4/09 and Zilart zones in 7/09). Outside of that, there was little in the way of new WotG content (and MMM is on the edge of being WotG "content", being based out of present-day Jeuno and centering on Moblins, plus Signet can cover the MMM zones but not Sigil).

* NMs: None

* Mission/Nation-Quest NMs: Cernunnos (Daughter of a Knight), One-eyed Gwajboj [#3] (A Nation on the Brink)

* Quest NMs: None

* Campaign:
- Campaign Medals: None
- Campaign Ops:
"Magna Cache I, II, III (B, S, W)"

* MMM*:
Voucher 01 (Sanitization Team Alpha)- no NMs
Voucher 04 (Materialization Team)- no NMs... yet
Voucher 07 (Liquidation Team)-
- No Runes (Flamma, Glacies, Ventus, Tellus, Fulmen, Anapos, Luminare, Kimmerios)
- Rune 004 (Seua Peek, Purushamriga, Chichevache, Gorib, Haferbocks, Nimble Nelson, Haferbocks)
- Rune 005 (Rahu, Tanihwa, Kendi, Tatzelwurm)
- Rune 006 (Noxious Nellie, Winged Menace, Gnyan, Terror Fly, Atlas Beetle, Iyamoopo, Dicey Dorcus, Yellow Pillywiggin, Red Pillywiggin)
- Rune 007 (Fungic Koti, Dzoavits, Siltim, Kerwan, Niveus Tages, Metshaldjas)

*: MMM was postponed until the 12/18/08 follow-up update.

- Liquidation Team has 34 NMs total. Some of these are so obscure, their wiki pages here are stubs. Seems only Purushamriga and Tanihwa are only fought even occasionally because their possible drops are the only things of interest to people. It's been almost 2 years and many of them have pathetic profiles here, especially Rune 006 and Rune 007 NMs. Oh, and the JP wikis pretty much figured out each weapon or piece of gear that drops is determined by family rune + size/stillness or motion rune combo.
[Sources also say Winged Menace is a Spider, but without pics or descriptions of the battle, we ultimately don't know. It may very well be, with SE's name-giver & NM-designer not communicating properly, though I think it may need to be checked to see if it may be a Fly]

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Re: A History of Notorious Monsters

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APRIL 2009
Allied Notes Notorious Monsters, the 3 new Moblin Maze Monger activities, and the implementation of the Augment system dominated the update, and Fields of Valor NMs were added to 1.0 zones (21 NMs total).

Oh, side note, evidently the 4/09 update was the most hated update North Americans encountered. It led to people getting extremely frustrated, some quitting or distancing themselves from FFXI. The reasons were: paying for add-ons when the already-paid-for content was neglected and not being developed (and paying more for less), ACP being a huge disappointment, MMM Marbles & Campaign Fortifications skill-ups being nerfed, the famous breaking of Enfeebling Magic (which led to an actual apology from SE. It also broke Blue Magic, Charm, PUP's automata Ranged Attack & melee Attack, SCH's enspell-ga ability, fixing those within a few days. The Enfeebling fix took 2 weeks. Worst 2 weeks ever for RDMs and for any endgame activity really needing enfeebling spells), promises being routinely broken (people were still waiting for Campaign body gear), virtually no new quests and little mission progress, the augment system being completely random and totally sucking (sense of false advertisement, people didn't know it would be completely random), the update being 1 month late with nothing to show for it, and a lack new gear/crafted items generally. There also seemed to be an appraising of WotG and how far it still had to go. This update created the feeling the game was being abandoned by SE. On forums, I've never read so much general rage for an update (whenever there was rage, it was specific, like RNGs for 7/05, BSTs for 12/05). By contrast, 12/08 was a disappointment but not really a source of anger. The only good this update had to show was the changes to WHM, the continued development of Fields of Valor & Treasure Caskets, and a small boost to SMN. ANNMs were just sort of ignored (people griped of everyone needing the Allied Notes-expensive packages though). The 7/09 update lacked the antgonistic elements this update had, but it felt rather empty of content, incomplete, and helped solidify people's sense of being abandoned. This whole period FFXI strongly felt adrift. The 11/09 update felt like the first really substantive, content-filled update in a year or more and started to mute the feeling of abandonment. The 3/10 update, though relatively small in content, the addition of the Voidwalker NM system and the gigantic Trial of the Magian systems, with the promise of level caps coming started to revitalize the game and give the sense that it was finally charting a course after being adrift for so long. So basically, 2009 was kind of a lost year and despite adding 276 NMs in only 3 updates (counting regular NMs, Fields of Valor, ANNM, MMM, Succor to the Sidhe, but not mission, nation-quest, add-on mission NMs), many of those NMs are obscure, forgotten, and overlooked compared to their 2002-2008 brethern.

* NMs: -
- Fields of Valor NMs: Gougetooth Ganzaga, Gawky Gawain, Deathly Stinger, Grylio, Bakru, Bolster, Thunderhead, Zagh, Allocamelus, Blue Bascinet, Ketos, Kumbaba, Ballistosporer, Tsaagan, Malefic Fencer, Lanky Lenglen, Urayuli, Balam-Agab, Plumbago, Kulili, Gudanna

* Mission/Nation-Quest NMs: Madthrasher Zradbodd (The Price of Valor), Young Behemoth (Bonds That Never Die), Arch Ahriman (Honor Under Fire), Court Furfur (The Long March North)

* Add-on Mission NMs: Vegnix Greenthumb, Chuglix Berrypaws, Dribblix Greasemaw (Gatherer of Light I), 30 Seed Mandragora (Gatherer of Light II), Seed Orc/Quadav/Yagudo/Goblin (Those Who Lurk in Shadows III), Seed Crystal (Ode of Life Bestowing)

* Quest NMs: None

* Campaign: None

* ANNMs:
- ANNM60- E. Ronfaure (Queenbug), N. Gustaberg (Feeorin), W. Sarutabaruta (Cosmos Cocora)
- ANNM70- Vunkerl (Procrustes), Grauberg (Simorg), Fort Karugo-Narugo (Amaranth)
- ANNM75- Jugner (Zmag Ognjeni Vuk), Pashhow (Groot Slang), Meriphataud (Brummbar), Batallia (Scythefang Liger), Rolanberry (Gummy Guillaume), Sauromugue (Iqi-Balam), Eldieme (Ellylldan), Crawlers Nest (Goldcap), Garlaige (Khadem Quemquona)

* MMM:
Voucher 02 (Sanitization Team Beta)- no NMs
Voucher 03 (Sanitization Team Gamma)- no NMs
Voucher 04 (Materialization Team*)- Lubber Lyle, Curupira, Maze Demolisher, Metsik, Centycore, Caointeach, Obin-Murt, Entremet
Voucher 06 (Appropriation Team)- no NMs, just NPCs

*: Materialization Team was added in 12/08, though an update preview from 4/5/09 states that among the many changes to this activity, NMs were added. Also, a Google Translated line in the JP FFXI wikipedia seems to indicate the NMs for V04 were added in the 4/09 update. Because of how unbelievably obscure these NMs are (read below), there are no posts, discussions for me to work with to try and place a timestamp on these NMs going by the traditional means. I'll have to take the word for it here.

- Materialization Team's 8 NMs are hands down the most obscure MMM NMs since they are in the crafting maze (seemingly the least popular of all 9 MMM activities), only appear when family runes are in place and aren't in the 2 NM-centric mazes (Liquidation, Revitalization Team), nor the fun one (Actualization Team). Some don't even have pages here at the wiki. Do a search; their names turn up virtually nowhere. There are more references to Unlucky Beak out there than Obin-Murt, Entremet, Curupira, for example. That says something. I actually think these 8 NMs may be among the most obscure, most unknown in all FFXI.

Why are they so obscure?
1.) They're located in a special activity, not out in the open. This lowers the chances of encounter. Add on top of this V04 is nowhere near as popular as the other vouchers are.
2.) They require family runes to appear. They're in a crafting maze. Not many would combine Voucher 04 with family runes. Most maze-goers save their family runes for V01, 02, 03, 07. Add on top of #1 that they require additional runes to appear, runes most people wouldn't think of using on V04.
3.) They were retroactively added in. This is a recipe for being missed (see: Ravin Raven).
4.) They were added in the midst of the year FFXI was the most adrift, the least focused (as evidenced by the high number of activities that flopped).

[How I would love to see pics of the obscure NMs from these mazes. Maybe there should be some kind of contest for who can upload the most/rarest (point system?) pics of obscure NMs, assuming they're of decent quality (not like 20kb and zoomed in so close to the mob you can't see any scenery or cluttered up with WS graphics hitting the NM)]

- Unlike other content from 12/08 to 3/10, at least enough people fought the Fields of Valor NMs to get pics of them and battle profiles as well. Of course, how widely are they done now since their augments have been confirmed as being crappy? ANNM info is somewhat well developed (did the wiki finally add all 3 augmented drops each ANNM has? JP pages do list all of them). Many Succor to the Sidhe NMs don't have pics and the different augments put on different weapons by different NMs wasn't even deciphered. Likewise, Campaign Union drops linked to NMs are woefully incomplete.

JULY 2009
Campaign got the first new content since Dec 2008 and the first new Medals since June 2008. Campaign was opened up for 2 new zones, and Campaign body pieces were finally added (something players were waiting many months for). The Northlands had no Campaign Ops until 2010. RotZ zones got Fields of Valor NMs here (9 total). Outside of this, Succor of the Sidhe and 1 new Moblin Maze Mongers activity (+ some missions) filled the rest of the update.

BTW, if WotG was completed in the same time as CoP & ToAU, it would have finished in July 2009 or the next expansion would have launched in July 2009. The gap between release and when the Northlands were added, when Zvahl was added is emblematic of that process of being dragged out for a long time. And if Campaign content was provided in every update, the 7/09 and 3/10 Campaign content would have been in the 12/08 & 4/09 (3/09) updates, allowing for WotG's content to finish on time.

* NMs: Amphiptere, Greater Amphiptere [generics from a NM-only family]
- Fields of Valor NMs: Satyral, Nutcracker, Ruebezahl, Monarca de Altepa, Kedgebelly Kate, Jackpot, Kaneakeluh, Eraser, Skahnowa

* Mission/Nation-Quest NMs: Count Halphas (Betrayal at Beaucedine), Cait Sith Ceithir (Distorter of Time)

* Add-on Mission NMs: 5~20 Custom Cardian (An Errand! The Professor's Price), Nanaa Mihgo (Roar! A Cat Burglar Bears Her Fangs), Riko Kupenreich (Smash! A Malevolent Menace)

* Quest NMs: None

* Campaign:
- Campaign Medals: 1st, 2nd medals
- Campaign Battles: Beaucedine (Shadowwing), Xarcabard (Shadowsoul), ???? Turret [whatever the Demons' Siege Turret is called]
- Campaign Ops: None

* Succor to the Sidhe:
E. Ronfaure (Faytrapper Vashgash), N. Gustaberg (Stabnix Skewerfinger), W. Sarutabaruta (Poroggo Gourmand), Vunkerl (Almops & Ederas), Grauberg (Ru'Bha Stonewall), Fort Karugo-Narugo (Laa Vaqu the Sutler), Jugner (Treefeller Snogrog), Pashhow (Go'Rha Sludgewater), Meriphataud (Nuu Gazo the Dirgerimer & Yii Haqi the Threnodist), Batallia (Gnashfang Rahskhas), Rolanberry (6 Quadavs), Sauromugue (Laa Heha the Falconer), Beaucedine (4 Gargouilles), Xarcabard (Megalotaur & Torvotaur)

* MMM:
Voucher 05 (Actualization Team)- Guardian Behemoth, Possessed Daggers/Longswords/Claymores, 3~5 Glibber + Mesetetef, Haietlik, Alicanto, Baricos

- Since Succor to the Sidhe was virtually stillborn, many of its NMs are virtually unknown, along with the range of their augments and the effect of the star rating system on those augments. Imagine if the 2004 BCNMs weren't done besides recording the names and numbers of enemies fought, without any information on their drops being posted- that's what Fay Weapon NMs are.

- Actualization Team's NMs are somewhat obscure, though not as obscure as the other Vouchers' NMs because more people do V05 than some of the other vouchers.

- The Fields of Valor NMs for Zilart zones were in the .dats since April 2009, but weren't accessible. Someone probed the .dats (they left out Ro'Maeve though) then. All of them were added, though one had its name changed. Ruebezahl was originally named Bringuenarilles. It was a similar situation to Apollyon & Temenos, which prior to the 10/05 update were called Lower Promyvion & Ou'Hpat Obelisk respectively.

NOV 2009
This update was definately a big surprise. After several insubstantial updates, a gigantic one, one that added more NMs to FFXI than any update ever before! 187 NMs were added in this single update (53 NMs in WotG zones, 19 NMs in ToAU zones, 15 NMs in CoP zones, 22 NMs in RotZ zones, 78 NMs in 1.0 zones). Of course, these were added to fill out the rosters of Evolith-giving NMs in each zone for the Hunt Registry, considered the largest flop in FFXI history (due to layers of restrictions from the specificity of Evoliths themselves to the pool of etchable gear to all the criteria necessary for an Evolith to go on a piece of gear). It made up for some of the lightness of previous updates, but it doesn't fill the void left by the missing 4th update from 2009. It should be said that the huge addition of NMs in July 2005 was a surprise as well.

* NMs:
- WotG Zones: Myradrosh, Goblintrap, Melusine, Olgoi-Khorkhoi, Ankabut, Peaseblossom, Belladonna, Ramponneau, Tiffenotte, Judgmental Julika, Warabouc, Big Bang, Kotan-kor Kamuy, Vasiliceratops, Sarcopsylla, Ratatoskr, Emela-ntouka, Demoiselle Desolee, Voirloup, Boll Weevil, Drumskull Zogdregg, Sugaar, Nommo, Croque-mitaine, Centipedal Centruroides, Hemodrosophila, Muq Shabeel, Habergoass, Burlibix Brawnback, Chaneque, Delicieuse Delphine, Erle, Lamina, Coquecigrue, Herensugue, Hyakinthos, Laelaps, Tethra, Ethniu, Morille Mortelle, Abatwa, Lugh, Citadel Pipistrelles, Buarainech, Elatha, Grand'Goule, Becut, Came-cruse, Scylla, Prince Orobas, Tikbalang, Graoully, Zirnitra
- ToAU zones: Harvestman, Mahishasura, Nis Puk, Chelicerata, Gharial, Venomfang, Firedance Magmaal Ja, Lizardtrap, Fahrafahr the Bloodied, Ignamoth, Chary Apkallu, Flammeri, Copper Borer, Aynu-kaysey, Vidhuwa the Wrathborn, Euryale, Cookieduster Lipiroon, Boompadu, Oupire
- CoP zones: Yal-un Eke, Flockbock, Sengann, Goaftrap, Okyupete, Tempest Tigon, Splacknuck, Shankha, Sekhmet, Sargas, Frost Flambeau, Skvader, Magnotaur, Bugbear Muscleman, Sword Sorcerer Solisoq
- RotZ zones: Thoon, Dahu, Picolaton, Calchas, Nandi, Donnergugi, Sabotender Corrido, Bayawak, Koropokkur, Pyuu the Spatemaker, Acolnahuacatl, Powderer Penny, Hoar-knuckled Rimberry, Bastet, Huwasi, Elusive Edwin, Rogue Receptacle, Martinet, Nargun, Killer Jonny, Tegmine, Zmey Gorynych
- 1.0 zones: Rambukk, Amanita, Bedrock Barry, Tococo, Numbing Norman, Duke Decapod, Ankou, Gwyllgi, Barbastelle, Teporingo, Nocuous Weapon, Slendlix Spindlethumb, Ah Puch, Desmodont, Legalox Heftyhind, Ghillie Dhu, Highlander Lizard, Slumbering Samwell, Habrok, Herbage Hunter, Metal Shears, Hippomaritimus, Backoo, Wake Warder Wanda, Agar Agar, Bombast, Donggu, Trembler Tabitha, Gloombound Lurker, Lesath, Kegpaunch Doshgnosh, Sappy Sycamore, Supplespine Mujwuj, Qu'Vho Deathhurler, Be'Hya Hundredwall, Toxic Tamlyn, Ni'Zho Bladebender, Quu Xijo the Illusory, Patripatan, Chonchon, Naa Zeku the Unwaiting, Saa Doyi the Fervid, Lii Jixa the Somnolist, Skirling Liger, Eyegouger, Prankster Maverix, Ravenous Crawler, Eldritch Edge, Bashe, Thunderclaw Thuban, Blighting Brand, Dynast Beetle, Aqrabuamelu, Frogamander, Hazmat, Hovering Hotpot, Qoofim, Slippery Sucker, Atkorkamuy, Tyrant, Autarch, Gloom Eye, Hyakume, Mucoid Mass, Calcabrina, Humbaba, Mind Hoarder, Sluagh, Jenglot, Duke Focalor, Timeworn Warrior, Barbaric Weapon, Marquis Naberius, Marquis Sabnock, Likho, Brazen Bones, Canal Moocher, Konjac

* Mission/Nation-Quest NMs: Orcish Bloodletter (Songbirds in a Snowstorm), Kingslayer Doggvdegg [#2] (Blood of Heroes), Klara [#1] (What Price Loyalty), 6 Demons, 6 Yagudo, 3 Tauri, 3 Ahriman (Howl from the Heavens), 7 Yagudo, 5 Goblins (Sins of the Mothers)

* Add-on Mission NMs: Ifrit Prime, Shiva Prime, Titan Prime, Garuda Prime, Ramuh Prime, Leviathan Prime [all #4, 5 if Carbuncle Prime's assistants are counted] (Sugar-coated Directive), Renfred, Gorattz, Bompupu (Enemy of the Empire II), 3 Blest Bones, 3 Skeleton Scuffler, 3 Holey Horror, 3 Fired Urn, 3 Steely Weapon, 3 Lode Golem (Shantotto in Chains), 8 Clone of ___ (Battaru Royale), D. Shantotto & Shantotto (Project Shantottofication)

* Quest NMs: None

* Campaign: None

* MMM:
Voucher 08 (Aquatic Depopulation Team)- no NMs, just NPCs

*: Synergy, the Hunt Registry, and Evoliths weren't added until a follow-up update on 12/8/09. This means the NMs added could only be used for their regular drops for 1 month (and those Aptant Medals had no use for 1 month, similar to Nyzul Weapons being useless only they weren't useful for a longer time) and the Hunt Registry/Evolith system wasn't put in place until 1 month after the update.

- The NMs for "Shantotto in Chains" are not forced pops, they spawn. They are the 1st mission/quest NMs in years to spawn on their own.

This huge heap of Notorious Monsters may seem random, but it has a very logical pattern explaining it all. Besides a need to fill in some empty high-end zones (e.g. Eldieme, Garlaige, Crawlers Nest, Beaucedine, Xarcabard [all S]), these NMs were all created to fill out the Hunt Registry system, to meet certain quotas. First, all 187 NMs added in this update are in the Hunt Registry.

It's not as if every NM was counted. In all 1.0 zones, RotZ zones (minus Tu'Lia), and handful of CoP zones that are included in this system (basically everything on Quon, Mindartia, Elshimo, Kuzotz), the same zones which received hordes of NMs, 148 NMs already existing weren't included in this system (Feeler/Alastor Antlion counted as 1). Looking at these zones alone, nearly as many were excluded as were created. They were excluded since they did not meet the Hunt Registry NM unspoken criteria (must have a somewhat low respawn timer, ~6 hours or less, which covers most excluded NMs). Additionally, 18 were excluded from Tu'Lia zones, 42 were excluded from excluded CoP areas (+1 if Aw'Euvhi for Limbus Cards counted), 20 from ToAU zones (Gar bros counted as 1, +1 if count Giant Orobon, +31 if add in the ZNMs), 11 from WotG zones (+24 if SCNMs added in, +2 if count Sandworm & Dark Ixion, +4 if count the Doomvoid NMs), and 9 are excluded from the ferry/boat zones.

The pattern behind it all, which determined why some zones got 1, 2, or more NMs while others got none is this:
0.) When more NMs than needed already existed (e.g. Gusgen, Sea Serpent Grotto), they were all included (provided they met the criteria) and no NMs were created there.
1.) All outdoor zones across 1.0, Zilart, Promathia, Aht Urhgan, and Wings, regardless of whether they are low-level or high-level, get 4 Hunt Registry NMs. Traditionally level-capped zones (all CoP obviously) were excluded. The 3 pairs of zones around the 3 starting cities are an exception, each only getting 3 Hunt NMs.
2.) The 3 Beastmen strongholds in the present (Davoi, Beadeaux, Oztroja) have a quota of 4 NMs, though exceeded that in most cases (Davoi & Beadeaux each have 5 NMs covered, Oztroja needed 2 NMs added to bring it to 4). Most of the lower-level strongholds in the present have a quota of 4 NMs too, like Palborough Mines & Giddeus (they each have 1~2 added to bring them to 4). Ghelsba Outpost & Fort Ghelsba are the outliers, having 3 NMs (I presume it is due to there being 2 zones instead of 1). One has 0 NMs added, 1 has 1 NM added, indicating 3 was their target.
3.) All 1.0 dungeons that aren't Beastmen strongholds have a quota of 3 NMs. This includes dungeons in Crag zones (like Ordelle, Shakhrami, Gusgen), low-level dungeons near the 3 cities (Dangruf, Inner Horutoto, Outer Horutoto), the dungeons that were usually higher-level that were greatly expanded at RotZ's release (KRT, Bostaunieux, Toraimarai), the mid-level dungeons near Jeuno (CN, Garlaige, Eldieme), Ranguemont, and the 3 Northlands dungeons. Oldton & Newton, the only CoP dungeons covered in the Hunt Registry, seem to fall here, having a 3 NM quota.
4.) All Zilart dungeons, both regular ones and Beastmen strongholds, have a quota of 4 NMs. Most had more than enough NMs already, some having 10 (Uggalepih), 13 (Quicksand Caves), or even 14! NMs (Sea Serpent Grotto) (only Korroloka needed extra NMs, 1, from this set).
5.) All Aht Urhgan dungeons, including the Beastmen strongholds (Mamook, Halvung, Arrapago) and the unaffiliated ones (Aydeewa, Alzadaal) have a quota of 3 NMs. Arrapago is in error of this system, having just 2 Hunt NMs.
6.) Non-Northlands dungeons in the past have a 3 NM quota. Castle Zvahl Baileys (S) & Castle Zvahl Keep (S) weren't accessible at the time of this update (and still have 0 regular NMs each).
7.) The pattern (if any) behind Delkfutt's Tower zones isn't clear. Lower has 4 Hunt NMs (1 NM added), Middle has 6 (0 NMs added), while Upper has 3 (1 NM added). Unless there was intentionally a difference between Lower & Upper planned, it looks like the quota should be 4 and Upper is missing 1 NM. Following the pattern of 1.0 dungeons, they should have 3... but then, why was 1 NM added to Lower Delkfutt's Tower? Unless that one (Tyrant) was added in error. This one is actually confounding:
[It can't be to create enough Blue Magic Evoliths because of 13 Hunt Registry NMs in Delkfutt, 10 give Blue Magic. Of the new additions, Tyrant gave a 2-Hour Evolith and Autarch gave a Blue Magic Evolith. 2 existing NMs, Enkelados & Ixtab were given other Evoliths (2-Hour, Vs. Arcana one). There doesn't seem to be a discernable pattern]

There are a few errors in the system. Seww the Squidlimbed (SSG), used for the "Beastmen Treasure" quest is included, but his Antica & Tonberry counterpart NMs (same spawn conditions) are not. SSG certainly didn't need an extra NM as even without Seww, it has 13 other eligible NMs. Deadly Dodo, an independently-spawning quest NM is included, but Nue, used for the same quest and eligible under the criteria (Morbolger isn't eligible) is not (take away Dodo and Sauromugue falls below its quota, though Beaucedine had 2 new NMs created. It's an inconsistency basically). And Arrapago has only 2 Hunt NMs (clearly 1 NM is missing there).

MAR 2010
Campaign was finally finished after having stalled out since late 2008 with a brief bit of content in mid 2009. The Northlands finally got Campaign Ops (which it was without for 7 months). The only proper WotG content was Campaign and the missions; the Voidwalker Notorious Monsters and Trial of the Magians belong to a sort of unaffiliated content that would plug into the Abyssea add-ons when they get released. It should be noted the Voidwalker NMs are the very last set of content designed for the LV75 cap. They all drop gear at or under that cap (Yilbegan's Lucky Coin was added in 6/10). There are 32 Voidwalker NMs here. The June 2010 would add 5 more, bringing the grand total in the VNM system to 37 (not counting Abyssean Voidwalkers).

* NMs:
- Voidwalker NMs:
Tier I- Sunderclaw, Quagmire Pugil, Globster, Ground Guzzler, Raker Bee, Rummager Beetle, Puretos, Pruina, Aither, Eorthe, Thunor, Lacus, Beorht, Deorc, Gorehound, Gjenganger
Tier II- Capricornus, Yacumama, Lamprey Lord, Shoggoth, Jyeshtha, Farruca Fly, Skuld, Urd, Erebus, Feuerunke
Tier III- Krabkatoa, Blobdingnag, Orcus, Verthandi, Lord Ruthven
Tier IV- Yilbegan

* Mission/Nation-Quest NMs: Count Bifrons [#2] (Into the Beast's Maw), Aquila & Haudrale (Darkness Descends)

* Quest NMs: None

* Campaign:
- Campaign Medals: 3rd, 4th medals
- Campaign Battles: Zvahl Baileys (Shadowclaw), Zvahl Keep (Shadowbreath)
- Campaign Ops:
"Vanguard-X IV (B, S, W)"
"Crimson Domino IV (B, S, W)"
"Steel Resolve IV (B, S, W)"
"Smokescreen V (B, S, W)"
"Aegis Scream V (B, S, W)"
"Hawk Eye IV (B, S, W)"
"Prying Eyes II (B, S, W)"
"Slaughterhouse IV (B, S, W)"
"Hazardous Materials (B, S, W)"
"Frozen Flame (B, S, W)"
"Bailey Borer (B, S, W)"- Zvahl Fortalice
"Kinslayer: Baileys (B, S, W)"- Shadowguard Demon
"Kinslayer: Keep (B, S, W)"- Shadowguard Demon
"Fiat Lux (B, S, W)"- Shadow Lord [#2]

- Notice the VNMs reflect the move away from NMs in a singular zone to copies of it across many zones. Sandworm & Dark Ixion were early examples. Here, most of them are found in 4 zones, some in 3, some in 6. The Voidwalkers are also floating content, overlapping between 1.0, WotG, and Abyssea.

- What's the reason for putting Yilbegan in 22 (later 25) different zones? Did they ever think there would be that much demand for 1 HNM, and one with nothing really spectacular drop-wise too?

JUNE 2010
The only proper WotG content was the final set of nation-quests and 1 more Moblin Maze Mongers activity, as well as the long inactive Walk of Echoes (which actually thematically fits in somewhat with Abyssea). The Abyssean add-ons came packed with hordes of NMs, containing more NMs per zone than any (regular) zone. The 1st Abyssea has 83 NMs. This update had an additional 5 NMs (adding a 6th system of NMs within the Voidwalker NMs), giving this update a grand total of 88 regular NMs. Level Cap raised to LV80.

* NMs:
Chasmic Hornet, Keesha Poppo, Mangy-tailed Marvin, Megamaw Mikey, Piasa, Irrlicht, Nahn, Ovni, Akash, Dozing Dorian, Toppling Tuber, Nguruvilu, Poroggo Dom Juan, Trudging Thomas, Megantereon, Baba Yaga, La Theine Liege, Lugarhoo, Grandgousier Adamastor, Pantagruel, Karkinos, Carabosse, Briarius, Hadhayosh,
Bakka, Balaur, Guimauve, Raskovnik, Tonberry Lieje, Khalamari, Gangly Gean, Turul, Fistule, Pavan, Bloodguzzler, Lentor, Hexenpilz, Bombadeel, Siranpa-Kamuy, Clingy Clare, Sarcophilus, Fear Gorta, Keratyrannos, Alkonost, Arimaspi, Ashtaerth the Gallvexed, Bloodeye Vileberry, Kukulkan, Eccentric Eve,
Adze, Quetzalli, Manananggal, Mictlantecuhtli, Chukwa, Cuelebre, Minhocao, Bhumi, Iratham, Abas, Tefenet, Gancanagh, Cannered Noz, Lachrymater, Halimede, Vetehinen, Treble Noctules, Muscaliet, Alectryon, Hedetet, Ophanim, Chloris, Glavoid, Lacovie
- Voidwalker NMs:
Tier I- Prickly Sheep, Void Hare
Tier II- Chesma, Tammuz
Tier III- Dawon
- Abyssea Voidwalker NMs:
Tier I- Meditator, Meanderer, Hungerer
Tier II- Brooder, Depths Digester, Yearner
Tier III- Ruminator, Hadal Satiator, Usurper

* Mission/Nation-Quest NMs: Menechme (Chasing Shadows), Fangmonger Colossus (Face of the Future), Gargouille Warden, Klara [#2]/Marquis Amon [#2] (Bonds of Mythril), Tzee Xicu the Manifest [#3] (Manifest Destiny), Fenrir (At Journey's End)

* MMM:
Voucher 09 (Revitalization Team)- Babalu Aye, Egungun, Gumdrop, Chuhaister, Hippalectryon, Kuperan, Tupilaq, Scultone, Skoll, Shadhavar

* Walk of Echoes:
3 Caldera Crab (Veridical Conflux 1), 4 Morbid Mollasses (Veridical Conflux 2), 3 Myrmeleontide (Veridical Conflux 3), 5 Harpeia (Veridical Conflux 4), Natrix (Veridical Conflux 5), 2 Canis Dirus (Veridical Conflux 6), 1 Anguis (Veridical Conflux 7)

- In Walk of Echoes, Confluxes 1, 2, 3 were open all the time and Confluxes 4, 5, 6, 7 required certain conditions to open. Conflux 5 was opened in 6/10 across all servers, but 4, 6, 7 remained locked. The 9/10 update relocked them. After the update Conflux 5 once again opened easily. Conflux 4 & 6 opened for the first time in 10/10. Conflux 7 was unlocked for the first time in 11/10.

- What was the point of adding the Grey Abyssite system VNMs? They defy the previous conventions of only appearing in zones shared between present and (S) past, Dawon isn't used for Magian Trials like other tier III VNMs are. Also, Dawon doesn't have a special appearance or attribute (e.g. size) like the other VNMs have (though Orcus also lacks a special appearance). Was it just to add Chesma & Tammuz, tier II VNMs used in some Magian Trials? Or was it to more strongly tie the Voidwalker NM system to Visions of Abyssea by having this 6th Abyssite system appear in the same 3 zones (La Theine, Konschtat, Tahrongi) as the Abyssea add-on has? (the fact that Abyssite is used and Abyssite appears in Abyssea establishes a link anyway)

SEPT 2010
The 2nd Abyssea brought 85 NMs. Except for a few missions, there was virtually no WotG content in this update. Level Cap raised to LV85.

* NMs:
Iktomi, Ayravata, Div-e Sepid, Hanuman, Hrosshvalur, Lord Varney, Ironclad Executioner, Fulmotondro, Sippoy, Armillaria, Chhir Batti, Xan, Pascerpot, Seps, Gnawtooth Gary, Rakshas, Iku-Turso, Quasimodo, Kadraeth the Hatespawn, Khalkotaur, Dvalinn, Karkadann, Sedna, Bukhis, Durinn,
Athamas, Flame Skimmer, Asanbosam, Heqet, Abyssic Cluster, Gukumatz, Ironclad Severer, Jala, Kutharei, Avalerion, Tuskertrap, Nehebkau, Nonno, Npfundlwa, Sirrush, Manohra, Funereal Apkallu, Minax Bugard, Ironclad Observer, Cep-Kamuy, Karkatakam, Ironclad Pulverizer, Cirein-croin, Amhuluk, Sobek,
Aggressor Antlion, Whiro, Warbler, Gieremund, Amun, Tunga, Ironclad Cleaver, Tejas, Yaanei, Berstuk, Mielikki, Nightshade, Kampe, Maahes, Wherwetrice, Pallid Percy, Rahu [#2], Blazing Eruca, Granite Borer, Kharon, Drekavac, Gaizkin, Smok, Ulhuadshi, Itzpapalotl, Titlacauan
- Abyssea Voidwalker NMs:
Tier I- Vu'zdei, Mi'ghrah, At'euvhi
Tier II- Hm'zdei, Mx'ghrah, Es'euvhi
Tier III- Ketea, Tristitia, Lusca

* Mission/Nation-Quest NMs: N/A

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Re: A History of Notorious Monsters

Postby zoogelio on Fri Nov 26, 2010 1:58 am

Event NMs are ephemeral, around for a time, usually 2 or so weeks, sometimes even a single day (!), then they are gone. They don't even lay dormant in the .dats, getting deleted during the next update (except when they are intended to be reused). All one can have from them is screencaps and the event reward. If they don't recur, they get lost into the haze of memory.

This doesn't include monsters that are NPCs, except when they are sort of tied in, so no Blazing Buffaloes, Dark Lilies, or Ullegores. Note that every New Year's since 2003 have featured monsters from the nearest family to the Chinese Zodiac creature.

* Chase the White Shadow Dancing in the Moonlight! (9/21/02- 9/22/02), White Shadows in Vana'diel Again (9/12/03- 9/13/03)
Unlucky Beak (Cockatrice) [Moon Rabbit (white Rabbit NPC ran around, was subject of event)]
[Located in West Ronfaure, East Ronfaure, North Gustaberg, South Gustaberg, West Sarutabaruta, East Sarutabaruta, Konschtat Highlands, La Theine Plateau, Tahrongi Canyon, Jugner Forest, Pashhow Marshlands, Meriphataud Mountains, Rolanberry Fields, Batallia Downs, Sauromugue Champaign, Beaucedine Glacier, Xarcabard + Sanctuary of Zi'Tah, Cape Teriggan, Western Altepa Desert, Eastern Altepa Desert, Yuhtunga Jungle, Yhoator Jungle for 2003]
- These events had no official English name. Listed names are a translation of the Japanese event name.
- These events did not last long. The first lasted from 17:00 on 9/21 to 01:00 on 9/22, the second lasted from 22:00 on 9/12 to 05:00 on 9/13. That's 8 hours and 7 hours respectively.
- Vana'diel Tribunes issues 5, 17 had stories about this event.

* Mysterious Gigantic Creatures Sighted! (8/16/03, 8/30/03) [8/16/03 was the original event date, but it was cancelled when it crashed the servers]
Gigantoad (Doomed)
[Located in East Ronfaure, North Gustaberg, West Sarutabaruta]

* Pernicious Presents (12/26/03- 12/31/03)
Twinkling Treant (Treant)
[Located in West Ronfaure, East Ronfaure, North Gustaberg, South Gustaberg, West Sarutabaruta, East Sarutabaruta, Jugner Forest, Pashhow Marshlands, Meriphataud Mountains, Beaucedine Glacier, Eastern Altepa Desert, Yuhtunga Jungle]

* New Year Rivalry (12/26/04- 1/9/05)
Wayward Worm (Worm) [Goblin Rider (NPC Goblin on Chocobo) hung around its zones]
[Located in West Ronfaure, South Gustaberg, East Sarutabaruta, Konschtat, La Theine, Tahrongi, Jugner, Pashhow, Meriphataud, Rolanberry, Batallia, Sauromugue]

* Feast of Swords [Year] (4/27/05- 5/9/05) (4/27/06- 5/11/06) (4/27/07- 5/11/07) (4/28/08- 5/7/08) (4/28/09- 5/12/09 (4/27/10- 5/11/10)
Tatenachi Armor (Fomor Hume), Hizamaru Armor* (Fomor Elvaan), Ubuginu Armor (Fomor Tarutaru), Hachiryu Armor (Fomor Galka), Omodaka Armor** (Fomor Mithra)

*: The Elvaan Fomor was originally named Tsukikazu Armor in Feast of Swords 2005, 2006. It was renamed because one Salvage armor set added in 12/06 was named Tsukikazu.
**: The Mithra Fomor was originally named Usukane Armor in Feast of Swords 2006. It was renamed because one Salvage armor set added in 12/06 was named Usukane. No Mithra NM appeared in Feast of Swords 2005 (it was a male event, having to do with the Japanese holiday at that time of year, contrast with the female event Doll Festival back in early spring, before they decided in 2006 to have their be armors from all 5 races).

[Note: a Hachiryu armor set was added in 6/08 from the tier IV/V Zeni NMs, but the name of the Galka Fomor was not changed]

* Blitz Buffalo (8/25/05- 9/5/05)
Miura (Buffalo), Toro (Buffalo)
[Located in West Ronfaure, East Ronfaure, North Gustaberg, South Gustaberg, West Sarutabaruta, East Sarutabaruta, Rolanberry, Sauromugue, Batallia, Lufaise, Misareaux]

* Crystal War Revisited (11/8/07- 11/15/07)
Warder Footsoldier (Orc WAR), Warder Neckchopper (Orc WAR), Warder Vindicator (Quadav WAR), Warder Depredator (Quadav WAR), Warder Liberator (Yagudo MNK), Warder Partisan (Yagudo MNK)
[Located in Ghelsba Outpost, Davoi, Palborough, Beadeaux, Giddeus, Oztroja, 1 per zone]

* Harvest Festival [Year] (10/17/08- 11/1/08) (10/16/09- 11/2/09) (10/19/10- 11/2/10)
Wraith Bat (Bat) [10 per zone], Pyracmon (Ahriman) [1 per zone]
[Located in West Ronfaure, East Ronfaure, North Gustaberg, South Gustaberg, West Sarutabaruta, East Sarutabaruta]

* Hero's Combat- any 1/2/3 of the following: Trion, Volker, Ajido-Marujido (Cordial Invite to enter)
[Item/battle added with 4/06 update (existed on Atomos-only previously). Fan Festival 2006, 2007, 2008, rank 5 Mog Bonanza 2009, 2010. It was used in March 2006 at the fanfest]

* Heroine's Combat- any 3 of the following: Prishe, Curilla, Ayame, Shantotto (Martial Ball Invite to enter)
[Item added with 7/06 update, battle unknown. Fan Festival 2007, 2008, rank 5 Mog Bonanza 2009, 2010. I think it was also used at the 2006 Tokyo Game Show in 9/06]

* Mercenary Camp- Rughadjeen, Zazarg, Mihli Aliapoh, Najelith, Gadalar (Mercenary Camp Entry Slip)
[Item/battle added with 11/07 update (existed on Atomos-only previously). Fan Festival 2007, 2008, rank 5 Mog Bonanza 2009, 2010. Added as an in-game reward for completing the 5 Serpent General quests in 12/08]

* The Gathering Storm- infinite numbers of Pit Puk, Pit Lindwurm, Pit Spider, Pit Bugard (Training Grounds Key to enter)
[Item added in 7/06 update, battle unknown though people made reference to trying it out from participating in Fanfest in 11/07. Fan Festival 2007, 2008, rank 5 Mog Bonanza 2009, 2010. Was it in the game over a year without any use or was there some 2006 event that used it?]

* The Swarm- undefined numbers of a wide assortment of generic enemies (Pest Repellant to enter)
[Item/battle added with 12/08 update. Fan Festival 2008, rank 5 Mog Bonanza 2009, 2010]

For reference, the first 3 are hosted in Stellar Fulcrum, the 4th in Mamool Ja Training Grounds, the 5th in Ruhotz Silvermines.


Since the release of FFXI, monsters have always held their range of appearances in zones or expanded it (numbers inside zones have been changed somewhat often though), though a few have been pulled out of zones, some even removed entirely from the game. This can be a bit surprising because it seems like once something is added into the game, be it an item, spell, ability, or a monster, it stays in the game. It can be tweaked, nerfed, or if an enemy, reduced in numbers, but it seems like it would always be around there. Not so.
- Funnel Bats, Goblin Alchemist, Goblin Bandit, Goblin Bouncer, Goblin Enchanter, Goblin Hunter, Goblin Mercenary, Goblin Shepherd, Goblin's Bat pulled out of KRT on ?/?/03 or 04. Morbol Menace was also pulled out of Gustav on ?/?/03 or 04. The most likely time is the June 2004 update, which makes reference to adjusting monster locations and levels in KRT.
- Banshee Bunny was removed from the game entirely. It was found only in Valley of Sorrows. It was added in the April 2003 update and removed in the Oct 2003 update.
- Goblin Raider was removed from the game entirely. Goblin Raider was only found in KRT. It was added in the April 2003 update and removed at an unknown time in 2003 or 2004 (probably June 2004).
- Bibiki Pugil, a fished up NM for a CoP quest, became the only non-event NM to be deleted from the game. It was added in Sept 2004 and removed in Oct 2004, replaced by Lancet Jagil, which used the gray/yellow Jagil model.

And then sometimes, new regular enemies are quietly retconned into an older existing area, placed in there acting as if they've been around since the zone was first added.
- Tragopan was added to Bibiki Bay in 7/05. This was done along with moving around and changing monster numbers in Bibiki & Uleguerand to add some additional XP camps for players.
- Goblin Bounty Hunter was added to Valkurm, Buburimu, Qufim, Batallia in 3/28/07 (and to Sauromugue, Korroloka in 8/07). This was done to decimate fishbots.
- Idle Wanderer, Livid Seether, Woeful Weeper were added to the 4 Promyvions. Bight Rarab, Hypno Eft, Camelopard were added to Bibiki Bay. Fomor Bard, Formor Black Mage, Fomor Dark Knight, Fomor Dragoon, Fomor Paladin, Fomor Red Mage were added to Lufaise (new to there), as well as higher level sets of Fomor Beastmaster, Fomor Monk, Fomor Ninja, Fomor Ranger, Fomor Samurai, Fomor Summoner, Fomor Thief, Fomor Warrior. Seaboard Vulture to Misareaux, Aqueduct Spider to Phomiuna & Sacrarium, Darner to Riverne A01, Blazedrake to Riverne B01, Scowlenkos to Uleguerand in 6/10. This was done to provide some token XPable monsters for players over LV75 outside of Abyssea.
- Deforester, Mycoskulker, Slime Eater were added to Aydeewa. Orichalcumshell, Sulphuric Jagil, Scoriaceous Eruca were added to Zhayolm. Vauxia Fly, Slough Skua, [some kind of Doomed enemy] were added to Caedarva. Nostokulshedra, Dweomershell, Nergal, Naraka Bat were added to Arrapago in 9/10. This was done to provide some token XPable monsters for players over LV75 outside of Abyssea.


Most of the new color palettes that were added, listed here, didn't recolor an existing enemy usually, only applying to new enemies. Recolors are noted. NMs though are another story (see below).

- The only palette swaps that existed since 1.0 were pink vs. brown Birds, brown vs. black Rabbits, yellow vs. red/black Bees, brown vs. red worms. The basic variations seen in Quadav, Orcs, Yagudo, Goblins existed since the start as well. The 4 basic model of Shadows (for WAR, THF, BLM, RNG) also existed since the beginning.
- The Sept 2002 update added the brown Crab model (for King Arthro), the brown Beetle model (for Lumber Jack), the white Rabbit model (used for an event NPC, Moon Rabbit, next used for BCNM Helltail Harry in Feb 2003). Most of these didn't get more use beyond 1 NM until later. Brown Crabs and white Rabbits were used on regular enemies in CoP and brown Beetles a little bit on Zepwell Island in RotZ.
- The green with red lobes Morbol model didn't appear until Capricious Cassie appeared in the game. 4 new models for Shadows were added with the N/S/E/W Shadows in Fei'Yin.
- The big gold-helmeted Orc model was added with Orcish Overlord.
- The black Mandragora model was added in Feb 2003 (Dvorovoi in the BCNM). It would get more use with RotZ's release, adding in Korrigan in Boyahda.

- The white Gigas model seems to have first appeared in April 2003, though I need confirmation of that. The black tattooed model, well, see the NM entries below. The mint green Gigas model with the big helmet was only added in the June 2008 update (yes, it lagged behind WotG's release for some strange reason).
- The blue/green Leech, gray Lizard models were added in April 2003.
- The red & white models of Spiders were first used in July 2003 for the BCNM Anansi and Son of Anansi. They weren't used outside of those 2 enemies until Abyssea. The mottled yellow/brown model was in the game's .dats since at least June 2004 if not earlier, but didn't get any use until ToAU. Yeah, weird. 7/03 also added the black model of (DRG) Wyverns.
- Dark versions of Orcs, Quadavs, Yagudos, Goblins, the dark Ahriman too all 1st appeared with Dynamis in Feb 2004 (April 2004 for the Ahriman). April 2004 also added several unique models for Shadows (for Dynamis Hydra Shadows and the Shadow NMs in Dynamis).

- In Sept 2004 (CoP release), the red Slime (Clots), gray/yellow Pugil (Jagils) models were added. Antlions had 2 models (beige, blue-black) since release. A little backstory. In 2004 pre-CoP and even in early CoP, people were complaining about fighting the same monster models over and over again, not even getting some palette swaps. The RotZ palette swaps were too few, so SE eventually added more new palette swaps, especially for NMs. With ToAU, SE was really on top of breaking up the homogeny of Vana'diel's fauna/flora and the complaint about fighting the same enemies without even different colors subsided.
- The Sky Gods (Genbu, Seiryu, Byakko, Suzaku, Kirin) had regular colors for their monster family until Dec 2004, when they were given special colors (gray, blue, white with purple stripes, orange & turquoise, gold & brown to be specific). That update also added the brown Adamantoise model (used on Aspidochelone). Yes, for a full year, Byakko was just a black Tiger, Seiryu a gray Wyvern, Suzaku a black & white Roc, Genbu a green Adamantoise, and Kirin just an orange/brown Manticore.
- The red Fly model was added in the Dec 2004 update. For the longest time, only Carmine Dobsonfly was the only red fly in the game.
- The Aztec-styled stone Doll model was added in the Dec 2004 update. It only affected all such enemies in Pso'Xja. In early Dec, pics of the 4 quest Gargoyles as brown ceramic dolls can be found. The Aztec-styled stone Magic Pot model may have been added here as well. Finding early pics of them is rather hard (no NMs).
- The blue/white Sea Monk model was added in the Dec 2004 update, though didn't appear in the game until Feb 2005 when Dalham (CoP mission NM) was added. It got much more use in ToAU. Fe'e was changed later.
- The Feb 2005 update added new alternate models for some 1.0 families. The red Bat model was added. Arioch & Colo-colo were recolored, Upyri debuted with the color (Note: The red Bat Trio model was added in the April 2005 update though. Tres Duendes was recolored by this). The green Crawler model was added. Habetrot, Awd Goggie, and Bitoso were all recolored. Regular enemies that were green didn't come along until ToAU (Aydeewa). The green Raptor model was added. Lindwurm and Yowie were recolored. Likewise, green Raptor regular enemies didn't come along til ToAU (Wajaom, Mamook). The gray Worm model was added too. Morion Worm & Phantom Worm were recolored. The Cryptonberry model of Tonberries was also added, which changed the appearances of the Cryptonberry Tonberries in Pso'Xja. Feb 2005 also added pink (DRG) Wyverns (Wynavs).
- With Spheroids, there was a strange gray, octagon-sort shaped model added in the Dec 2004 update. I looked extensively at Mother Globe & the 3 Warders from 12/04- 7/05 and there are new images after each update, still spherical each time. The Brenner update (Feb 2006) added an ornate black & gold Spheroid model, used for the Posten in that game. Not sure what that ugly octagon-ish Spheroid was even.
- The gray Cluster model was the original one, with red Clusters not appearing until ToAU. The red model was in there since CoP though.
- As for Treants. Summer versions (green leaves) were around since the start, but the spring, autumn & winter versions didn't appear until the Dec 2004 update (for use in the Seasons Greetings BCNM). Special Christmas versions were around in Dec 2002 and Dec 2003 (these might be one and the same or different versions). There was an alternate spring version used in March 2003 for NPCs (they had pink sparkles). The earliest non-summer Treants appeared in the July 2005 update (autumn: Colorful Leshy, winter: Defoliate Leshy, Dosetsu Tree).

- The red Dragon (Dahaks), black Sheep (Karakul), orange Cockatrice (Zizes), blue Ghost (Bhoots), dark Skeletons (Draugar), red Morbol models all appeared with ToAU. Special models of ToAU families (e.g. Flans, Soulflayers) usually first appeared in March 2007 with Nyzul Isle.

- The red Coeurl (Lynxes), orange Tiger (Smilodons), yellow Funguar (Coppercaps), yellow Scorpion (Scolopendrids), red Demon models all appeared with WotG (pre-Abyssea). WotG also reused Dynamis models outside Dynamis and added additional war models for each Beastmen race (well, minus the Goblins). New versions of the Beastmen leaders were added (a white Yagudo spiritual leader model, an Orcish overlord model that looks like it has a dull rust-colored film on it, a Quadav leader model with a dark greenish shirt).

- New color palettes seen in Abyssea should be obvious for when they originated.

(Anyone know for an easy way to code for a 5 column table in this forum?
Enemy Added Original Color New Color Changed
Genbu 12/03 Green Grey 12/04
Seiryu 12/03 Grey Blue 12/04
Byakko 12/03 Black White/Purple 12/04
Suzaku 12/03 Black/White Orange/Blue 12/04
Kirin 12/03 Orange/Brown Gold/Brown 12/04
Aspidochelone 12/03 Green Brown 12/04
Pso'Xja Dolls 9/04 Brown Ceramic Beige Stone 12/04
Pso'Xja Magic Pots 9/04 possibly upgraded from Brown Ceramic to Beige Stone in 12/04
Arioch 10/03 Black Red 2/05
Colo-colo 4/04 Black Red 2/05
Tres Duendes 12/04 Black Red 4/05
Habetrot 10/03 Yellow Green 2/05
Awd Goggie 6/02? Yellow Green 2/05
Bitoso 4/04 Yellow Green 2/05
Lindwurm 10/03 Blue Green 2/05
Yowie 10/03 Blue Green 2/05
Morion Worm 10/03 Brown Grey 2/05
Phantom Worm 10/03 Brown Grey 2/05
Pso'Xja Tonberries 9/04 Green/Brown Yellow/Red 2/05
Fe'e 12/04 Orange/Black Blue/White 12/06 or 3/07
(Original= by 10/03) evidence indicates changed in 12/03, 2/04, 4/04
Colors Added Original Now Changed
Porphyrion 5/02 Green Black ???
Epialtes 4/03 Black Black -
Hippolytos 4/03 Green Black ???
Eurymedon 4/03 Green Black ???
Eurytos 4/03 Green Green? Are those old pics? Is it black now?
Ogygos 4/03 Black Black -
Ophion 4/03 Black Black -
Polybotes 4/03 Black Black -
Rhoikos 4/03 Green Black ???
Rhoitos 4/03 Green Black ???
Mimas 6/02 Green Green -
Pallas 4/03 White White? Are those old pics? Is it black now?
Alkyoneus 4/03 White Black ???
Enkelados 4/03 Black Black -

The 4 Nephiyl Gigas in BCNM60 Qu'Bia may have been changed too.

* The time references:
- Awd Goggie- [I misplaced where I recorded the bits of proof for Awd Goggie unfortunately. Needless to say, it was the same time as Habetrot & Bitoso]
- Habetrot- pics from late 2004 and 2/8/05 are yellow, from 3/14/05, 3/21/05 are green.
- Bitoso- pics from 11/2/04, 2/10/05 are yellow, pics from 3/13/05, 4/1/05, 4/6/05 are green
- Lindwurm- green by 3/14/05, 4/5/05.
- Yowie- green by 7/17/05. No good earlier references.
- Colo-colo- black in 12/10/04, 2/10/05 pics, red in 3/29/05, 4/16/05 pics
- Arioch- is red in a 5/27/05 pics
- Tres Duendes- black in a pic dated 4/12/05, red in 6/12/05, 7/10/05. There's a reference from 3/2/05 saying they still look black (after red bats were added in 2/05).
- Morion Worm- all pics from 03-04 are brown, but pics from 3/12/05, 3/13/05 are gray.
- Phantom Worm- pic frm 2/1/05 is brown, a reference to it being gray from 4/19/05.
- Fe'e- definately brown throughout 2005 & 2006. Changed in late 2006 or early 2007.
- Cryptonberries- there is a 2/7/05 pic showing a Cryptonberry Stalker that is green/brown.
- The Gigases are much harder to track down. Pics with the 2002-2003 copyright on them are all the original color. A Hippolytos pic labelled 2002-2004 saved on 6/8/04 is black. 2 Alkyoneus pics from early 2005 are black, as is a 4/15/05 Eurytos pic. Then, a Porphyrion pic saved on 5/1/04 (date not given) is black with tattoos. We can date the change to before 5/1/04 at the latest and pics from 2002-2003 seem overwhelmingly consistent in color, which narrows it down to 12/03 (last update of the year) or early 2004.

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Re: A History of Notorious Monsters

Postby Tahngarthor on Fri Nov 26, 2010 9:54 am

The forum doesn't really have table functionality.

That is the single biggest wall of text i've ever seen on any forum I've ever been on. :p

I should point out that we have historical information and/or lore and/or backstory on many of the NMs in the game right here on FFXIclopedia. Granted, nothing this level of detail, but you threw in a lot of history of the game (A concise verison of this can be found over at our friends at JP Button.)

Some aspects of this information have been more well documented than others. We may be able to work some of it into the wiki. There were some interesting bits and pieces in there. =D>
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Re: A History of Notorious Monsters

Postby Lambtor on Fri Nov 26, 2010 4:41 pm

please edit your scrollfests into the spoiler tags. that way most of us can see why were not interested in reading it without being forced to see it all.
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Re: A History of Notorious Monsters

Postby ToraZalinto on Sat Nov 27, 2010 3:04 am

Lambtor wrote:please edit your scrollfests into the spoiler tags. that way most of us can see why were not interested in reading it without being forced to see it all.

I could say the same for your trolling.
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