FFXI - The Scholar Story

FFXI - The Scholar Story

Postby Setherio on Thu Jan 19, 2012 3:39 am

I made this video shortly after the Scholar AF set was released and posted it on my FFXI Blog (which is no longer) "The Story Is Over". Anyways, for those interested, this is the entire Scholar Story in cutscenes only from the first cutscene (to unlock the job) to the testimony fight. I made this video because I personally wanted to see the entire story all together at once as I find the Scholar's story to be of the best story lines in the game.

The video is 51m45s long (again, pure cutscenes). When I did this, I tried my best to time it so that reading along the chat was in sync (not too fast, not too slow). So if anyone wants to recap (or see if they haven't already) the Scholar Story, here it is!

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If your enemy is weak, attack him with elemental magic
If your allies are strong, support them with enhancement magic
If your allies claim victory, prepare them for the next battle with healing magic
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