FFXI Pbp: Chapter 4

Re: FFXI Pbp: Chapter 4

Postby RosalynSable on Thu Oct 01, 2009 2:52 am

Rosalyn rushed toward the Gigas looming over Linear, leaped into the air and ran up the giant's back, leaping and twirling in the air as she launched from its head. She then lashed outward with her blades, leaving a cross shaped wound across the giant's chest before landing in front of Linear. She sheathed a blade into the ground long enough to grab the Hume by his arm and fling him out of harm's way before retaking her blade and sidestepping a furious attack from the Gigas. She attacked along the side of the giant's arm stepped away.
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Re: FFXI Pbp: Chapter 4

Postby Linear on Thu Oct 01, 2009 3:57 am

Linear struggled to his feet after beign saved. He pulled out a fairly large knife he kept strapped to his calf. He wasn't very proficient with it though.

Two things registered in his mind as he turned to look for his lance. First was, "Holt !@#$%&, I almost died". Second was, "Holy !@#$%&, that was hot".

He ran towards the corpse of the gigas he'd slain, looking around frantically for his treasured weapon. He found it near the beginning of his snow trail. He picked it up and checked it for damage. Satasfied, he jumped back into the fray.
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Re: FFXI Pbp: Chapter 4

Postby OMEGA_HACK on Thu Oct 01, 2009 5:40 am

The pirate fell from the void into the icy snow landing on one knee. He heard the roar of a beast in front of him followed by the whir of a bullet as it smashed into the snow behind him. He was caught in the middle of some kind of battle between some Gigas and some adventurers. They seemed to be getting it handed to them but they were pulling through. Should I lend a hand? He thought to himself as he stood up and watched an adventurer leap into the air and save a fellow Dragoon. There was now only one more Gigas remaining; Altrage pulled out his hexagun and a Fire Card from his pouch. He rushed up behind the Gigas and lept into the air, sommersaulted over the beast's head while slamming the Fire Card on it's forehead and firing his gun. The Card erupted in a firey burst of light sending the Gigas back into the snow.

Altrage landed on one knee, sheathed his hexagun, stood up, and looked around. He saw one familar face and assumed another. He winked at Mogwai with a smirk and turned to the Galka.

"So big guy who's the leader of this place? I need to talk to him."
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Re: FFXI Pbp: Chapter 4

Postby urthdigger on Fri Oct 02, 2009 2:38 am

"Hell if I know, I just came here and saw beastmen." remarked Urthdigger. He kept a small bit of his attention focused on the conversation, the rest on his attack as he sweep kicked the gigas, a low kick with his left, high with his right, follow through with his tail, then a jumping kick to the midsection, backflipping off as the gigas stumbled backwards, only to focus his chi to change his inertia, diving down and striking the gigas' ankle with all his weight, achieving a pleasant crack as the beastman stumbled down.

Mogwai glared at Altrage as he winked at her "I'm starting to wish we didn't get reinforcements, it's turning into a convention of people I hate." She didn't attempt to shoot the hume, however. Instead, she swooped down on the gigas Urthdigger had attacked, pressing her gun right up against it's temple, and emptying all six chambers. The gigas was down by the 2nd.
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