Reforged Armor (Bst)

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Reforged Armor (Bst)

Postby Kalari on Mon Apr 27, 2015 8:02 am

Heya, I'm just returning to FFXI, and am a little lost and confused with all the upgrades. It took months of slow learning to gather this all in before and now i'm starting all over with new a new character.

I'm familiar with Most content through Abyssea. Now with Adoulin added in i'm feeling a bit overwhelmed. I'm looking for what the top of the line gear is today. I've been researching and when I think i got it figured out, well, turns out that gear is outdated as well lol. I'm looking for the links or even just better search terms to find the best reforge gear for BST. I see that the Emp Gear is listed as able to be reforged but i can't see any stats on the end gear for BST. Does anyone have this info or a way to pull it up?
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Re: Reforged Armor (Bst)

Postby Cemalidor on Tue Apr 28, 2015 7:26 am

Welcoma (back) Kalari.

Yeah, Adoulin did add quite some cutting edge equipment. Well, even the rather 'cheap' armor you can buy for Bayld or for sparks would have been something people would have 'killed' for not to long ago.
Regarding the reforged Emp gear.... Well, quite some people just quit or left the Clopedia back with the fallout about GE, so the updates for never equipment got rather sparse.
I hope this link helps you a bit:
for the i109 set and
for the i119 set.
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