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Postby Sethimothy on Sun Aug 31, 2008 10:42 pm

Trunks wrote:Does the Effect stay when change Trousers or disappers ?

Yes. Items that cast a spell will cast that spell, which will remain on the character when removed.
Items that cast an enchantment that is not a spell will be removed once the item is.
Thus, these trousers can give a character Ice Spikes, and then be removed, but a character using Mighty Rings will lose the respectable pull to those rings once they are removed.

Don't feel bad about not knowing these things exist. To craft them requires Leather Ensorcellment, and the only reason any leathercrafter worth his hide would go out of his way to get Leather Ensorcellment is so that they can make High Breath Mantles and their lower level counterparts, Breath Mantles.
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