Chef Nonberry Trust Magic

Chef Nonberry Trust Magic

Postby Trodorne on Sun Jun 01, 2014 7:04 am

Chef Nonberry - Link here:
Race: Tonberry
Class: Thief

Vertical Slash
Lateral Slash

Summon Quote: "Oooo. I do enjoy live ingredients"
Death Quote: "Ingredients are too strong for this meal."
Return: "Back to work in the kitchen"

Flavours for a friend - Trade a Mythril Beastcoin with Piketo-Puketo in Windurst Waters, He tells you that he just remembered a letter from one of his mentors, Chef Nonberry; and requires ingredients that he can not obtain on the Elshimo Island. And if the items can be delivered within 4 game days, he would be very grateful. Piketo would do it himself but the letter only arrived yesterday which leaves the player only 3 game days to get the ingredients to him. The list is the following items he needs. anything else would cause him to summon other NM tonberries to fight you.

4x Saruta Orange
4x Rolanberries
4x Mithran Tomatoes
4x Millioncorn

Trade the items to Chef Nonberry within the time limit and he will be grateful and tell you what a sad thing his student could not deliver it himself. But for going out of your way to help a friend of a friend. He entrusts you with his trust magic.
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Re: Chef Nonberry Trust Magic

Postby Cemalidor on Tue Jun 10, 2014 12:07 pm

*snickers* Ok, so far we got a chocobo chick, a Moogle, a Goblin and a Yagudo. So why not? Maybe make his lantern shine at night, just for the flavour? :D
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