Fun Charybdis experience...

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Fun Charybdis experience...

Postby Nonstop Grind on Mon Jul 27, 2009 5:49 am

Thought maybe someone out there would appreciate this, or it would humor someone.

I thought I'd seen it all, but I got a new (yet probably common) experience.

For a friend of a friend I helped camp Charby. He had the ToD, granted..due to a delay in his Einherjar run he was late.

By the time he got their our friend in common d/ced. We kept killing PHs as a group of 6...thfx3, rdm, drg, blm.
Shortly after this person that was afk a large part of the time in the area (a rdm that wasn't there for last ToD) got a nin, thf and brd buddy to come out. They stole claim when it popped and ended up wiping.

We took it and wiped...then the d/c came back online, we rested and tried again-full wipe even with the additional drg. Though in the second attempt a sam came in by himself, got killed by aggro when it went unclaimed by us after that 2nd wipe.

The other people reclaimed it and were doing real good on it. All the same we had a brd and whm come in case we could get reclaim. The other pt handled some additional Manta aggro like pros, never really risking death on the party split.

Our rdm figured the sam wasn't with them and really posed no threat as Charby got down in the 10% range and raised him.

When Charby was around 1% HP left the other party wiped, one of our drgs jumped for the claim and then the sam threw a shotted it, and as soon as Charby was dead he d/ced. Mind you in the log our drg's jump related dmg landed before the sam did anything.

I'd heard about ninja lotting, but that was just downright cruel what the dude did.
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Re: Fun Charybdis experience...

Postby Hackrila on Thu Jul 30, 2009 7:36 am

LOL!! a real american hero, went in by himself and came out victorious. i cant wait for the movie.
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Re: Fun Charybdis experience...

Postby Helixx on Sun Aug 09, 2009 2:59 pm

there is a reason you never ever (ever) help anyone besides your own team if you fight NM's.

Too bad on that but i hope your guy gets his joytoy soon

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Re: Fun Charybdis experience...

Postby Raxiaz on Sun Nov 08, 2009 10:15 pm

I tried Charybdis for a while. Then I got a Justice Sword and said **** it.
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Re: Fun Charybdis experience...

Postby Yamoto on Mon Nov 09, 2009 7:22 am

I almost had an experience like this once...kinda sorta not really. We were down there NIN DNC RDM. We got first claim, but wiped. Other people were there so they grabbed it. RDM had RR on (thank god) and got us up. The other party was doing an amazingly good job. At 3%, they started dropping. A RDM was left and bio kitted it for a while. At 1% the RDM died, we were kinda not paying attention cause they were so close we were sure they would win. It went yellow, we freaked. NIN provoked, I Animated Flourished and engaged, RDM dia'ed. After both JA's and the spell, it still was unclaimed (wtf) and right as I was swinging my dagger, the RDM from the other party came back, threw a bio on it, and got claim again...Not sure what they did after that, but less than 3 minutes later it was dead (only the RDM was on it at that time). We went down there mostly trying to get ToD, kinda hoping to get claim and drop. We were so freaked out about what happened lol...

Dunno how long after that happened we went back and finally got my JoyToy ^^

Another funny(ish) story, that same NIN was helping someone get their JoyToy. He went down there NIN SMN DRK. I was talking to them in LS while they were fighting it lol...they wiped 4 times >.< I asked if they needed me to come help, went down as BLM and, of course, when I got there to help we killed it ^^b it was my awesomness xD jkjk (kinda) but yea I no longer have to deal with that stupid octopus
Credit to Kyoshin ^^
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Re: Fun Charybdis experience...

Postby corrinth on Mon Nov 09, 2009 3:21 pm

Wow, I thought this kinda stuff only happened to me lol. We had 8... yes 8. But here's the kicker, a few of us weren't 75(I was 60). We only had 1 healer the 70 rdm(note /blm) a bunch of DDs including nin/war, drg/sam, sam/war, drk/sam, and another thf among other things. As we are waiting, I'm reading the wiki about how this fight should go and my enthusiasm is slowing fading, unless you can kill this thing pretty quickly feeding it tp is a no no... so needless to say, our nin/war gets caught without ni up and dies which makes the rest of us light work. Again, the rdm was /blm so no reraise and we all sat and watched as the 75nin/dnc that we kindly stepped over to get claim wipes the floor with charby and then dances on our dead bodies as we hang around to get ToD.

So I kindly excused myself as I ran to eastern altepa desert since I deleveled... yeah sad day. Fun as crap though.
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Re: Fun Charybdis experience...

Postby krazyrs on Thu May 13, 2010 3:16 am


ive taken down this hing 20+ times as NIN/DNC, RDM, BRD or COR

what was wrong with the OPs party is you were feeding it way to much TP with thfx3, when he starts spamming TP moves things can go bad in a hurry
a eva build THF can tank this in place of NIN, just u lose voke and have to be more cautious
slow and steady on this one is best option IMO

i lost claim one to a NIN + RDM duo and he was doing great (50%ish) untill his friends showed up and started to DD on it(30%ish), caused a wipe and we took claim :D
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Re: Fun Charybdis experience...

Postby Ecaroh on Thu May 13, 2010 1:28 pm

I went down there several times to help friends and to try to get DOT. On the last run we got one for my long time static PLD friend. My old LS buds decided to stick around for one for me. Thats a long wait I would never ask anyone to do. By sticking around it also through off the TOD as peeps would come stay for an hour or two then leave. I waited as long as possilbe but had wifey duties. We went to dinner and left me AFK.

As soon as I got home I ran up to check in and BHAM it was there and they had just pulled. I dull boxed a BRD for us and was very carefull on my DRK to run out AOE and heal up. Got my Joytoy pretty easy with the help of old LS mates.

To bad they have all but quit. Only one of them is still around and he is in a UK HNMLS off hours from me.

Congrats. Its a "joyfull" thing. :)

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Re: Fun Charybdis experience...

Postby Dragoy of Fenrir on Thu May 13, 2010 2:27 pm

In case we're sharing experiences...

I've only killed 'Chabit' two (2) times now.
All in all, I've camped it for straight weeks just to lose the claim every time. This was when we were planning to defeat it as Red Mage (me) and Scholar (my friend) and a Corsair (another friend) with possibly an additional "dual-boxed" Red Mage.

So needless to say, it is usually massively camped STILL on Fenrir. >.<

Now, after about a week of camping it, every re-spawn, my friend tossed around an idea to level up Ninja for it just to be able to claim it better...
So we went with that and to my surprise, I was the one to finish it a lot faster (I had expected I'd possibly drop it somewhere around 37-50.
So I soloed Ninja from 1 to 75 just because of that mainly and one day, not so serious about even fighting it, went over and it spawned actually...with no one else around!

I then proceeded to fight it solo, just to see what I need to be able to do that (defeat it solo-style). Even after about 10 times being beaten and running back down from Norg, there was no one else appearing and of course, my friend was not on-line and would not be for several hours to come.

I than gave up as it was clear I still needed more evasion gear etc. but later, after some hours, another friend came online and she suggested we'd go try it out, with her as a Paladin to help me with a Cure etc.
Well, that didn't end up well as one might expect, I was still lacking at things so we were defeated as well.

Now, a not-so-full-party made an appearance and they were defeated more or less swiftly as well. At some point, we joined forces and with two Ninja and the back-up we had, we did take it down. The Other Ninja had Warrior as his support job while I had Dancer due to my soloing. In the end, the friend of mine got the sword though she doesn't even use it really and is not playing the game at all for the time being, but I demanded for everyone to lot who wanted it.
Fair is fair, no?

The next time I went for it, was a bit different.
Yet again I got it to spawn while I was alone. Then another friend happened to show up on-line and he came down as a Thief.
I again quickly found out I was lacking too much on certain departments and the Thief lasted even shorter amount of time so he went away to change into a Bard.

At this point, a party of people showed up and they were defeated rather fast so they started dragging it towards Norg instead. After I got un-weakened, I proceeded in searching for the Tentacl'd Menace having lost every bit of hope towards defeating it.

I encountered it a few times while they had lost it but still they kept dragging it further up along the caves. After they got it past the "Gold coin door", for some reason, I started to try and claim it whenever they lost it and after running around the lake for a while, I indeed managed to get it and stay alive soloing for a good while until the friend arrived as Bard and a dual-boxed Red Mage.

From there-on, it was rather simple though I really had to go visit the WaterCloset but obviously that would mean losing the fight... So thankfully my bladder held together for around an hour of fighting that thing and sure enough, even with that painfully slow fight, I insisted on fair-play and thus, did not get the sword...

Later, I figured it might have been a lot easier if I had known at the time that the Bard could have used "double mambo" on me but neither of us knew/thought of that. ;^^

I guess I will never get it, unless I pay a massive group to kill it for me. /sight
Kind Regards,
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Re: Fun Charybdis experience...

Postby Neubian on Thu May 13, 2010 5:04 pm

I have trioed this NM a few times as NIN, RDM, BRD with no issues. The last time I tried to solo it as NIN/DNC (full EVA gear). Got it to about 70% then died since I was caught with no shadows and cross attacked. :( I then had a WHM friend come help me and killed it.

Not feeding it TP is the key. 2 DDs on it at the most. Having a BRD helps immensely for the Mambo x 2, but not critical if you have good EVA gear and a good healer.
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